Cancelled: September Food Guild Meeting

September Food Guild Meeting was to have been on Saturday, Sept 21, 1 pm – 3 pm and we were going to visit Restaurant Depot, a members-only chain selling wholesale food, beverages, equipment & supplies for restaurants & bars.

Alas, seems everyone is going to Coronation or is otherwise engaged. As soon as details for the October meeting are finalized, I will post here, there, and everywhere.

YIS, Elss Augsburg

September Food Guild Meeting

Greetings Food Friends!

September Food Guild Meeting:

Saturday, Sept 21, 1 pm – 3 pm

Visit Restaurant Depot, a members-only chain selling wholesale food, beverages, equipment & supplies for restaurants & bars. * You will be able to purchase items if you want! *
86 35th ST, PITTSBURGH, PA 15201

Look for my black SUV parked at the end of the parking lot furthest away from the front door so I will be easy to find. 724-759-3333 if you need help.

Meet at DeLuca’s for brunch at 11 am

Park wherever you can on the street, then come to Deluca’s. I will be waiting outside in a day-glo orange tee shirt to help with finding the place.

Ever wonder how BMDL cooks consistently provide tasty food for such small budgets? The answer is smart shopping! One of the go-to places is Restaurant Depot, where you can get real bargains.

Visit to let me know if you are coming.

Elss Augsburg

Heritage Fest Demo Update – Setup Time Change

From the Deputy Chatelaine, Lord Ronan:

The time for setting up Heritage Fest tomorrow has changed! Setup will now begin at 9:30am at our designated spot on the map below. (We’re listed on the map below as the Historical Re-enactors.) The front gate at 4734 Butler St. will close at 10:00am so if you need to unload anything from a car make sure you get there before that time. Anyone coming later can still use the volunteer parking lots by entering through the 49th Street gate also noted on the map. 

There will be 4 tables provided for us to use. I’d like two of them to go in the tent for Calligraphy and Illumination, one of them to be used for A&S displays led by the Fiber Guild (including non-fiber art as well), and one to be used for a miscellaneous display of martial gear.

Please contact me with what you will be bringing. I still need tablecloths to cover the tables (6ft long), framed scrolls for display, and any other art you’d like to show off. We will have a few chairs provided to us as well, but you may want to bring your own for comfort.

Sorry for the delay in getting this update out. There was some last minute information sent out and an issue with my contact info listed in the blog, but all that should be fixed now. Thank you for your patience!

As always, send me a message if you have any more questions.

My email:
Facebook group:

See you all tomorrow!
– Rónán

Larder Moving Day

August 24th is the big day to move the larder to its new home; maybe you have seen the announcement posted by Alaric inviting one and all to help.

If you like food – eating it, making it, watching cooking shows, whatever – you might want to come out for this day. We are blessed here in the Barony with an abundance of excellent cooks, and we have many events here and nearby with great sideboards and feasts. You might wonder how in the world we manage to pull off consistently yummy food. If you look behind the curtain, you’ll see that one of our secrets is our Larder! This is our collection of cooking gear: pots, pans, cauldrons, pancake flippers, measuring cups, pirogi makers, and many, many other doodads and gizmos.

Knowing what kitchen stuff belongs to the Barony helps in several ways. First, if you are cleaning up after feast, you’ll know what to pack in which tote boxes. Next, if you want to cook a thing, you’ll know if there is the correct equipment for your needs. Then, should you be checking stuff out of the larder or back in, you’ll know the process and methods in order to get the right stuff.

The larder is a valuable asset to us all here in the Barony so come and be introduced! August 24th is the day of the Great Larder Migration! Please come out and join us to transport the larder from Michelina’s to Alaric & Elsbeth’s. We’ll be meeting at Michelina’s (107 Mattier Drive, Pittsburgh PA 15238) at 11 am . Remember, pizza for helpers!

Please contact Alaric ( if you’re able to help.

Thanks, Elss Augsburg

Barony Reception

Food Friends!

Can’t help with reception prep? Want to try a new recipe? Thinking of bringing food for the reception? YAY!

Bring some cut vegetables or fruit. Bake some cookies (we loves our cookie tables!) Bring something that’s gluten-free for our Baron. Make a surprise!

The barony is paying for and providing the ample and delicious food, the brewers’ guild will have their wares available. But I know how we like to just add a little thing here or make a bit for there. Feel free to do something with food! If you are, please let me know at

Thanks, Elss Augsburg

A&S Activity Round-up!

July is BOOMING with great opportunities for A&S fun. Here’s a round-up of some of the great plans that have been advertised:

Brewers Guild: July Brewers Guild meeting will take place tomorrow, July 10, at Alaric and Elsbeth’s house in the South Hills, starting at 7. We will be making sekanjabin for Pennsic using ingredients from their garden! RSVP appreciated

Woodworking Guild: Join us on Sunday, July 14th for the last Woodworking Guild Shop Day before Pennsic, in Ishiyama’s shop in Point Breeze, from 10am to 2pm.

Archers: This Thursday, July 11th, we will be having baronial archery practice AND an arrow making class at Lord Kumas’ house in Allison Park. Bring any arrow making supplies and a chair with you. Time: 6:30pm

Fiber Guild: This month the BMDL Fiber Guild is going on a field trip! On Friday July 12 at 7 pm we’re going to meet at the the Frick museum in Pittsburgh (not the NYC one) to look at and geek about their four early sixteenth century French and Flemish tapestries, and then look at some medieval paintings and artifacts in their collection. RSVP appreciated.

What else is going on? Any last minute pre-Pennsic workshops or fun activities? Send me a note and I’d be happy to distribute the info far and wide!