Here’s the archery schedule for the rest of May

Hello Debatable Lands!

There are a lot of great opportunities for archery coming up in the next month. Here’s what our schedule looks like for the next few weeks:

  • May 14th – Regular practice at the Washington Blvd. site from 11am – 2pm.
  • May 21st – *PRACTICE CANCELLED* Come to War Practice instead and shoot in the Kingdom Archery Championship on Sat. May 20th!
  • May 28th – The Sky List Tournament! Come shoot in the latest competition in the Stellar Tournament series, the Sky List! This month’s winner will win a little something extra! Details below. (Regular practice will also take place at the site from 11am – 2pm.)
  • Sat. June 3rd – Scarlet Guard Inn! This 8th annual event run by the Shire of Hunter’s Home and the Scarlet Guard is back, and it’s the most archery you’ll ever find at any SCA event all year! You won’t want to miss this one!

And now for the big news: The winner of this month’s Sky List will also be chosen as the Debatable Lands champion, and with a signed letter from our Seneschal, will be able to compete in a special tournament at the Scarlet Guard Inn! Let’s do our best and show the rest of the kingdom what we’re made of!

That’s all the archery we have to look forward to this month. If you need to borrow our loaner gear feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or Discord, or email me at archerymarshal at

Hope to see you all out on the range!

Ronan Ó Conaill

Debatable Lands Captain of Archers

The Stellar Tournament series returns with the Sky List this Sunday!

This Sunday, April 23rd from 11am to 2pm, we will once again be holding archery practice at the Highland Park practice site. During this week’s practice we will also see the return of the Stellar Tournament series with the first Sky List of the season!

There will be a qualifier shoot happening from 11am until around 12:30pm and then the tournament will begin shortly after. Join us for a fun day of archery and competition as we determine who will be named the next Vindex Coelorum, the Defender of the Sky!

If you’d like to borrow our loaner gear please reach out to me via email at archerymarshal (at), or send me a message on Facebook or Discord, and I’ll make sure to bring a set for you.

Good luck to all competitors!

Archery Returns to Highland Park!

Archers of the Debatable Lands, ready your bows and arrows! Spring has sprung and archery practice is on once again!

This Sunday, April 16th from 11am to 2pm, our regularly scheduled archery practice returns to the usual practice site at the Highland Park Northeast Parking Area. For location information, see the Google Maps link here:

We have loaner gear available for anyone who’d like to give archery a try but doesn’t have equipment of their own. Just reach out to me via email at archerymarshal (at), or send me a message on Facebook or Discord, and I’ll make sure to bring an extra set for you.
*Loaner gear is first come first serve.

Look for more announcements here on the blog for updates on the practice schedule, upcoming archery events, and the dates for our monthly archery portion of the Stellar Tournaments – the Sky List!

See you all in the park!
Ronan Ó Conaill
Debatable Lands Captain of Archers

Archery canceled 11/20

With all other martial practices canceled tomorrow due to the cold, archery is also canceled.

In other news, we’re working on finding a site for shooting in the winter that’s closer to the city. Stay tuned here for an announcement on when and where indoor archery will take place!

Here’s the archery schedule for the next few weeks

Archers of the Debatable Lands! We’ve got some fun events coming up in the next few weeks. Here’s the schedule coming up:

Oct. 23rd – Mounted Archery Clinic – An introductory clinic for our archers to learn how to shoot from horesback! For more details, check the event page here.
***Regular archery practice for this week is canceled.***

Oct. 30th – Halloween Shoot! – Everyone is encouraged to wear your costumes and make and bring your own spooky targets. We’ll shoot at novelty ranges and come up with fun competitions for candy prizes!

Nov. 6th – Normal practice resumes!

Nov. 13th – Baronial Harvest Revel Social Meeting
***Regular archery practice for this week is canceled.***

Nov. 20th – Another regular practice. (Weather depending)

As always, if you need loaner gear or you have any questions you can reach out to me at

Archery practice is still on

Hello archers!

Archery practice is still happening today at the Washington Blvd practice site from 11am to 2pm. We’ll have to keep an eye on the weather and we may have to pack up early if the rain gets any lightning mixed in, but other than that it should be another fun day of shooting!

See you out there!