Court Report for Pensic War XLIII
August 3-5 AS XLVIX (2014)

Here begins the report of the court of Uilliam and Constance, Baron and Baroness of the Debatable Lands, at the Pennsic War 43 August AS 49, with the presence of Their Majesties Tindal and Etain and His Highness Titus of Æthelmearc, Drotinn Jorundr hinn Rotinn, Comet Pursuivant reporting herald.

On Sunday 3 August at Æthelmearc Royal during the baronial reception.

Their Excellencies processed into court preceded by a fanfare written by Their Lady Alethea Cowle.

Their Excellencies were joined by Their Majesties and His Highness of Æthelmearc, who held Their court.

Their Excellencies were pleased that Their populace were willing to brave the weather to attend Their court on one more fine Scottish Day.

Their Excellencies invited Their Highnesses Sven and Siobhan of the Principality of Nordmark. Their Highnesses are planning to move to the Debatable Lands in the next year, and wished to express Their gratitude for all the assistance that They have already been given and the welcome that They had received.

Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope and her apprentices had business in court. Arianna was planning on offering a belt to another gentle, Lady Siri Toivosdotter, to foster her development in the musical arts. After reading the apprentice contract Siri aggreed to this relationship and became Airanna's newest apprentice.

Maestro Augusto Giuseppe di San Donato had business with a member of the barony that he wished to address in public. He wished to offer Lady Aemelia Soteria his training and expertise with thrown weapons. He offered her the black horn of the bejant, which is the symbol of the care that one must take of oneself and those participating in thrown weapons under the watch of a marshal. Soteria accepted the black horn and became the newest bejant of Æthelmearc.

Mistress Hilderun Hügelmann had business with her protege, Lady Kikumatsu Hara. Upon discussion regarding the particulars of their protege agreement, and payment of the year's stipend, Hara agreed to renew their contract for another year. Hilderun had business with another gentle, Lady Astridr Vigaskegg. Being straightforward women, Hilderun asked Astridr if it was her wish to become her protege, Astridr agreed, and Hilderun gave her a belt that she hand wove as a symbol that you can always learn something new and that nobody is perfect.

Their Excellencies had business with Lady Astridr Vigaskegg as well. They had noted that though she lives in Blackstone Mountain she is often to be found in the Debatable Lands committing random acts of service. This pleases Their Excellencies and so They awarded Astridr a Green Comet. The scroll was illuminated by Odrianna vander Brugghe with calligraphy by THL Kieran MacRae.

They Excellencies called for the presence of the greatest Comedia del'Arte Troupe in the known word, Ii Genesii. Their Excellencies talked of how Ii Genesii have already been recognized for their artistic prowess, and so They wished to recognize the service that Ii Genesii perform every time they perform. For this Their Excellencies awarded Ii Genesii a Gold Comet. A scroll commemorating the occasion was illuminated by Odrianna vander Brugghe with calligraphy by THL Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies wished to see Lady Ghalyla bint Joseph. Ghalyla though being only 15 is a grand master bowman, almost a ludicrous bowman. She came in second place in the adult kingdom archery championship this spring, losing by a narrow margin. She has also authorized as a youth fencer. These accomplishments speak of skills far in advance of her years, and thus it pleased Their Excellencies to award her a Red Comet. Scroll by Lady Rachel Dalicieux.

Their Excellencies summoned Lady Kathryn Tantzel to Their presence. Kathryn is a Bowman ranked archer, and marshal in training and her ability to enforce the rules of the line regardless of the individual is worthy indeed. This pleases Their Excellencies and so They were moved to award Kathryn a Red Comet. The scroll is a promissory.

Lord Tanemune Gentarou Yoshitakara was spotted as he fled Their Excellencies presence, he was demanded to show himself and provide a fitting explanation. Yoshi's actions speak for themselves, however. He is ranked as a Bowman, and won the title of King's Archery Champion to Magnus Tindal in May. This seems to be good to Their Excellencies so They awarded Yoshi a Red Comet. The scroll is a promissory.

Their Excellencies wished to have words with Lord Robert pour Maintenant. Robert has been a regular attendee at baronial fighter practices and events since he moved into the Barony. His skills in both tournament and melee have risen, and Robert has graduated the MIT program to become a heavy weapons marshal. These are good things and please Their Excellencies so They awarded Robert a Red Comet. With a scroll illuminated by Master Alaric MacConnal and calligraphy by THL Kieran MacRae.

Their Excellencies asked Their Majesties if They might borrow Their herald Kameshima-kyo Zentarou Umakai, Their Majesties consented. Their Excellencies spoke of the beautiful scrolls that Kameshima makes both for the Kingdom and the Barony, even though he has taken up the very busy role of Silver Buccle Herald. This pleases Their Excellencies, and so They awarded him a Blue/Silver Comet. The scroll is a promissory.

Their Excellencies had words for another gentle. THL Kieran MacRae was invited to join Them. Kieran has long been a scribe of the barony producing an impressive volume of wonderful scrolls. He also researches period music, and even helped his daughter, Alethea Cowle, write the fanfare that began court this day. Their Excellencies decided that they was only one thing to do in this situation and so awarded Kieran a Blue/Silver Comet. The scroll is by Mistress Arianna Wynthrope.

Their Excellencies called before them Dame Elsbeth Anne Roth. They spoke of the long service Elsbeth has given to the heraldic community and the many heralds that Elsbeth has trained who have gone on to be Comet Pursuivant and Silver Buccle Herald. She currently holds the office of Cornelian Herald, the Kingdom submissions deputy. This level of service combined with its duration and kingdom-wide impact can only be met with one thing, and so They inducted her into The Order of Copernicus. The scroll is by Baroness Alexandra dei Campagnella.

Their Excellencies wished to thank all those who had a hand in preparing the reception this day by offering them a token.

Her Excellency wished to remind the populace of Paladin's Pantry. Last year they collected over a ton of food and other goods for the local food banks, and that this year there would be a collection again.

They wished all to have a great Pennsic.

Court suspended.

In the Performing Arts Tent 4 August after the Ii Genesii performance.

Their Excellencies wished to address THL Margery Kempe. It had come to Their attention that Margery was performing in her 10th Pennsic as Spinnetta, as well as serving in other roles in the troupe before that. THis pleases Their Excellencies and it was Their pleasure to award Margery a Blue/Silver Comet. Scroll to be forthcoming.

Their Excellencies next wished to address Lady Dearbhforgaill an Chomhaidh. Her performance with Ii Genesii ver the past several years as well as her bardic endeavors found favor with Their Excellencies. Thus They awarded her a Blue/Silver Comet. The scroll was illuminated by Odrianna vander Brugghe and calligraphed by THL Kieran MacRae.

Court suspended.

On the battlefield on Tuesday 8 August after the heavy weapons bridge battle.

His Excellency wished to talk to two men who have had great effect on the fighters of the barony. Sir Vladimir Mechnik and Sir Thorgrim Skullsplitter. Though these men live in Sunderoak they regularly come to the Barony to help train the fighters of the Barony in melee tactics and the ways of war. For this His Excellency awarded them each a Green Comet. The scrolls are by Odrianna vander Brugghe.

His Excellency wished to address one more individual. Wolfgar Ronaldson has grown much in his skills as a tounament and melee fighter. There being a way to recognize this His Exellency awarded Wolfgar a Red Comet. The scroll is illuminated by Master Alaric MacConnal with calligraphy by THL Kieran MacRae.

Court Closed.

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