Court Report for Archers to the Wald
October 6, AS XLVIII (2013)

Here follows the court report of Uilliam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, at Archers to the Wald, October 6 AS 48 in the Canton of Steltonwald. Jorundr hinn Rotnn, Comet Pursuivant, reporting.

Ingunn Halldorsdottir addressed the populace as Autocrat. She wished to thank everybody who attended the event today. She also wished to thank all the marshals who helped make the event happen. Ingunn also wished to thank the kitchen staff who came in and helped clean the kitchen and set up the day's food, which was planned by Lady Cionaugh Gunn.

Don Donnan MacDubhshidhe and THL Ruland Burkhart ran a combined archery and fencing roving range in which there were 14 entrants, either individuals or teams of one archer and one fencer. The winner of the competition was the team of Lord Markus Skalpr Grimmson and Master Jocopo di Niccolo with 47 points. Their prize was a pair of katanas to go with the theme of ninjas.

Master Alaric MacConnal also ran an archery roving range, his first roving range ever. There were 32 shooters who went through the course. The individual with the best score was Mestari Urho Waltterinen, and the team with the best score was Lady Phelippe "Pippi" Ulfsdotter and Countess Rosalinda d'Castille, for their performance they were awarded with tasty beverages.

On this day the youth archery champion Lady Alyssa von Stahlgeist relinquished her position and ran a tournament to determine her successor, which was run with the assistance of Baron Sogtungi Bataar. after shooting at cowardly lions, tiggers and care bears there was one whose performance stood out from the rest. Carl Brandubhson proved to be the best shot this day and so was declared baronial youth archery champion. With a scroll by THL Kieran MacRae.

Maistir Brandubh O'Donnghaile was called forward as outgoing archery champion. He too ran a tournament to determine who was to be the next to bear the title of baronial champion, however before that he presented to Constance the prize that was awarded to him when he won the 7 pearls archery championship, 33 pearls, one for every point he scored in that competition. The victor in that tournament was Ichikeiro Osoroshi, and as Brandubh turned over the baronial archery champion's quiver he placed in it one of his bolts to add to over 10 years of history of the barony's archery champions. With a scroll by THL Kieran MacRae.

There was yet one more championship that took place this day. Baron Sir Thomas Byron of Haverford ran a tournament to determine who was fit to bear the champion's axe as the thrown weapons champion for the next year. After going through an extremely difficult course there was a winner to this competion, Hanse Drachensohn won the day with a score of 59, however as Hanse is not a resident of the barony he was not eligible to bear the title of baronial champion, so Countess Rosalinda d'Castille was declared the champion with a score of 52. She received a scroll to commemorate by the hands of THL Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies wished to see Ulvyka Vyborgskaia. Vyka was awarded a gold comet at the Baronial Champions event in abstentia and wished to recognize her publicly for this.

It was brought to Their Excellencies' attention that today was Lady Alime bint Yorgi's birthday and so They invited the populace to jin them in wishing her a happy birthday.

Liam wished to thank everybody for coming and and shooting, he also shot, and in three shots broke an arrow and lost a bolt, but killed a care bear. He also wished to announce that Agincourt is having a site change to South Park, and unfortunately there will not be archery this year due to sight constraints, otherwise the schedule remains the same.

Court Closed.

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