Election: Ballot Reminder!

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

Baronial Election ballots were mailed about 3 weeks ago. If you were a member of the SCA as of January, or requested a ballot before the nominating meeting, you should have already received it.

Drop Baroness Hilda an email if you believe you should have gotten a ballot but didn’t. baroness@debatablelands.org. (She will answer every email – if you didn’t get a reply, she didn’t get your email!) You may send any questions about the election her way as well.

Ballots are due IN HAND by Baron Brandubh, sealed in their provided envelope, by 4:30pm Sunday, April 2nd. That’s when the counting will commence at the Barony Meeting Election Counting Party, at Duke Byron and Duchess Ariella’s Castle in Wexford (party starts at 4pm). Link to FB event.

You may hand-deliver any completed and sealed ballots to Baroness Hilda at the Vikingathing event this Saturday, if you like. Event web. Event FB page. (I hear there are still a couple feast spaces left) SO EXCITED to see everyone!

BMDL Rapier practice on March 12th

I am subbing in to run rapier and cut & thrust practice this Sunday, March 12th. Practice is at our indoor winter location, starting at 11am and lasting until 3pm. The location is, if you need it: Ace Axe Throwing, 145 E 8th Ave, Homestead, PA 15120. You can park in the Aldi parking lot, and head towards the old bank. Entrance is around the opposite side. Simply walk straight in and ask where the elevator to the SCA practice is if you don’t know. Practice is on the “penthouse” or 5th floor. I will have very limited rapier/cut & thrust loaner equipment and weapons available.
If anyone is interested, at the beginning of practice I will be doing a brief description/demo of how you fight with rapier legal spears. Otherwise, we will have free sparring and then a bearpit. See you then!
-Clewin Kupferhelbelinc

Online sewing Mar 16th 7:30pm

The next online sewing is Thursday, March 16th at 7:30 pm in the kingdom zoom. There is a guest host this month, Lady Elinor Walden. Lady Elinor is a sewing powerhouse with a wide range of beautiful gowns, skirts, tops, hats, and other accessories to her credit. See the zoom information below. If you have questions or want the zoom information, email sewing (at) debatablelands (dot) org.

Armored practice Sunday 3/5/23

After some consideration, we will be holding practice at the Baronial Social event linked below. I had intended to keep practice at its normal time and place, but reconsidered. It should be nice weather for outdoor fighting. I hope to see everyone there.



St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Hello hello Debatable Lands! Today, I got the email confirming that we are in the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday March 11th!

It’s always been a blast in the past to walk in this parade and I’m sure we’re going to have a great time as well.

Here are a few things we need to get organized before the parade:

-Need a truck and a flatbed trailer, a drive, and folks interested in riding and waving along the route. Unfortunately, the truck and trailer we borrowed in previous years is unavailable. If we can’t source the vehicles, everyone will have to walk this year.

-Folks to walk, wave, and had out flyers to the crowd

-Rattan fighters and rapier fighters to walk, do some sparring along the route when we stop.

Please let me know if you want to be included here, over DM, or shoot me an email at chatelaine@debatablelands.org.

Yours in Service,


Ballots Have Been Mailed!

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

The ballots for the Baronial Election were mailed via first class mail on Thursday, February 23rd. Those eligible to vote in the election should be getting them shortly (if you haven’t already).

We are aware that some checkboxes on the ballots printed out as bullet points (dots). Please just checkmark next to the bullet point where needed.

Things to remember:

Follow the directions on the ballot carefully and exactly.

–Do not write your name or any idenfying information on your ballot.

After completing your ballot, seal it in the envelope provided. One ballot per envelope (for households that got more than one). You can either mail it back, or hand deliver it to Baron Brandubh.

All ballots must be received IN HAND, sealed in the provided envelope, by April 2nd, 2023, at 4:30 pm Eastern.

Ballots are only valid if they are received, on time, sealed in the provided envelope.

If think you think you should have received a ballot, but do not receive one within the next couple of weeks, please contact Baron Brandubh at Baron@debatablelands.org or Baroness Hilda via Facebook (Krista Traini Cogan). Questions may also be directed there. [Note: You will receive a response within a day. If you don’t, we didn’t get your message, please try again.]

March 5th! Come to the Baronial Social and Guild Hall at the Rose Barn!

Hello Debatable Lands, and Salve Accolens!

Come one and all to our in-person social on Sunday, March 5th, at the Rose Barn in North Park! Noon to 6pm

It’s garb-optional, as are all our social meetings, and features all kinds of awesome!

— All 3 sets of Baronial Candidates will be here to chat with, and we’ll be holding another Meet ‘n Greet!! (time TBD)

— Our Heavy and Rapier practices will be held here!

— Many of our Guilds will be here and doing fun stuff, including Sewing, Fiber, Brewing, and maybe more!

— Bring aaaalllll your fun A&S stuff – there’s lots of folks to share and chat with!

— Food? Potlucks are fun and all, but well… this is Pittsburgh… LET’S DO A TAILGATE potluck! Bring munchies and comestibles to share. It’s been a long time, let’s do it up with the food!

–Oh, did she say comestibles? Yes. Yes I did. As you may have guessed from the presence of the Brewers’ Guild, we do have an alcohol permit! (Be smart about it, please, and bring a DD.)

— There will, of course, be a regular meeting, too. If anyone has announcements, please let Master William, the Baronial Herald, know.

Here’s the Facebook event for those that partake: https://www.facebook.com/events/555681259690707

See you there!! Can’t wait!

Notes on COVID stuff: While the masking rules will have expired, and will not be required, our officers will be providing filter-fan boxes for indoors. We care deeply about the safety and comfort of our populace. We know that no solution is perfect, but we hope to be as inclusive as possible here and going forward.