Fencing Practice at Broken Plow 12/6

Just as a reminder this Sunday’s fencing practice is once again a crossover muster at Broken Plow.

The address is:

201 Crawford Run Rd
Creighton, PA 15030

We will start at 1:30 PM and will go until everyone is tired.

Loaner gear for fencing and cut and thrust is available, next week we will return to the Chinese Church.


Youth Quest for Baronial 12th Night

Youth Quest for Baronial 12th Night

“Someone has stolen Baroness Hilda’s Dragons! We need the Youth of the land to seek out tokens from the Baroness’s Seven Comets (7 adult volunteers wearing a Comet patch) to free the Dragons.”

Age categories 10-12, 6-9, and 5 and under

The Baroness will gather the participating children and tell them the story of her dragons. A period of two hours will be alotted for the quest.

The first youth in each age group to successfully find the Seven Comets and receive a token from each, will free a dragon, which is their prize, to be delivered by the Baroness during court.

The Baron is a Comet
Beren Goldring is a Comet

We need Five more volunteers. The volunteers will be provided with tokens to give away and comet patches to wear for the duration of the Quest. Please have volunteers contact Ranka via FB, Messenger or email (ranka.alfrun@gmail.com). We ask that volunteers plan to be at the event by Noon, as that is the earliest the quest will start.

The children will be provided with a pouch to carry their tokens. All children are encouraged to find all 7 Comets, even if their category has been won, to receive all of their tokens.

Kathryn, please feel free to post as much of this as you want. We don’t know the exact start time until the Baroness let’s us know. I believe we were waiting for the timing of the Snowball fight and choir performance and evening court to be planned. We want to have the quest no earlier than Noon so there are as many kids able to participate as possible.

In Service,

Auction of Highly Desirable Things!

Good afternoon Debatable Lands,


Looking forward to Baronial 12th Night quickly approaching, we will be having a silent auction as we always do.


I am in charge of the Auction of Highly Desirable Things, along with Elss, and wanted to remind everyone to bring anything they wish to donate to the auction. Do you have garb, fabric, tools, cups, or anything else SCA related that needs a new home? Donate it to the auction and help out both the Barony and other local members.


Also make sure you remember your blue card, or a digital version, it will make everyone’s life easier because while it’s a free event there’s still paperwork for the trolls to do for non-members. Speaking of it being a free event, we will have a donation box out for the Barony and remember to bring money to bid in the auction!


Lastly, if you are bringing things to the auction and are able to please email me at exchequer@debatablelands.org with what you are bringing so we can do our best to have enough tables to accommodate the entire auction.


Thank you and see you at 12th night!


In Service,

Lady Arthes MacLeod