A Kingdom for My Horse
June 28-30, 2019
Our King has called us to prepare for War! The trumpets sound and the drums beat as our mounted warriors take to the field! Riders will show their strength during different activities including Riding in front of the Prince, skill at arms, mounted archery and a royal joust to complete the day.
A Kingdom for my Horse, hosted by The Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands, will take place June 28-30, 2019 at the Raccoon Volunteer Fire Hall (4061 Patterson Road, Aliquippa, PA 15001) starting at 4 pm and ending at Noon on Sunday.
The King and Queen will choose their Equestrian Champion this day! Please come and compete for the honor! Populace, please attend and cheer these noble combatants to victory!
Along with Our Equestrians, We invite Our Heavy Army, Rapier Army, and Our Youth Combatants to take the field and show their prowess so that all may witness the feats of Our Warriors and the Glory they bring to Æthelmearc. Our Artisans are welcomed to come and show their talents and enrich us with their studies.
An all-day sideboard created by Jorundr hinn Rotinn will ensure that our energy level will be well maintained. (Please contact Jorundr via email with dietary restrictions at shinigamikirin@gmail.com.)
The Autocrat is Lady Gesa Von Wellenstein (Gesa Wellenstein); please reach out to her with questions or concerns (email: gwellenstein@yahoo.com; 724-991-0917; calls between 6 pm and 10 pm only, please.).
NOTE: Lady Gesa will be out of the country until May 14th; until that time, please direct any questions to her mentor, THL Muirgheal inghean Dubhghaill (muirgheall@gmail.com, 724-683-7558).
Martial Activity Contacts
The Heavy Weapons Marshal in Charge is Countess Ariella of Thornbury, caram@pitt.edu.
The Fencing Marshal in Charge is Don Ru Cavorst, ru_cavorst@yahoo.com.
The Equestrian Marshal in Charge is Lady Gesa von Wellenstein, gwellenstein@yahoo.com.
The Youth Heavy Fighting Marshal in Charge is Lady Jasmine of Clan Tarn, ladyjas2640@aol.com.
Please direct any questions about those particular martial activities to the appropriate marshal in charge.
Merchanting space will be available; please contact the Merchant Liaison, Lady Alicia de Berwic, aliciadeberwic@aol.com.
The site offers opportunity overnight tent camping from Friday to Sunday morning. No RV or living quarter hookups are available, but sleeping in tents or trailers is fine. The Fire hall has bathroom facilities but no showers. Additional outdoor bathroom facilities are available.
Reservations can be sent to Lady Arthes MacLeod (Brandy Straub, 236 Maryellen Drive, North Versailles 15137, arthesofbmdl@gmail.com, 412-352-0978, no calls after 10, please). Please make checks payable to: SCA PA, Inc. – Debatable Lands.
Adult Event Pre-Registration for the event is $19.00; Adult Member Discount Event Pre-Registration is $14.00.
Adult Event Registration at the door will be $20.00; Adult Member Discount Event Registration at the door will be $15.00.
Children ages 6 – 17 will be $4.00; Children 5 under will be the guests of the Barony Marche.
There is a family cap of $48.00; Adult Member family camp will be $38.00.
All event fees include the all-day sideboard.
Equestrian Information

This location has a nice grass area to ride and to board the horses. There are no stalls, but property is well equipped for overnight panels and paddocks created with electrical fence. There should be enough space for everyone. If you require special accommodation for your horse, please contact the Autocrat.

Water and electricity are close to the horse area; a hose to the horse paddock area for convenient watering of horses. As always bring your own water buckets, extension cords and horse care items you need.

There is a tractor pull 30×400 feet and a 30 x 40 feet round sandy place to work your horse. Most equestrian activities will be held there.