Court Report for A Day of Story and Song
March 7, AS LIV (2020)

Kieran MacRae, Comet Pursuivant; Lady Jehannette Bouchant, second.

Their Excellencies bid everyone greetings and asked them to seek their comfort.

Their Excellencies called upon Their Excellencies Byron and Ariella, autocrats and hosts for this unique event, to acknowledge the staff and teachers and performers who helped make this event a great success. This of course meant that Sir Ariella stood and spoke, much to Earl Byron's relief.

Their Excellencies were very pleased to share with the populace the nominations for the Blackfox Awards that recently came out. The Blackfox awards recognize excellence in newsletter and chronicler contributions in each kingdom.
-An Honorable Mention for Best Special Interest Website - the Moneyers Guild
-An Honorable Mention for Best Use of Technology, to Kameshima Zentarou Umakai-kyo, BMDL Webminister
(These two are only recognitions. They are not actual nominations for a Blackfox Award.)
-Best Overall Website, to Kameshima Zentarou Umakai-kyo, BMDL Webminister.
For all mentions and the nomination, the Kingdom Webminister is Baroness Amalie Reinhardt.

Their Excellencies invited Marat She'erah bat Shlomo to come before them. For many years she has given her vocal and conducting skills to the Debatable Choir, and for her good and steadfast work she was awarded a Silver comet. Words by BMDL Scribal Guild, Illumination by Lord Reinhardt von Regenbogen, calligraphy by THL Ceindrich verch Ilidir.

Next Their Excellencies invited Lord Reinhardt von Regenbogen to come before them. He has been both seen and heard developing his scribal skills and lending his remarkable vocal talents to the Debatable Choir, and thus pleased with his contributions was awarded a Silver comet. Illumination by Mistress Lucetta di Cosimo, Calligraphy and wording by THL Ceindrich verch Ilidir.

Their Excellencies then thanked all the scribes who contributed words, calligraphy, and/or illumination to the scrolls handed out today, and tokens were given for their generosity.

There being no further business, the Court of Their Excellencies was thusly closed.

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