On-line Heraldic Office Hours

Greetings from your Comet Pursuivant!

On-line Heraldic Office Hours will be happening this evening from 7:00-9:00pm! Please watch this space just before 7pm for a link to a Google Hangout to join me with whatever heraldic questions or curiosities you may have! Other heralds are welcome to join in!

Kieran MacRae

Site clean up and Thrown Weapons

Konichiwa Debatable Lands! Join us tomorrow early, around 9am for site cleanup. Rakes and trash bags are appreciated, gloves are recommended. Rumor has it there will be hot cider and stew… Thrown weapons will be tentative until I can assess the range ground for the safety of the footing. If it is safe, we will throw.  Hope to see you all there bright and early!!

YIS THL Kumagaya Kentarou Masamoto, TW MIC BMDL

Practice Site Cleanup & Archery after Halloween Practice

Come early tomorrow to the Highland Park practice site to help us clean up the area, and show how much we care for our practice site.

Swing by for cleanup for 9am. Bring gardening gloves and rakes. There will be hot cider from Ranka, and a delicious stew from Master Urho Waltterinen.

Then between 1030 and 11 we’ll be setting up our post Halloween shoot. Bring your old jack-o’-lanterns for some shooting fun and we will be shooting for some prizes against some Halloween styled targets. 😉

Hope to see you there.