Agincourt Fun – Brandubh & Hilda’s Last Event as B&B!

Hello Debatable Lands and Neighbors! Salve Accolens!

We (Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda) are so excited for Agincourt tomorrow, Oct 28th! So many amazing activities – archery (of course), fencing (with a Garnet and Steel Invite coin!), heavy fighting (tavern BRAWWWLL and more), a *very* cool A&S display, dancing, mask-making, the Kingdom Thrown Weapons Championship, food food food, and more!

Event announcement here. And Facebook event (for those that partake) here.

But it’s a bittersweet sort of excited for us, because it’s our very last full event as your Baron and Baroness. If you’re on the fence about attending, we’d humbly like to request that you do come – we’d like our last full event in our Office to be something to remember, with as many of our beloved people around us and enjoying the Barony’s festivities as possible! There may be tears (the Baroness is a softie), but there will be guaranteed fun, camaraderie and lots of laughs!

And in honor of both the Agincourt theme of the event, and the penultimate event of our tenure, we have something special in mind for our last full Court – we’re having it ALL DAY LONG! Yup, we will be having a roaming Campaign Court, doing pieces of business all day on the various Fields (and Rooms) of Honor, just like (we assume) Henry V of England and the French army did!!

Be prepared to declare your affinity – English or French! Tallies are afoot! If you see us “on Campaign”, come join our retinue, bring your voices and instruments to hum the Agincourt Carol or the Baronial Fight Song! Let’s have a blast!

See you there!

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers,
Baroness Hilda and Baron Brandubh

P.S.: Does anyone have like, a LOT of kazoos we can borrow??

Fencing at Agincourt 10/28/2023

From the Baronial Fencing Marshal –

Fencing – Lucky Coin 13 for the Tournament of Garnet and Steel
There will be a tournament to decide the recipient of coin 13 for the Tournament of Garnet and Steel!

The tournament will be an English vs French tournament focusing on the works of George SIlver and Captain Peloquin. Fighters are encouraged to look up both manuals available for free on Wikitenauer –

George Silver –
Captain Peloquin –

Be prepared to explain their interpretation and which portions of the manuals they are going to present during the tournament.

The tournament format will be based on the numbers for the day.

After the fencing tournament, there will be a Cut and Thrust tournament later in the day.

lærifaðir jǫrundr hinn rotinn

Agincourt Schedule 10/28/2023

Greetings Noble Populace,

Please find the schedule of events for Agincourt! Can’t wait to see everyone!

Agincourt Schedule

9:00 am Site Opens
9:30 am Troll Opens

10:00 am
Main Field
Heavy Weapons – sign ins begin
Fencing – sign ins begin
Archery – range opens

A&S Tent Opens

10:30 am
Main Field
Heavy Weapons – field opens
Fencing – field opens
Archery – open range

Wallace Lodge
Class: What really happened at the Battle of Crecy? – Baron Charles O’Connor

A&S Tent
A&S Display Opens to everyone

11:00 am
Main Field
Heavy Weapons – Battle Scenarios
Fencing – Spear Tournament Begins
Archery – Archery Tournament Begins
Thrown Weapons – range opens

11:30 am
Main Field
Thrown Weapons – Qualifiers for Kingdom Championship

12:00 Noon

Main Field
Fencing – Coin Tournament Begins

1:00 pm
Main field
Archery – free shoot
Thrown Weapons – Kingdom Thrown Weapons Tournament

Wallace Hall
A&S Masquerade Mask-Masking Activity

2:00 pm
Main Field
Heavy Weapons – Sirs Guillaume and Oliver Tournament

Dogwood Shelter
A&S Dancing

2:30 pm
Main Field
Fencing – Cut & Thrust Tournament

3:00 pm
Main Field
Thrown Weapons – free throwing

3:30 pm
Main Field
Heavy Weapons, Fencing, Archery and Thrown Weapons fields close

4:00 pm
A&S Tent – Display Closes, entrants pick up their items

Dogwood Shelter
Court Set-up

4:30 pm
Dogwood Shelter Court

5:30 pm
Dogwood Shelter
Feast set-up

6:00 pm
Dogwood Shelter

Thank you!

Baronial Larder Inventory – 12/2/2023

Greetings All,

The time has come for the annual inventory for the Baronial Larder.  The date is Saturday, December 2nd, starting at 2pm at the house of Alaric & Elsbeth.  Dinner / snacks will be provided.  The address and contact information can be found in the Dark Pages.  

If you’re able to help, please let me know so we can plan for snacks / dinner.  Hope to see some of you there!

In Service,

Baron Alaric

Baronial Steward

Help Wanted – Set Up For Agincourt


We need help with setting up on Friday evening to make sure that the site is ready for our guests on Saturday morning. Many hands make light work and we are hoping that you can join us at Camp Lutherlyn at 6p on Friday, 27 October 2023.

We will need help with the following:

The changing areas
The Royalty space
The Pavilion for TRMs to view the field
An additional 10×10 for TRMs on the field
Signage for the site
Signage for the directional signs
Moving the picnic tables under the Dogwood Pavilion to make space for court/dancing
Setting up the space for the Kitchen (outdoors)
Unloading the larder into Wallace Lodge for the use of the cook

On Saturday morning we will need help with hanging banners in the Dogwood Pavilion as they will be arriving on Saturday morning. I will need a few people to help with that just to get it done quickly.

Thank you all for your time.

Best regards,


Stellar Archery Champion

At Archery Practice on Sunday 10/22/23 THLord Godzimir the Golden won the honor of being the new Defender of the Sky List for the Archery Stellar Tournament. Vivat to Godzmir newest Stellar Champion!


Brandubh et Hilderun

In Levitate et Caritate

Online Sewing Circle Thurs 10/19 at 7:30

There is online sewing this Thursday October 19th at 7:30pm in the kingdom zoom. Join us while you work on a project or are planning a project. Baronial Investiture is coming up soon and you may want to work on a fancy outfit. After that will be Kingdom 12th night which is another fancy outfit opportunity. Feel free to email sewing (at) debatablelands (dot) org if you want the zoom information.