Sewing Circle – Thurs Nov 7th

The next sewing circle is Thursday, Nov 7th, at 1105 Shady Ave starting at 7:30. There is no planned project this month. Last month some of us worked on scroll cases. We made 9, but there is lots of fabric and cardboard for additional cases. Maybe in December we will have another scroll case sewing event. At sewing circle feel free to bring a project. We have one ironing board, two sewing machines, one serger, and an embroidery machine. If you want to make use of the embroidery machine, please contact Ishiyama to coordinate that. If you would like help with pattern design or fitting you should still reach out to Mistress Ts’vee’a bas Tseepora Levi to make an appointment. Please note that there are 2 resident cats, so medicate appropriately.

Harvest Revel – This Sunday

Join us for a celebration of the autumn at Earl Byron and Countess Sir Ariella’s castle in Wexford (755 Stonegate Dr, Wexford, PA) – THIS SUNDAY, 3 November 2019. A big thanks to them for opening their home to us again! And what better way to celebrate than thwacking, tossing, singing and PIE! That’s right, we’ll have fighting (heavy and youth), fencing, and thrown weapons. HOWEVER the pumpkin toss must be cancelled this year due to some issues with the launch area on the roof.

There will be our annual PIE contest!

And if you’ve never encountered the Debatable Lands Harvest Revel Meeting PIE contest before – just about anything counts as pie, if you can name it pie…. “Pumpkin roll? Spatially challenged pie. Cookies? Crustless mini-pies. Pork roast? Deconstructed meat pie. Deviled eggs? Cursed baby chicken pies. BRING IT ALL! Here is the link to the details about the Pie Contest (

The current schedule is:
Doors Open at 11am
Thrown Weapons start at 11am
Pie contest runs from noon to 3pm
Choir concert is at 1:45-ish, with a short Court and Barony Meeting announcements to follow.
Fighting (Heavy and Youth) and Fencing will start after announcements, about 2:15ish.

Here’s the Facebook event for the meeting:

PIE CONTEST! At the Harvest Revel Barony Meeting 11/3

Pie Pie Pie! Oh boy, what flavor?

Our Barony Annual PIE Contest is on for the Harvest Revel on Sunday 11/3! Who can enter? EVERYONE! And if you’ve never encountered the Debatable Lands Harvest Revel Meeting PIE contest before – just about anything counts as pie, if you can name it pie…. Pumpkin roll? Spatially challenged pie. Cookies? Crustless mini-pies. Pork roast? Deconstructed meat pie. A bowl of apples? Procrastinated Pie. BRING IT ALL! Sweet, savory, and everything in between!

The categories this this for the pie contest are (drumroll…): Signature Pie, Showstopper Pie, and Period Pie 

How does it work? You make a pie, you decide the category (don’t worry, it’s super informal and just-for-fun), we all feast like Confectionary Royalty! Make sure to bring enough or cut it small, since the judges are YOU! Yup, it’s populace vote (tokens in a cup)! Each meeting attendee gets 3 tokens – one vote per category. Gluten free pies always go over well if you are so inclined. The prize is GLORY and your recipe in the ALTHING (and maybe some trinket)!!

Please be mindful of common allergens, and make a note on the provided card if you use them. Folks in the barony are allergic/sensitive to gluten/wheat, nuts of various types, onions and garlic, among other things. Thanks!

Contest will run from noon to around 3pm.

[Here’s the Facebook event for the meeting, if you have Facebook:

Upcoming Woodworking Guild Activities

Tomorrow, October 24th, at 7pm we will be having a planning meeting at the Oakland Panera to show off some recent book acquisitions, browse some photos of Japanese buildings, and discuss what we’ll be working on…

on Sunday, October 27th, from 10am to 2pm at Ishiyama’s house. The current plan is to work on building our hand-cut joinery skills.

Scribal update!

From our gracious signet:
Hi everyone. Scribal East will be happening on a modified schedule for the rest of the year, in order to avoid conflicting with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Out next three meetings will be:

Thursday Oct. 24 (this week!)
Thursday Nov. 21
Thursday Dec. 19

Meetings take place at the home of Lady Ceindrech and Lady Libby in Monroeville. PM or Dark Pages for address.

Hope to see folks there!!

-THL Rachel

Call for Letters – Seneschal

After nearly four years serving this fine Barony, it is time for me to step down as your Seneschal. I am officially calling for letters and requesting that letters be sent to me (seneschal at and the Baron (baron at and Baroness (baroness at by 28 December 2019.

The job of Seneschal is rewarding and unexpectedly difficult at times. It is a way to serve the fine populace of the Debatable Lands in a deep, meaningful way. Take time with your decision and ask many questions. There are quite a few former Seneschals in the Barony still participating (Baroness Hilda being one of them) that are your resources for the reality of the everyday job. If you are interested in becoming the Seneschal and want more information about what the job entails, please contact me directly and I will be happy to talk with you about what the needs are and how the Seneschal serves the Barony. There are also online resources such as the Seneschal’s Handbook ( that you can use to inform yourself before making a decision.

I don’t have the words to truly express what an honor and a privilege it has been to serve the Barony as its Seneschal for the last several years. I am thankful and grateful that I was blessed with such a strong foundation of Seneschals throughout the history of the Barony and to have the support of my Deputies, THL Muirgheal and Maighster Liam. I have always believed in the exceptionalness of the Debatable Lands and still do. You are all amazing, talented, intelligent, and skilled people in your own ways and having a vantage point where I could best see so many of you was one of the great joys of my life.

My term is officially over in February, however, I want to ensure that there is enough time for people to make informed choices prior to submitting a letter. Again, remember that the deadline for letters is 28 December 2019. Thank you all for your time and for allowing me to be your Seneschal for the last four years.