Greetings from the Head Tollner for Debatable Lands 12th Night!

Greetings from the Head Tollner for Debatable Lands 12th Night!

We have reached our pre-registration number of 150 but fear not! Please continue to use the signup form to be added to our wait list and to let us know if you change your mind about attending.

We’ll communicate with those on the wait list if any slots free up before the event.

In Service,

Baron Alaric
Head Tollner
Debatable Lands 12th Night

Debatable Lands 12th Night message from Head Tollner!

Greetings from Baron Alaric, the Debatable Lands 12th Night Head Tollner!

We are excited to hold this event and are looking forward to seeing you there! As part of the risk mitigation for Covid, the event attendance is limited to 150 people, including both attendees and event staff. Our event steward, Lady Forveleth, has provided a link for to pre-register for the event:

While not strictly required, we highly recommend that anyone who is attending the event sign up so we can have an accurate count available the day of the event. Once the count of 150 attendees is reached, we will have to turn away anyone who is not pre-registered for the event. We really don’t want to do that.

Event pre-registration will be open until one of the following occurs:

1. We reach 150 pre-registered attendees.
2. 8pm on January 13th, 2023.

If you have pre-registered but decide not to attend, please let us know before 8pm on January 13th so we can make your spot available for others to attend. This decision can be communicated via the pre-registration form by selecting “No”.

We will endeavor to communicate as best we can when the attendance limit is reached in order to prevent a trip to the event that may result in you being turned away at the door.
Troll will be open until 3pm to please plan to arrive before that time. There will be no admittance to the event after that time, unless special arrangements are made in advance (contact the Head Toller at

Also please remember to check in at Troll when you arrive. This is a free event but we still need to see proof of SCA membership or collect your name and signature on a waiver.

Safe travels everyone.

In Service,

Baron Alaric

2023 Chatelaine Activities!

Hello all!

I have some exciting news from the chatelaine office. We’re gearing up for all activities in 2023 – demos, parades, classes and more! I’m excited to help more people find our game and find their niche here.

If you’d like to help or be a deputy chatelaine, shoot an email over to The more folks that volunteer, the more we can do!

If theres an SCA topic you’d like an intro level or higher class on, please also send an email to My job is to help folks explore their interests in the SCA, I would be remiss to not take suggestions!

Thank you all for being such an amazing barony I cannot wait to share with everyone.

Yours in Service,

12th Night Pre-Reg Link and Activities List

From our event steward, Lady Forveleth Dunde:

Salve Accolens! 12th Night is approaching!

Our Baronial 12th Night celebration will be on January 14th at North Park Lodge. Since we have limited space, please pre-register at before then. We have an awesome collection of events for you!

– Baronial A&S championship
– Baronial bardic championship
– Kingdom largesse competition
– The Auction of Forgotten and Highly Desirable Items (to benefit the barony)
– Drinks provided by our brilliant Brewer’s Guild
– A performance by I Genesii
– A performance by the Debatable Choir
– Baronial and Kingdom courts

Hope to see you there!

Archery canceled 11/20

With all other martial practices canceled tomorrow due to the cold, archery is also canceled.

In other news, we’re working on finding a site for shooting in the winter that’s closer to the city. Stay tuned here for an announcement on when and where indoor archery will take place!

Heavy practice 11/20 canceled

Due to the forecasted high of 27 degrees, we will cancel heavy practice on Sunday 11/20. We are going to be returning to our indoor site the first weekend of December. If the weather cooperates and we havr have enough interest, we will hold our last outdoor practice next week.
Sorry for the late notice.