New Equestrian Champ!

Vivat to THL Gesa von Wellenstein, your newest Baronial Equestrian Champion!

The day dawned bright, clear and cold, as our populace gathered at the estate of THL Gesa and Lord Nohaaj, our esteemed hosts for the activity. Everyone brought tasty comestibles to the delight of all, Baronial and Kingdom livery decked the area, and the comfortable shade and chairs provided for the presence area were greatly appreciated. The riders (Gesa and Beatrix in competition, and Jackie and Jaardin for showmanship) provided an impressive display of skill, and the steeds (Maple, Daisy and Moose) were brave and majestic. The grounds crew were quick on their feet and indispensable. And the gathered crowd (with pop-up bardic!) was mirthful and appreciative.

Though it was a cold day, our hearts were warmed by the display of courtesy, affection, and levity of all who attended. VIVANT!

For those with Facebook, the Championship games were videoed and are available to view here:

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

Salve Accolens! A Motto for the Debatable Lands

Note to those reading from the email list, click on the link below to see a formatted version with live links at the blog website.

On this, the eve of our third Debatable Lands Equestrian Championship (details, and schedule), we’d like to introduce to you our new Baronial motto!


What does it mean?


It is the week of World Kindness Day, embodied by the greatest modern champion of kindness and courtesy, especially toward oneself and their neighbors: Mr. Fred Rogers. The Debatable Lands is his home Barony, and we hope that all our people will strive toward these ideals: kindness, courtesy, generous and open hearts, mindfulness to feelings, and to be helping and loving and welcoming. All these, we feel, are encompassed by “Hello Neighbors” – “Salve Accolens”.

We hope to enact these these ideals in word and deed, and hope you all will join us. We are ALL each others’ neighbors.


Please use this new Baronial motto with gusto and verity.

(Also, it’s Latin, so you can say it the other way: ACCOLENS SALVE!)

See you at Baronial Equestrian Champs tomorrow!

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers,
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

“Listening is where love begins: listening to ourselves and then to our neighbors.” -Fred Rogers

Updated Schedule for Equestrian Practice/Champs

Updated Schedule for Saturday:

Doors open Saturday 10 AM
11:30 AM Safe the Holidays – Equestrian challenge on a trail through a forest obstacle course.
1 PM BMDL Equestrian Championship Starting – M’Lord Nohaaj as the current BMDL Equestrian Champion will host this activity this year.
2 PM Hobby Horse obstacle course – open to all ages Followed by head to head race on bouncy horses – open to all ages
3:30 PM Foam Joust – this will be depending on footing for horses.

Don’t forget this is a potluck feast. Feel free to bring food to share, feast gear, plus chairs as needed. Take a moment to visit the potluck list and add what you are bringing —

Note: This is an outdoor activity. Please wear shoes made for wet grounds and dress appropriately. It looks like, the weather will be on our side. The place is pet friendly, but dogs have to remain on the leash. This is an equestrian practice, so please make sure you stop at the barn and sign the equestrian waver!

BMDL Equestrian Champs

From Taccuino Sanitatis, Casanatense 4182

Oh great populace of our beautiful Barony of Debatable Lands, it is our pleasure to inform you of a gathering with friends and food on Saturday, November 16th 2019 on Nohaaj and Gesa’s property at 46 Caitlin Dr, West Deer PA. This is not an official event, but a celebration of the equestrian community and the Barony.

m’Lord Nohaaj and THL Gesa Van Wellenstein acquired some land which they offer for a fun filled day. Doors will open at 10 AM. BMDL’s Equestrian Championship will be starting at 1 PM. Other activities will be posted at a later time.

We are hoping to have volunteers who will organize marshal activities, A & S, and possible barding. We are looking forward offering an opportunity to practice your skills for Archery, Throwing Weapons, Heavy fighting and other outdoor activities if so desired. The property offers different open areas and fields which can be utilized for archery/throwing weapons. There are woods which are suitable for fighting scenarios.

The food will be pot luck (link to Pot Luck sign-up — style, with possibly baking or cooking challenges, please bring your own feast gear and seating arrangements (table/chairs). If the beverage guild would like to organize a tasting that would be very welcomed. Our site is wet. We are still looking for volunteers for activities and organizing the potluck drive. If you would like to volunteer, please contact THL Gesa at gwellenstein (at)

Hope to see you there!!

For those of you on Facebook, here is the event link: