Pre-Symposium Castle Meet and Greet

Unto the Good Heralds and Scribes of the Known World do Earl Sir Thomas Byron of Haverford, and Countess Sir Ariella of Thornbury send Greetings.

If you are in town the night before the event, please join us for an evening in our 14th-century medieval castle. We will begin the festivities at 6:30pm and conclude at 10pm.
Stroll along the parapets, sing from the musicians’ gallery, or while away a few hours gaming in the great hall. Share a drink with us while we take groups on tours. Light refreshments will be served. Garb is optional.
There will be a shuttle from the hotel, but you are also welcome to carpool to reduce parking congestion. If you would like a preview of our home, use this link.

In Service to the Dream,

Byron and Ariella

755 Stonegate Dr
Wexford, PA 15090

Contact Meesteres Odriana vander Brugghe with any dietary restrictions.

To arrange transportation to / from the reception and the hotel go here:

Transportation to / from the Reception