Thrown Weapons

Have you ever yearned for the sight of sharp, pointy objects flying thru the air and the satisfying THUNK of your weapon finding it's target? Welcome! You've come to the right place. During the warm months of the year you can join me, and your fellow Throwers on most Sundays, at the Washington Blvd practice site, from 11-2pm. Are you an experienced Thrower? Great! We have Targets to challenge your prowess, and you can challenge me for superiority on the range. Never held an axe or knife in your life, let alone throw one?? That's great too!! We have loaner gear ready for any beginner, and I or another of my marshals will get you going and having fun in no time. You can record Royal Round scores to establish an average and earn yourself an official rank in the Thrown Weapons community!! Any adult can participate, and children over the age of 5 can participate with parental supervision.

Practices are held each Sunday afternoon, though the location varies by season:

During the warm-weather months (April through mid-November), practices are held in Highland Park, at the corner of Washington Blvd. and Allegheny River Blvd. Archery and thrown weapons practice begin at 11am and run through 1pm. Fencing begins at 1pm, followed by heavy weapons and youth fighting at 2pm; fencing, heavy weapons and youth fighting continue until 5pm.

During the colder months, Marital Practices for Thrown Weapons, Rattan and Rapier take place at Ace's Ax Throwing - 145 E 8th Avenue Homestead, PA 15120, Sundays 11 am to 3 pm EST. Please watch updates from THLMeinolf Grímsson for Thrown Weapons, Sir Guillaume le Noir du Bordeaux for Rattan, and Drottin Jorundr hinn Rotinn for Rapier.

The Range will run Sundays, from 11-2pm, weather permitting unless otherwise stated. Look for updates in the Baronial blog, as well as Facebook and the email list. Ground conditions that allow us to throw safely are at the sole discretion of the range marshal. Closed toed shoes are required on the range per Kingdom policy. All personal weapons must be inspected by a marshal prior to use on the range. Any unusual weapons may or may not be allowed for use on the range at the marshals discretion. Please come out and join us!!

YIS Kumgaya-roku-e Kentarou Masamoto (THLord Kuma) Thrown Weapons Marshal in Change, BMDL