Sunday Archery Cancelled (6/2), Mid-Week Practice Tuesday PM

Hi all from Niall!

Due to many of our archers attending Scarlet Guard Inn this weekend, I am cancelling our regular archery practice this Sunday, June 2nd.

I will happily set up the range on Tuesday, June 4th, starting at 5:30 pm, for a mid-week archery practice for anyone who can attend, and we’ll go until it’s dark or we drop, weather permitting.

Yours in service,
Niall mac Raedwulf

Mid-week Archery Practice and Sky List Update

Hi all, from Niall!
Now that the days are long enough, we’re going to be recommencing official mid-week archery practices at the Washington Blvd. location. Range will be open from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm this week on Tuesday, May 14th, weather permitting. If we get rained out, we will have it at the same time on Thursday, May 16th. Watch the blog, Facebook page, and e-mail list for cancellations.
A quick clarification regarding tomorrow’s Sky List tournament and the Scarlet Guard Challenge: you do not have to be able to attend the Scarlet Guard Inn event on May 31 and June 1st in order to compete in the Sky List tournament. If tomorrow’s winner is unable to attend the event, the barony’s representative for the Challenge will be chosen by Their Excellencies and the Seneschal from the competitors who are able to attend.

Upcoming Archery Schedule

Hi all, from Niall!

Martial season is in full swing, and our archers’ ranks continue to grow and improve with each practice! The next few weeks will give all of us a chance to hone our skills, show newcomers the ropes, and even compete in some special events. (Note that all events and practices listed below are subject to cancellation due to inclement weather):

  • May 5: Regular martial practice, Washington Blvd., 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.
  • May 12: Regular martial practice, Washington Blvd., 11:30 am – 2:00 pm. This practice will also include the Stellar Tournament to determine the next Defender of the Sky, who will have the opportunity to represent the Debatable Lands in the Scarlet Guard Challenge on June 1st (see below)
  • May 17-18: War Practice, Cooper’s Lake Campground. Current Aethelmearc Archery Champion, BMDL’s own Yakub al-Musafir, will be running the tournament to determine the next kingdom archery champion on Saturday, May 18th. Qualifiers will run from 9:00 am until noon, with the finals beginning at 12:30 pm.
  • May 19: Regular martial practice will be CANCELLED, due to War Practice.
  • May 25: Debatable Lands 50th Birthday, Old Economy Barn. Included in the day’s festivities is a Bearpit Archery tournament, run by our own Skjoldrbjorn, to determine the Baronial Archery Champion! Qualifiers start at 11:30 am, with the finals commencing at 3:30 pm.
  • May 26: Regular martial practice, Washington Blvd., 11:30 am – 2:00 pm.
  • May 31 – June 1: Scarlet Guard Inn IX, Eagle’s Nest, Shire of Hunter’s Home. More archery than you can shake (or throw) a stick at! The afternoon of June 1 is the Scarlet Guard Challenge, where a representative from every Barony, Shire, and Canton in the Kingdom will compete for the honor of being forever immortalized on the Scarlet Guard Banner.
  • June 2: Regular martial practice, Washington Blvd., 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.
  • June 8: Equestrian Guild Hall and Japanese Iris Festival, Brady’s Run Park. This event has been designated as a baronial guild workday, so the Debatable Lands Archers’ Guild will be participating. There will also be mounted archery as part of the equestrian activities, so if you are interested, contact Lady Gesa (check the event page at
  • June 9: Regular martial practice, Washington Blvd., 11:30 am – 2:00 pm.
  • Archery Practice Update

    Hi all from Niall!

    Because of the special gathering in remembrance of Ronan O’Conaill, and our need to use the temporary archery practice location for (hopefully) only one more week, we will once again not be having Sunday archery practice this week. We will have another mid-week practice on Wednesday, October 11th, at the North Park range from 4:30 pm until 7:00 pm.

    The following Sunday, October 15th, we will resume regular practices at the Washington Blvd. location, at 11:00 am.

    Also, stay tuned for news about the next Sky List Stellar Tournament.

    Yours in service, Niall mac Raedwulf.

    Weekly Archery Practice Temporarily Relocated

    Hi all from Niall!

    Our usual space for weekly archery practice is currently infested with goats! Allegheny GoatScape is currently operating in the woods on the hillside where we set our archery targets, and will be there through at least the second week of October. As such, we will not be able to have our usual archery practice there.

    But do not fret! We will still have archery practice this Sunday from 11 am to 2 pm. The archery range in North Park is open to the public and provides a nice wide open field for everyone to practice. The range is located at 852-872 Old Ingomar Rd, Allison Park, PA 15101 – this is near Moon Pavilion in North Park, if you wish to use that as a landmark for your GPS.

    Yours in service,
    Niall mac Rædwulf