Court Report for Agincourt
October 20, AS xlii (2007)

The Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Byron and Ariella, Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, court held at the Agincourt event held on the 20th day of October AS 42, 2007, Brandubh O Donnghaile reporting herald.

Their Excellencies invited Lord Liam MacanTsaoir into Their Court to speak in the stead of the Heavy Weapons Marshall of the day Lord Morien Mac Bane. Liam announced that Lord Gabriel Hawke was the new Heavy Weapons Champion of the Barony, prize scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier, text a Poem by Master Michael Alewright, and that Lord Kaminari no Shiro was commended as the Marshal's choice for most chivalrous fighter.

Byron and Ariella bid Don Christian Amaury de Launey was invited into the court as the current Fencing Champion of the Barony. Christian announced that he had found a successor and that from this day forward Lady Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen would stand as the Fencing Champion of the Barony, prize scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier, text a Poem by Master Michael Alewright. Christian did further bestow a prize for Marshal's choice for courtesy and spirit to Don Corwyn Montgomery.

The Baron and Baroness called upon Lady Alana Griffin to speak as the Archery Marshal for the day. THLord Cetach Fitzgibbon the Archery Champion had held a tournament to determine his successor, THLord Brandubh O Donnghaile had bested all others and won this honor, prize scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier, text a Poem by Master Michael Alewright. Alana did then name that the Marshals had chosen an archer who best represented the spirit of the event having fun wining or losing, teaching or shooting, and did bestow this prize to Lord Deryk the Archer.

Alana did then announce the results of the other archery contests of the day. In the stuffed animal shoot Joe proved himself victorious, and in the Bear Pit Shoot THLord Fintan na Coilled bested all opponents to win the most marbles.

Lord Giovanni Magrino was invited into Their Excellencies court to speak of the results from his Thrown Weapons Range. Lord Robert Bakere, the thrown weapons champion had hosted a tournament and when all scores were tallied Tym proven to have thrown the keenest axe and was invested as the new Thrown Weapons Champion, prize scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier, text a Poem by Master Michael Alewright. Giovanni then announced the the Marshal's choice prize for thrown Weapons would go to Thorfinna hrogn Josepsdottir, for she had marshalled all day so that others could throw.

Their Excellencies summoned Lady Zoe Akropolitina, the Youth Combat Marshal. Zoe told of a tournament held that day, the winners were Antonius in Division 3, Roland of Willowbrook in Division 2 and Robert in Division 1. Their Excellencies presided over the tournament and chose Their new Youth Champion from among the ranks who fought that day, this honor did they present to Lasher who is called Ian. Their Excellencies also presented an award to Their choice as the most chivalrous of the youth to Roland of Willowbrook.

Byron and Ariella wished to hear from THLord Urho Walterinnen regarding the youth archery range that he had run that day. Urho presented the newest Youth Archery Champion of the Barony as Ian of the Debatable Lands, though Caitlyn Lewis of Kings Crossing had won the tourney, she was presented a prize for winning but was not given the championship as she did not live in the Barony. Urho also presented the award for marshal's choice on the Youth Archery Range to Robert.

The Baron and Baroness then addressed the populace that there had been an Arts and Sciences competition that day, the theme of which was leather working, as Agincourt was fought on St Crispin's day, the patron Saint of Leather workers. Lady Sarab bint Alima was awarded the prize for winning this competition with her entry of a leather flask based on the finds from the Mary Rose.

Their Excellencies bid Lord Liam MacanTsaoir and Lady Constance Glyndwr, the Autocrats of the event into their presence. Liam and Constance presnted a gift to Their Excellencies in the form of a burnt wooden box filled with all manner of chocolate.

Liam then announced the winner of the Combat Archery Competition was Aiden.

The Kingdom Chirurgeon THLord Robert Marsden was invited to Liam and Constance in the court. These three Mentor Chirurgeons spoke of the virtues of one member of the populace, and invited Lady Zianna Beguy Urdina de Truylos to join them, and then Liam took Zianna as a Chirurgeon in Training.

As Constance, Liam, Robert and Zianna went to return to their seats, Liam was bid stay by Their Excellencies Presence. Liam was then given a Comet Or for his work as Autocrat, Retainer, Chirurgeon and everything else. Scroll by Lady Anna Malakina.

Their Excellencies then invited Risa of Clan Yama Kaminari into Their Presence. They spoke many words of praise for the garments produced by Risa, and so they awarded her a Comet Azure-Argent, Scroll by THLady Gianna di Aurelio.

The Baron and Baroness next spoke of an individual who though he does not reside in our lands is a constant presence here. They called upon Lord Deryk the Archer to come forward, he has long traveled throughout our lands and given willingly of his wines and cordials, helped with cleanup and more, and so did Byron and Ariella bestow upon him a Comet Vert, Illumination by Fintan na Coilled, Calligraphy by Gianna di Aurelio, Text by Countess Aidan ni Lier.

Ian called Lasher was presented with a scroll for his award of the Purple Comet for his skills at archery and youth combat, scroll By Brandubh O Donnghaile.

Neilgus of the Nagan was presneted with a scroll for his award of the Purple Comet for his skills at archery and youth combat, scroll by Aidan ni Lier.

Their Excellencies, having a scroll from Their Majesties to deliver, invited the Members of the Fleur d'Æthelmearc to join them. They then did summon Dona Sasha Gray before them to present her with her scroll commemorating her admittance into that order for her skills in scribalry and sewing.

There being no further business, the Court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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