Baronial Officers
Forveleth Dunde (Largesse Coordinator)
The Baron and Baroness are the local landed nobility, and hold the lands of the Barony in fealty to the Crown (King and Queen of our Kingdom), meaning they are Crown's representatives in the Barony. As the ceremonial leaders of the Barony, they give Baronial awards and other tokens to recognize people for their skill, research, teaching and service. They also work with the baronial officers to keep them informed, and act as liaisons within the barony.
Muirgheal inghean Dubhghaill
Elinor Walden (Social Media)
Finé Failain (Social Media)
The Seneschal is the President of the Barony, responsible for all official operations of the Barony.
The Herald is the voice of the Baron and Baroness, responsible for conducting Baronial Court. The Herald also helps members of the Barony research the names and coats of arms that they will use within the SCA.
Knight Marshal
Meinolf Grimsson (Thrown Weapons)
Vacant (Youth Combat)
Gesa von Wellanstein (Equestrian)
Sile inghean Chien
The Knight Marshal is responsible for overseeing all the martial activities of the Barony, making sure that fighters and fencers are trained in safety procedures, and maintaining (with the help of Iron Key) Baronial martial equipment that is available for loan. The Knight Marshal has several deputies that assist them in each of the martial disciplines; each is available by email at the linked addresses above.
The Exchequer is the treasurer of the Barony, responsible for maintaining the Barony's financial holdings, arranging the receipt of funds from Baronial events and reimbursements for expenses, and enforcing the Barony's budget.
The Chronicler creates and publishes the Baronial newsletter, the Althing. The Althing is filled not only with news and announcements from Baronial officers, but also helpful tips and research from the Baronial populace.
Arts & Sciences Minister
Fine ingen Faelain
The Arts and Sciences Minister oversees all of the artistic activities of the Barony, works with the Barony's guilds to help teach their particular arts, and to help people interested in learning about something to find the people that can teach them.
Minister of Lists
The Minster of Lists also works with the fighters and fencers to arrange and run tournaments, and makes sure that anyone who participates in a tournament is authorized to do so without being a danger to themselves or others.
The Chatelain is the point of contact for people who are new to the SCA, helping them to acclimate to the strange and wonderful world of our Society. The Chatelain can help you find someone to help you make garb, learn how to start fighting, or find a new art to capture your imagination.
Reinhard Regenbogen
The Webminister maintains and updates the Baronial Web Site that you're reading right now! If you have information that needs to be displayed on the web site, or if there is an error, contact the Webminister.