We Are the Escarbuncle
Celebration of Aethelmearc’s Twentieth Anniversary & Fall Crown Tournament
Friday, October 6 - Sunday, October 8
Event Basics

We are the Escarbuncle – Celebration of Aethelmearc’s Twentieth Anniversary & Fall Crown Tournament
3 PM Friday 10/6/2017 – 2 PM Sunday 10/8/2017
All Saints Camp, 110 All Saints Rd, Emlenton, PA 16373

Site is Wet. Service Animals only, please. Open flame is approved.

Adult Event Registration: $21.00.
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $16.00.
Children 0-5 Free; age 6-17 free.
A lavish Saturday lunch is included in the event registration.

Feast is an additional $10.00 per person, all ages.
Make checks payable to SCA PA, Inc. – Debatable Lands.


The deadline for pre-registrations has passed.

All registration questions can be directed to the Head Tollner, THL Hara Kikumatsu (sbooth at sbooth.net).

Cabin space is limited to 100 people and will be first come first serve; reservation for this will be $5.00/adult per night, all youth ages 0-17 free.
Tent camping is available and free to all.

Adult Event Registration: $21.00.
Adult Member Discount Event Registration: $16.00.
Children 0-5 Free; age 6-17 free.
A lavish Saturday lunch is included in the event registration.
Feast is an additional $10.00 per person, all ages.
Make checks payable to SCA PA, Inc. – Debatable Lands.

Dietary Concerns & Menu

Please direct all dietary concerns to the cooks:

Lunch: Mistress Illadore de Bedagrayne, rani23 at gmail.com
Feast: THL Ottilige van Rappoltsweiler, ottilige at rocketmail.com

Lunch Menu & message from Mistress Illadore:
To help with planning purposes, here's the current proposed lunch menu, based on late 1500s Italy, primarily from Bartolomeo Scappi (possibly subject to change):

  • Cold chicken with orange-lemon sauce on the side
  • Pulled pork with garlic sauce and mustard sauce on the side
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Lentils with garlic and onions (vegan)
  • Garbanzo beans with herbs (vegan)
  • Almond Rice
  • Bread with plain butter, herb butter, and honey
  • Salad with olive oil and vinegar
  • Orange slices
  • Surprise dessert

Children's Menu - Children can eat anything in the main menu; however, there will also be:

  • Plain chicken
  • Plain rice
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Orange slices

Please contact me directly at rani23@gmail.com and let me know if you have any food allergies or other issues and I will do my utmost best to accommodate. (Don't be that person who tells me on Saturday at 11:30 that they're allergic to something! It maybe too late for me to help you then!)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Feast Menu
Feast Menu from the THL Ottilige van Rappoltsweiler; a remove for each style of cooking she has studied. A love-letter to her Kingdom through food!

"Feast Through the Ages"

  • Bread and Butter on the table
  • 1st Course - Roman
    • Meatballs (pork with beef) with pinenuts and grape sauce
    • Devilled Eggs with garlic and garum (vegan)
    • Cucumber Salad
  • 2nd Course - Viking
    • Baked Halibut with herbed butter
    • Mashed Turnips with butter
    • Boiled Barley Bread
  • 3rd Course - Middle Eastern
    • Marinated Baked Chicken
    • Jeweled Rice with nuts and raisins
    • Spiced Carrots
  • 4th Course - German
    • Bacon, Egg and Cheese Pie
    • Green Beans
    • A Dish of Leeks
  • 5th Course- English
    • Roast Beef
    • Losyns (Noodles with Cheese)
    • Stewed Root Vegetables
  • 6th Course - French
    • Baked Mushrooms with Cheese
    • Chickpea Puree with Bread and Crudité
    • Brussel Sprouts in Vinagrette
  • Subtlety by Lady Zianna
  • Dessert
    • Candied Walnuts
    • Candied Orange Peel
    • Marzipan
    • Almond Stuffed Dates
    • Shortbread

**Gluten Free options will be available.


Take your best route to I-80. Take PA Exit 42 for PA-38 toward Emelton. Turn right onto PA-38 N and continue for 217 ft. Turn right onto PA-208 E/PA-38 N and continue for 1.0 mi. Turn left onto Big Bend Rd/Sr3016 and continue to follow Big Bend Rd for 2.7 mi. Turn right onto Goshen Rd and continue for 2.1 mi. Turn left onto Goshen Rd Exd and continue for 276 ft. Turn right onto All Saints Rd.

SCA signs will be present to help guide you. Most GPS units will faithfully deliver you to the destination.


Cabin space is limited to 100 people and will be first come first serve. Cost is $5.00/adult per night, all youth ages 0-17 free. Whole cabins can be reserved upon request.

The Cabins hold 10 people and are outfitted with bunkbeds. They are not heated but there is electricity. Each set of 5 Cabins has a bath house with hot water, showers, and flushing toilets.

Tent camping is available and free to all. There are public restrooms and showers for those not using the cabin facilities.

If you require handicap accessibility, please contact either Autocrat or the Head Trollner.

All questions about availability can be directed to the Head Trollner, THL Hara Kikumatsu (sbooth at sbooth.net).

Site is Wet. Service Animals only, please. Open flame is approved. Please dispose of cigarette butts properly.

Event Schedule
Friday Evening
Troll opens at 3:00 pm
Torchlight Tournament at 6:00 pm – Heavy List
Fencing Pick-ups and Early Bird Tournament 6:00 pm - Fencing List
Curia at 8:00 pm – Millennium Building
AA Meeting at 8:00 am – Camp of Lord Badger Bagbane
Fencing Field opens 9:00 am - Fencing List
Equestrian Field opens 9:00 am - Equestrian List
A&S Set-up at 9:30 am – Millennium Building
History Display Set-up 9:30 am – Millennium Building
Morning Court 10:00 am – Heavy List
Crown Tournament Processional immediately following Morning Court – Heavy List
Equestrian Authorizations 10:15 am – Equestrian Field
Archery & Atlatl 10:15 am – Archery Field
Heraldic Consultation begins at 10:15 am – Wooden Pavilion
A&S Display starts at 11:00 am – Millennium Building
History Display starts at 11:00 am – Millennium Building
Lunch at noon – Servers on field *amp; Millennium Building

There will be a break in all activities to allow for the enjoyment of The Crown Semi-Finals and onward to our new Heirs!

Rattan Combat (youth invited for Melee) directly after Crown – Heavy List
Equestrian Games Course following Crown – Equestrian List
Troll Closes 3:00 pm
Brewers Round Table at 3:00 pm – Millennium Building
Fencing Field closes 4:30 pm
Debatable Choir Performance at 5:00 pm
Court will start at 5:30 pm – on the Heavy List Field, if weather permits
Feast will start directly after Court – Dining Hall
Ball, Bardic, and Other entertainments will begin by 9:00 pm. (earlier depending on the end of Feast). – Millennium Building
All activities will end at NOON.
Site closes at 2:00 pm.
Staff off site at 3:00 pm.
Contact List
THL Muirgheal inghean Dubhghaill (muirgheall at gmail.com, 724-683-7558)
Baroness Elena de la Palma (elenadelapalma at gmail.com, 916-704-2367)
Head Tollner:
THL Hara Kikumatsu (sbooth at sbooth.net)
Traveler’s Repast:
Lady Zianna beguy urdina de Zabaleta
Lunch Cook:
Mistress Illadore de Bedegrayne (Rani23 at gmail.com)
Feast Cook:
THL Ottilige van Rappoltsweiler (ottilige at rocketmail.com)
Dayshade Coordinators:
Lady Arthes MacLeod (blueduckie666666 at yahoo.com, 412-352-0978)
Lord Alister MacLeod (gstraubjr at gmail.com, 412-216-5443)
Royalty Liason:
Countess Alexandra of Clan Donald (Countessalexandra at comcast.net)
THL Alrekr Bergsson (Bessler128 at gmail.com)
Arts & Sciences
THL Eleanore Godwin (spencerwc2 at gmail dot com)
THL Grimolfr Ormalfrson
THL Sionn the lost (jfkyle at gmail.com, 304-281-3819)
Brewer’s Round Table
Lady Alysoun of the Debatable Lands – (Alisonlsteele at gmail dot com)
Cut & Thrust
THL Donnchadh Dubh Ghlas (Redwolf1066 at yahoo.com)
THL Aaliz de Gant
THL Ru Cavorst
Founders Round Table
Facilitated discussion about the start of our Kingdom
Heavy Combat (non-Crown)
Lord Robert Pour Maintenant (ksprague1959 at gmail.com)
Heraldry Consult Table
Dame Elsbeth Anne Roth (elsbeth at pobox.com)
History Display
Mistress Hrefna Ulfvarinsdottir (ravenstyx at gmail.com)
Either of the autocrats
Thrown Weapons
Lady Juliana Ravenshaw
Youth Combat
Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope (ariannawyn at gmail.com)
Activity Details
Inviting all archers!
Novelty targets will be available after opening processions. Come enjoy flinging arrows at various targets which shall be rotated throughout the day! If you wish for a tougher challenge, there will also be a tournament in keeping with the theme of the day! The qualifier target will be up until all martial activities are suspended for the Semi-Finals. Once the range re-opens, the target will be changed and the top scores will compete for a basket containing a few thematic prizes. After a winner is found, novelty targets will continue to rotate for your amusement until 4 pm.
Arts & Sciences
An arts & sciences display will be running throughout the day. All are welcome to display! Please bring a creation that you have made that best represents "We are the Escarbuncle" to you. From THL Eleanore Godwin: "Come one, come all to see the A&S Display 'We are the Escarbuncle;' those who view the display will receive a special commemorative token from me!"
A grand ball will be held Saturday evening following feast. Musicians are needed! Contact THL Sionn, the Lost (jfkyle at gmail.com, 304-281-3819)
Brewer’s Round Table
Discussion and Sampling of Period (or approximate) Drinks. Please bring a bottle to contribute if you are willing or able. Documentation is not required but be prepared to discuss your potable and those of the other Kingdom Brewers. Why ingredients did you use?, what changes did you make and why? Ask advise of on how to improve your craft or ask about others teachable moments.
Cut & Thrust
On October 7th. at Aethelmearc Crown Tournament/20 Year Celebration there will be a Cut & Thrust tournament. This tournament is the inaugural competition to select the first bearer of the Sylvan Brass Crescent. I hope that the Brass Crescent Challenge will become a tradition among the C&T practitioners of the kingdom of Aethelmearc, much as has the Iron Ring challenge. The challenge follows rules which are similar in scope to those of the Iron Ring, and will be posted at a later date.
The tournament its self will be of a Round Robin style. The two individuals with the most victories will then vie for honor of the Crescent in best of 5 bout under the Brass Crescent Challenge rules.
Crown Tournament
As usual, all questions about the Crown Tournament itself should be directed to the Kingdom Earl Marshal and unto the Crown.
9am set up equipment items; Paperwork for incoming horse and riders who have not already completed.
10 am authorizations. Followed by a riders meeting.
11am Games course. Possibly with multiple runs
Afternoon post Crown.
Games course.
Viscount Sir Alexander has offered a new game for the afternoon.
The Debatable Choir is preparing several vocal selections for your listening pleasure!
Hello Aethelmearc. My name is Ru Cavorst and I am the MIC for fencing. If there are fencers there Friday night, list will be open as soon as possible for singles and if there are enough fencers perhaps a tournament around 6 PM.
List will open Sat at 9:00 for inspections, authorizations, singles, and warm ups. Break when processional is organizes so people can support their fighters. Restart once the opening rounds of Crown begin. There will be an open tournament which will be a one hour bear pit Tourney, unlimited wins, with the 2/1 scoring format. The final 6-8, will participate in a single round of paranoia. List will be closed for Crown semifinals. After the Crown tournament the list will reopen for singles and a scholar tournament. The tournament will be a round Robin with the finals being a random weapon format. List will close at 4:30
Heavy Combat (non-Crown)
Lord Robert Pour Maintenant (ksprague1959 at gmail.com) will be coordinating heavy combat beyond that already offered as part of Crown Tournament.
Heraldry Consult Table
A heraldry consult table will be available courtesy of Dame Elsbeth Anne Roth.
History Display
Mistress Hrefna Ulfvarinsdottir (ravenstyx at gmail.com) will be organizing a history display to celebrate the 20 year legacy of our glorious kingdom.
A small merchants’ row will be set up for your shopping pleasure. Any merchants interested in participating should contact either of the autocrats (THL Muirgheal inghean Dubhghaill muirgheall at gmail.com, 724-683-7558 or Baroness Elena de la Palma elenadelapalma at gmail.com, 916-704-2367.)
Thrown Weapons
Thrown weapons will be available throughout the day. Lady Juliana Ravenshaw will be coordinating.
Youth Combat
Youth fighters and other responsible kids ages 6 and up are encouraged to arrive by 10:00 am to serve as list runners for Crown Tourney. What does a list runner do? They carry index cards from the table where the Minister of the Lists determines which fighters will be paired for fights in round to the herald who announces the fighters, and then return the cards back to the Minister of the List when a fight is over and a winner is announced. They also carry small wooden shields to the shield stands at each list so the fighters can see by their heraldry which list field they're going to fight in, and return them to the List table when each bout is done. List runners get to be right where the action is at the most exciting tournament of the season! Kids interested in being list runners should report to Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope by the List table before the tournament.
After Crown Tournament is over, in the mid-afternoon, youth fighters will armor up for fighting practice and melees, as well as a chance to fight against adult sparring partners. Loaner gear will be available, and any interested kids ages 6-17 can try fighting; they do not have to be authorized.
Direct questions to Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope (ariannawyn at gmail.com)