Youth Combat

Youth fighting practice for Sunday, Jan 13th is canceled due to 12th night on Saturday. The following is a schedule of youth practices thru the end of February 2019. All youth practices are at the Chinese church and start at 2pm. We usually run til between 4pm and 4:30pm.

Jan 20th- practice

Jan 27th- no practice

Feb 3rd- practice

Feb 10th- practice

Feb 17th- no practice

Feb 24th- practice

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Saturday!


12 Night update

Due to the untimly passing or and wake for an Aethelmearc citizen, Ruben MacUrsus, their Highnesses will not be attending 12th Night and send their regrets.


Retainers for their Highnesses will no longer be needed but there is still service to be done!  Our Baron and Barones of the Debatable Lands are still in need of retainers for the day, help at troll is still needed, and any help to the Auction of Highly Desirable Items would be appreciated.

Please contact Lord Owen or email to retain for their Excellencies.

Contact Lord Ronan at about troll.

Contact Lady Arthes at if you’re able to help with auction.


Tigerna A. Sionnach MacLeod

12th Night troll

Good afternoon Barony!


12th Night will looking for some volunteers at troll! If you’re new to doing troll, 12th Night is a great event for your first troll. There’s no money and it’s an easy, low stress event. If you are able give some time to troll please contact Lord Ronan At


Edit: Please excuse the horrible spelling and formatting errors in the original version of this post. -ASM

12th Night retaining

Good afternoon Debatable lands!

As 12th Night approaches this Saturday we will be in need of retainers for Prince Gareth and Princess Juliana. If you’re able to give some time, no matter how small, it would be helpful. Please contact Lady Aine, their Royal Highnesses head retainer, at

A&S Championship Display at 12th Night!

We are so excited and honored to be selecting the new Baronial Arts & Sciences Champion this Saturday at Debatable Lands 12th Night!

All Artisans are invited to create a Display, to assist the Baron and Baroness in choosing this year’s Arts & Sciences Champion. Finished or in progress, bring your best! We have the best artisans in the Kingdom – let’s remind them!

You may display as many or as few works as you like, in any (safe) way, with as much documentation as you like, in any form. If you’d like to be considered for Champion without displaying, please let our outgoing champion, Mistress Fredeburg, know, and you will be considered.  People with large displays should consider bringing their own small table if possible. You may send your display with someone else if you cannot be there Saturday. More recent works and (at least some) documentation are encouraged. Good luck!

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers!
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

Note: This display is to assist in Champion selection and is not a competition. Nothing displayed on 1/12/2019 will have been entered into a competition. We are selecting a Champion and are not judging individual works. 


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Gift Exchange

White Elephant Gift Exchange
That’s right folks the gift exchange is back. To participate you must bring a gift to add to the exchange pool. Gifts should be no more than $20. As always please label gifts that are of the adult variety (aka alchol). This year we are planning to have 2 gift exchanges. One gift exchange for those below the age of 13, and One exchange for the adults and teens. Please plan gifts accordingly. See you at BMDL Twelfth Night.

Vendors Merchants Oh My!

This 12th night we will be expecting merchants to visit the North Park Lodge. Knights of the Classroom makes wonderful jewelry and more out of chain mail for all most awesome individuals. In addition we will have Why Know Wellness Message Therapy. If you’re feeling the need to destress perhaps a couple minutes with Why Know Wellness is all you need.