Business Meeting THIS WEDNESDAY

The Business Meeting for the Debatable Lands will be this Wednesday, 2 October 2019 at the Allegheny Unitarian Universalist Church (416 W North Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212 – map). From 8p until 10p.


The Officers of the Debatable Lands are elected by the membership and is made up of members of the populace, just like you. The Officers are responsible for ensuring that the policies of the Kingdom and Barony are followed and are accountable to the populace of the Debatable Lands. The Business meeting is open to everyone in the Barony and attendance by the populace is encouraged. Have a thought you’d like to share with the Officers? Email

Final List of Crown Combatants

Being the final list of contenders and their consorts for the Crown Tournament of King Timothy and Queen Gabrielle, to be held Oct 12, AS LIV.

From Their Majesties:

Greetings unto Glorious Æthelmearc from TRM Timothy and Gabrielle,

We are delighted to announce the list of Contenders and their Consorts for the Crown Tournament to decide our Heirs on October 12, 2019 in the Shire of Coppertree. We hope many of you will join us for this important event.

Many thanks to Duchess Rowan and the Shire of Coppertree for arranging for a gallery for Consorts to witness the Tournament. HRM Gabrielle looks forward to visiting with and supporting the inspiration of all of our Contenders as the Tournament progresses.

We would like to thank all those who have chosen to participate in our Crown Tournament. We wish you all the best of days and know that Æthelmearc will have worthy successors.

Fall 2019 Crown Combatants

  • Duke Sven Gunnarsson fighting for the honor of Duchess Siobhán inghean uí Liatháin
  • Duke Malcolm MacEoghainn fighting for the honor of Vicountess Rosalind Ashworth
  • Duke Marcus Eisenwald fighting for the honor of Countess Margerite de la Marche nee Eisenwald
  • Duke Maynard von dem Steine fighting for the honor of Duchess Liadain ni Dheirdre Chaohamnaigh
  • Sir Yngvar the Dismal fighting for the honor of Countess Caryl Olesdattir
  • Earl Thomas Byron of Haverford for the honor of Countess Ariella of
    , each for the other
  • Sir Maghnus de Cnoc an Iora for the honor of Brehyres Gwendolyn the
  • Sir Aengus MacBain for the honor of Maistresse Yvianne de Castel d’Avignon
  • THL Rouland of Willowbrooke for the honor of Mistress Jenna MacPherson of Lions Tower, each for the other
  • Freiherr Fridrich Flusmullner for the honor of Meisterin Felicitas
  • Maighster Kieran MacRae for the honor of Meestres Odriana vander Brugghe
  • Master Tigernach mac Cathail for the honor of Lady Margareta le Sayre
  • Sir Arnthor inn Sterki for the honor of Lady Cairech Na Hinnsi
  • Lord Bharki Rikaroarson for the honor of Mistress Gabrielle de Winter
  • Sir Beatrix Krieger fighting for the honor of Sir Thorsol Solinauga, each
    for the other
  • Sir Dominic McMorland for the honor of THL Eleanor McMorland
  • Master Jacob Martinson for the honor of Baroness Wilhelmina Boddenham
  • THL Gwydeon ap Arden for the honor of Lady Myskia nattfari
  • THL Darri inn Valski for the honor of THL Astridr vigaskegg
  • Lord Sigfrid Corloys for the honor of THL Maeve Ni Siurtain
  • Lord Angus the Bull for the honor of Lady Agnes Zwei Bruchen
  • Lord Lotharius qui et Segimundus for the honor of Lady Birna Hakadottir
  • Lord Koga Rentarou Hroshi for the honor of Baroness Katerina McGilledoroughe
  • Lord Salvidor Moro di Medici for the honor of Lady Ahelissa

In Eternal Service to the Glorious Kingdom of Æthelmearc,

Timothy and Gabrielle

Sewing Circle – Thurs Oct 3rd

The next sewing circle is Thursday Oct 3rd at 1105 Shady Ave starting at 7:30. There will be scroll case construction, but feel free to bring other things, if you don’t want to work on scroll cases. Donations of medium sized material scraps or precut cardboard are apprediated; we already have a nice supply to start. If you wish to donate items for scroll cases, but don’t plan to attend, please email sewing at debatablelands dot org to arrange to hand-off. If you would like help with pattern design or fitting you should still reach out to Mistress Ts’vee’a bas Tseepora Levi to make an appointment.

Please note that there are 2 resident cats, so medicate appropriately.

Scribal Tonight!!

From our signet:
Scribal East this Thursday 9/26 (today!)

Hi everyone. It’s the last Thursday of the month, and Scribal East will be meeting as usual at the home of Lady Ceindrech and Lady Libby in Monroeville, starting at 7:00 pm. PM or Dark Pages for the address.

This month Rachel will be bringing black walnut fruit for anyone who’d like to take some home to play with and do science.

Hope to see folks tonight!