The Order of Precedence for the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands

Herein lies the order of precedence for the barony. If there is any information that is incorrect feel free to let us know so that we can fix it as soon as we can.

The list to your left contains links to the order of precedence in alphabetical order and by order of march. The awards are sorted by precedence, and then by date of award when precedence is the same.

There is a page for every award of the kingdom of Æthelmearc where every person who received that award is listed by date received. Those pages are listed in precedence order as well.

Last updated as of 2 April AS 50 (2016).

The precedence for the awards of the kingdom of Æthelmearc are as follows.

Landed Nobility in Their own Lands

Royal Peerages

Bestowed Peerages

all bear equal weight

Patent of Arms

Ladies of the Rose and Garnet

Landed Baronies

Retired Landed Baronies

Grant Orders or Orders of High Merit

all bear equal weight

Grant of Arms

Court Baronies

Armigerous Orders or Orders of Merit

all bear equal weight

Award of Arms

Non-Armigerous Orders

all bear equal weight

Non-Armigerous Orders for Youth

Baronial Awards

all bear equal weight

Comets for Arts and Sciences
Comets for Martial Activities
Comets for Service
Comets for Youth
Comets of Friendship
Other Baronial Awards

Awards Bearing No Precedence