Court Report for Baronial Twelfth Night
January 15, AS XLV (2011)

Here begins the record of the court of their Excellencies Byron and Ariella, Baron and Baroness of these Debatable Lands, on January 15th, Anno Societatis 45, at the Twelfth Night Celebration, Lord Pavel Dudoladov reporting herald.

Lord Deryk the Archer was invited forth by their Excellencies. He made it known that he would be taking Evan MacUltain as his student and would guide him in the ways of archery.

Their Excellencies then called forward Master Michael Alewright who proceeded to entertain us all with a poem recounting the exploits of the Honourable Lady Ariadne Flaxenhair and her multitude of Masters and Mistresses.

The presence of Sir Graedwyn Mab Teyrnon was then requested, their excellencies remarked on his skill on the field and his willingness to share his knowledge and thus inducted him into the Order of the Comet Gules, acknowledging this with a scroll by Mistress Aidan Ni Leir.

Their Excellencies next called forth Mistress Margaret MacDuibhshithe and praised her efforts for the people of the barony, acquiring spaces for practices, and offering her skills as a cook; in response to her efforts, they inducted her into the Order of the Comet Or and presented her with a scroll by Mistress Aidan Ni Leir

Finally, Lord Cai o'r Lly was summoned, and Their Excellencies thanked her for his efforts in serving the Barony as dancemaster and therefore inducted him into the Order of the Comet Or, presenting him with a scroll by Mistress Aidan Ni Leir.

There being no further business the court of Their Excellencies was closed.

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