Woodworking Guild Planning Meeting, Thurs. May 23rd

The Woodworking Guild’s next planning meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, May 23rd from 7pm to 9pm at the Panera in Oakland. Agenda items include:

  • Determining the time and place for the next planning meeting.
  • Reviewing progress on the banner stand project and planning future work.
  • Determining the location of the June 2nd workshop day.
  • Determining the date of the next workshop day.
  • Show and/or tell of recent member projects and activities.
State of the banner stand cross-pieces

BMDL unit in action at Æ War Practice

Greetings from your BMDL unit commander!

Æthelmearc practiced for War last Saturday, and the Debatable Lands contributed their finest to support Æthelwald against the noble armies of the Middle and the Tuchux.

I would like to thank Sirs Byron of Haverford, Ariella of Thornberry, and Finn Marland O’Shannon; my deputy THL Kumagaya Kentarou Masamoto; and my man-at-arms Ingvar Sviatoslavich for their valor, prowess, and dedication to fighting all of the field and bridge battles. Though we were outnumbered in every scenario, we fought as a strong, cohesive unit. I am very pleased with how everyone fought and appreciate that you chose to be part of the Comet Army.

We seek more fighters who wish to gain glory for Barony and Kingdom! Please contact me (rstrobel@gmail.com) or find me at practice Sundays at 2pm at the Washington Blvd site to join our unit! Pennsic will be here soon and the Comet shall shine bright upon the field of battle in defense of our lands!

Maighster Kieran MacRae

BMDL Unit Commander

Fencing Practice at Broken Plow Sunday 5/12

Just as a reminder this Sunday’s fencing practice is once again a crossover muster at Broken Plow.

The address is:

201 Crawford Run Rd
Creighton, PA 15030

We will start at 1:30 PM and will go until everyone is tired.

Loaner gear for fencing and cut and thrust is available.

There will be no practice next Sunday for War Practice. We will return to Washington Blvd Sunday the 26th.


Upcoming A&S Competition at A Kingdom for My Horse

“A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!” King Richard III’s cry in Shakespeare’s play echoes through history. But what is a kingdom and what is a horse? Let’s find out at the A&S competition to be hosted at A Kingdom for My Horse, June 28th-30th!

Enter your best piece that represents ‘kingdom’ or ‘horse’. Prizes will be awarded for best in kingdom, best of horse, and best in show. Best in show will go to a gentle who enters the best pair of pieces, one in each category. Entries can be any A&S piece, previously entered elsewhere or completely new. Some form of documentation is requested and recommended but NOT required. Consumables ARE required to have an ingredient list. If you would like to do a performance piece, please contact me no later than the Sunday before the event.

This is a relaxed competition for fun so any and all are welcome to enter!

Any questions regarding the competition can be directed to me, your lively competition coordinator Eilionora inghean an Bhaird, at daughterofthebardATgmailDOTcom or PM on the Book of Faces under my mundane name of Casey Bice.

Event information can be located at here

I look forward to seeing your ‘kingdoms’ and ‘horses’!