Japanese Iris Festival
and Debatable Lands Archery Champs
May 30, 2021
Bring out your Japanese clothing and crafts. Archers string your bows. The Debatable Lands is holding a Japanese Iris Festival and Archery Champs event in nearby Bradys Run Park. This is a Japanese cultural event with demos, classes, an A&S display, a banner competition, and a poetry competition. This event will also host many martial contests. There will be an archery contest to choose the next Debatable Lands archery champion. There will be a second archery contest for all, as well as heavy, fencing, and thrown weapons tournaments.
The date is May 30, 2021 and the site is the Lodge at Bradys Run, 526 Bradys Run Rd, Beaver Falls, PA 15010. The site opens at 10am and closes at 9pm. The autocrat for this event is The Honorable Lady Hara Kikumatsu, Sharon Booth 1105 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, 412-441-1607, sbooth@sbooth.net.
There is a day-board and the head cook for this is the Honorable Lady Astridr Vigaskegg. Dietary concerns should be sent to her at astridrvigaskegg@gmail.com or via Facebook.
Adult Event Registration: $22
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $17
Youth 17 and under are free.
Make checks payable to SCA PA, Inc. - BMDL. The reservations clerk for this event is Master Alaric MacConnal, Robert Smith, 1194 Firwood Drive, Pittsburgh, PA 15243, 412-306-0416, email alaric@pobox.com. Reservations should be received by May 23, 2021.
The class and demo coordinator is The Honorable Lady Oribe Tsukime, email: tsukime@nahks.com or Rosemary Tsukime on Facebook.
Additional note for the site: Alcohol allowed; however, glass bottles are not allowed.