Fight practice Easter Sunday

Greetings heavy fighters,
Fight practice will be held this Sunday, March 27, beginning at 2 PM at the Environmental Charter School, 829 Milton Ave in Regent Square. I asked Robert to run the practice, thinking I could not make it, but it turns out I will be there also this week. Eat your Easter candy and then come out and burn off the calories with us!

Change to Siege of Harlech Event

The head cook for the Siege of Harlech Event on April 16th has been changed, and there is no longer a feast. There is an all-day sideboard by the new cook, so you will not go hungry. For more details, see the new listing on the Baronial events page, or at the Kingdom event page.

Pre-registrations are still being accepted until April 9th! Please take note that there is no longer a feast, so do not include feast fees in your pre-registration.

Budgets Due at next Officers Meeting

Exchequer Hara-roku-i Kikumatsu writes:

Greetings to the folks in these Debatable Lands.

April 6th is the next officers meeting and a part of that meeting will be to discuss and vote on the budget for next year. If there are expenses for the barony that should be paid for by the barony, bring a list of items and estimated cost to the budget meeting.

Also, I would ask that you please that same list to exchequer at debatablelands dot org, ahead of time. If I have that list ahead of time, it will help me to prepare for the meeting, and also speed up the meeting.

As a reminder only members of the financial committee can vote on budget items, but the requests and input can be from anyone.

Change in Scriptorium

Kameshina-shichi-i writes:

Unfortunately, due to a family emergency, THL Rachel has had to postpone teaching “Attavante Made Easy,” which had been scheduled for this Wednesday’s Scriptorium. We are making plans for alternate dates for her to come and teach this class.

Instead, I invite you all to attend “Gothic Blackletter in 30 Minutes,” which I will be teaching. Both beginner and experienced calligraphers are invited to attend this overview on how to analyze and learn new calligraphic hands, using the Gothic Blackletter hand as an exemplar. We will explore how to visually break down letters into their component strokes, practice those to build your “calligraphy toolbox,” then put them back together to create your own work. Materials (handout, graph paper and felt calligraphy pen) will be provided.

Once again, that is this Wednesday, April 16th, starting at 7pm at our house in Glenshaw. Our address can be found in the Dark Pages, or contact me via private email at cadell (at) gmail (dot) com. We look forward to seeing you at

Cherry Blossom Festival 2016

The Pittsburgh Sakura Project has been planting Japanese cherry trees in North Park since the fall of 2007, and has been having cherry blossom festivals for the last few Springs. They recently announced that the 2016 Sakura Festival will be on Saturday, April 30, 2016, from 2pm to 4pm. More information at the Pittsburgh Sakura Project web site.
Pittsburgh Sakura Project