Court Report for Archers to the Wald
October 2, AS XLV (2010)

Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Byron and Ariella Baron and Baroness of The barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, held at Archers to the Wald in the Canton of Steltonwald on the 2nd day of October anno societatis xlv, Lord Jorundr hinn Rotinn, deputy to the Comet Pursuivant, with the assistance of THLord Cadell Blaidd du.

Their Excellencies called Joshua of the Debatable Lands into their presence. They thanked him for his service over the past year as Baronial Youth Archery Champion, but the time had come for him to relinquish his position. Their Excellencies asked if there had been a tournament to decide his successor, Joshua answered in the affirmative, the winner of the tournament was Robert of the Debatable Lands. Their Excellencies called Robert into their presence, and thanked him for his participation and commended his skill with the bow. Joshua placed his arrow into the baronial quiver with those of his predecessors and the regalia was passed to Robert. Joshua was given a plate of Baronial Brownies as a token of thanks for his service over the past year and Robert was invited to join Their Excellencies in his rightful place behind their thrones.

Their excellencies summoned Urho Waltterinen before them. His service as Archery Champion over the past year was commended and the results of the tournament to choose his successor were asked. Urho responded that Maestra Gianna di Aurelio won the day. Maestra Gianna was invited into Their Excellencies' presence. Urho placed his arrow into the baronial quiver and passed the sign of championship to Maestra Gianna. Urho was given some Baronial Brownies as a token for his service and support during his tenure as champion and Maestra Gianna was invited to take her place behind Their Excellencies' thrones.

His excellency then explained that the thrown weapons championship had also been held that day, however since the current champion, Lord Robert Bakere was unable to attend the event to run the tournament himself a marshal of the barony had developed a tournament to be run in his absence, which was run by His Excellency himself. The winner was Lord Jorundr hinn Rotinn, the developer of said tournament and who some inherent bias was casually suggested, who was asked to come out from behind their excellencies to stand before them, he was bestowed the regalia of the baronial champion and was instructed to take his place as herald back.

Their excellencies then invited Lady Muirgheal inghean Dubghhaill into their presence. Muirgheal explained that she has been running Steltonwald's archery practices and that many gentles had earned ranks according to the system of scoring established in ∆thelmearc. She called Marina Martinez, Khalick, Goraidh Stillagr, Zsolt-Patrick Geibel, Allexius of Ballachlagan, and Cailin and their excellencies gave them a badge showing that they had attained the rank of Archer. She then called Bataar Sogdo and Stacy Delp who were given badges showing their rank as Marksmen. She further called Donnan the Solitary, Alaric MacConnal, Ruland Burckhart, and Robert of the Debatable Lands who were given badges showing that they had achieved the rank of Bowmen.

Their excellencies summoned Ian of the Debatable Lands, Robert of the Debatable Lands, Libby, and Elss of Augsburg to appear before them. His excellency then explained that these throwers had all increased their rank to become Verfurs in the thrown weapons ranking system and were given badges to display showing that this was the case.

Their Excellencies called Brianna of Steltonwald who was commended for her skill in calligraphy and illumination and so they awarded her with a Comet Azure-Argent. Scroll by the hand of Maestra Gianna di Aurelio.

Their Excellencies then called Kenneth of the Debatable Lands into their presence. He was commended for his skill in thrown weapons and on the lists of the youth fighting as well as his service to the society. For this they inducted him into the Order of the Purple Comet. Scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier.

Their Excellencies summoned Robert of the Debatable Lands yet again, his continued appearance before them speaks volumes for his involvement and skill in archery, thrown weapons, youth fighting and serving the society, and thus he was awarded a Purple Comet. Scroll by Countess Aidan ni Lier.

Their Excellencies then thanked the autocrat and his staff for putting on such a wonderful event and the cook for the great lunch and forthcoming feast.

Court Closed.

During Feast a Group of gentles came to Their Excellencies begging permission to hold an order of business in their presence.

Their Excellencies called Laochlain Silverwolf, Gwillm or Afonydd Tair and Derek the Archer to come before them. The three of them explained the tradition of the Scarlet Guard to take students who they would mentor and teach all they know about archery. They said that the three of them would like to jointly take a student, one by the name of Katheryn T‰ntzel. After she had been asked if she would be wiling to enter into this relationship members of the populace felt moved to offer council. Fintan na Coilled offered simple words to Katheryn to be careful and think hard before she accepted this position. Elss of Augsburg also spoke words of caution. Brad Boda then spoke that the three men in question are among the most skillful that he knows and the relationship is likely to be a good one. After some contemplation Katheryn accepts this unique master-student relationship as it is a great opportunity. His Excellency asks if there is a token of this relationship, Derek affirms and explains that students of the Scarlet Guard carry a solid red tassel, except Derek declared that just this wasn't enough for a student of his so he showed that his student's tassel holds a secret, a small tasting cup was secreted among the strands, for after a hard day on the range, Katheryn however was cautioned not to partake while she was on the range and wait until she was done for the day.

Court was closed and the populace was invited to return to their dinner.

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