St. Patrick's Day Parade and Demo
March 16, 2019
Join the Barony as we once again show off who we are to the City of Pittsburgh!
THIS COULD BE YOU!!! On Grant Street. In front of hundreds of people.
Garb is required. Armor is welcome. Fighting is greatly cheered. The crowd really loves watching as our armored fighters spar with each other along the parade route. Fighting is at half or ¾ speed done mostly for the crowd, but boy do they love it.
We have a 20-foot trailer set up as a float which can carry a number of people so if you can’t walk the mile and a half of the parade, you can ride. Sorry, but the throne is for the Baroness.
The staging area for the Parade will be in the Strip District, on Liberty Ave. The exact cross street will be revealed to us at the two week mark.
This is a family event and a Barony Demonstration in front of the entire City of Pittsburgh. As such, we have some rules:
  • No obscenities
  • No adult themes
  • No blatant disrespect to fellow participants or spectators
  • No alcohol is permitted on the parade route nor in the staging area.
  • This parade is to celebrate Pgh’s Irish heritage, so no political grandstanding or public protest is allowed.
  • Any handouts or banners must be to promote the Barony or the SCA.
  • No throwing items into the crowd. (like silly string, candy, shieldmen)
  • No stopping the parade for any reason. (The parade will stop at times to which gives our fighters a nice chance to do the rattan dance.)
We’re there to have fun and promote the Barony and by extension, the SCA.
For further information or questions contact the Autocrat: Mark Yingling via Facebook. We will also maintain a Facebook event page for a more dynamic flow of info.