Update to AE Covid Policy – and how it affects Pennsic War

Greetings Noble Populace,

Please find the words of our Kingdom Senechal in regard to the Update to AE Covid Policy – and how it affects Pennsic War


Effective July 5th, 2022.

Greetings from the Æthelmearc Kingdom Seneschal;

Please read the below Covid policies update for The Kingdom of Æthelmearc, as we’ve made some very important and recent changes that will affect all Pennsic War attendees.

These policies have been discussed and coordinated with Duke Christopher, Æthelmearc’s Deputy Kingdom Seneschal for Pandemics, as well as Their Royal Majesties Æthelmearc, and the Mayor of Pennsic.


Aethelmearc has a two part masking policy.

Part 1 – OUTSIDE: Masks are no longer required – by anyone – outside. Vaccinated, unvaccinated, kids, grown-ups – no one is required to wear masks outside.

Part 2 – INSIDE: All unvaccinated individuals, over the age of 2 years, must wear a mask at all times inside. Also – everyone, vaccinated or not, must wear a mask inside, when Covid transmission is high or substantial on the CDC Transmission map (not the community level). Let us repeat – This is the CDC transmission map, not the Community Levels map. If the map has green on it, it is the wrong map.

Definitions for Pennsic War:

INSIDE – Troll, due to its high density and volume is considered inside and masks are required at Troll. The Great Hall/Big Giant Barn is considered inside if any of the doors are down, the laundry area, bathhouses, and trailers used by the SCA.

OUTSIDE – All outdoor areas in the Coopers Lake Event Park area and All Pennsic tents – (except Troll & The Great Hall if all of the doors are open)

PENNSIC UNIVERSITY CLASSES – The Presenter, lecturer or teacher presenting any class in any tented area of the Pennsic University may require attendee of that lecture to wear masks during the class.

THE COOPERS STORE & INTERNET CAFÉ: Are not part of the event and as such does fall under their own policy & rules.

PRIVATE CAMPS: Can and may set their own rules for mask wearing in their own camps / tent areas.

PARENTS PLEASE NOTE: The upper level of the Cooper shower house next to the Cooper Store will be closed and locked for Pennsic 49. The upper bathrooms will still be accessible from the deck. Please let families with older children and teenagers know that they will not be able to hangout and play games inside the shower house like they have in previous years.


COVIDSafe – Proof of vaccination or negative test.

We are following the SCA’s COVIDSafe policy. You can read it in full in the comments below, but the short summary is that everyone five years old and up must either show proof of being fully vaccinated against Covid-19 or proof of a negative Covid test taken within 72 hours of check-in, that has been issued by a medical facility. (It cannot be a regular home test.)

Some important points – This is required. If you do not have either a negative test or proof of vaccination, you will be turned away, regardless of how far you have travelled, or your status in the SCA. The local testing centres may be full. Your entry to Pennsic will likely be delayed hours, if not days. Please come prepared and please let others who do not do social media know as well. Electronic versions of proof of vaccination or a negative test are OK.

Two other quick points –

1/ There will be no menacing the CovidSafe checkers at Troll. Please be kind to these staff members. They are trying to help you get through the line as quickly as possible. Anyone that starts yelling at them, bullying, acting disrespectfully, or being abusive to them will be told to remove themself from the property immediately for the duration of Pennsic War.

2/ Please be advised that the SCA COVIDSafe policies are for attendees. The landowners, their staff, and some of the food vendors (who don’t participate in the event) are not covered under this policy or the mask policy. There will be no menacing, yelling, or bullying of them either.

What to do if you become sick at Pennsic.

If you get Covid or test positive for Covid while at Pennsic, you should immediately put on a mask, and return home.

If that is not possible (say due to plane tickets), you should Isolate in your tent/camp; notify your campmates for their own health and safety, do not participate in any activities such as martial, classes, A&S, court, and the like, and you can return to activities after 5 days of no symptoms and a negative Covid test issued from a licensed medical provider; or 10 days and a negative Covid test issued from a licensed medical provider if you have symptoms.

Again, this is ONLY if you cannot return home due to extenuating circumstances. We know that some of you do not agree with these policies and there is an added burden. We just want you to understand that our main goal here is to keep the greatest number of people at the lowest risk.

· CovidSafe policy is in effect at Pennsic, you must show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covid test, from a medical facility, taken within 72 hours of arrival.

· Masks are required inside at all times by unvaccinated individuals 2 and up, and masks are required inside by *all* if transmission is substantial or high.

· If you get sick or test positive at Pennsic, mask up and return home.

Thank you all so much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Pennsic War.

Monica Gaudio
Kingdom Seneschal

Illadore de Bedegrayne
Pronouns: She/Her
Æ Covid Policy –https://tinyurl.com/AEShortSummary

New Defender of the Sky – Lord Ronan!

Congratulations to Lord Ronan O Connaill, the new Vindex Coelorum, Defender of the Sky, in the Archery list of our Stellar Tournaments!

Ronan proved victorious out of about a dozen awesome archers in 3+ rounds of gnome-y fun, at a shoot designed and kindly run by Lord Godzimir (formerly Lord Godfrey). The final round came down to a tie between Lord Ronan and Lord Niall, to defeat the gnome king. Lord Ronan emerged victorious.

Congrats to Ronan, and thanks to Gozimir, Elle, the Archery Guild, our marshals, and all the archers! VIVANT!

And quick reminder – the first Baronial archery championship in three years will be on Sunday, July 17th at practice.

Heavy Champs will also be July 17th. Thrown weapons and Fencing Baronial Champs will be on Sunday, July 24th at their respective practices.

Attention Marshals – Navagating the Earl Marshal Website

Greetings Noble Populace, especially Warranted Marshals.

Please take a moment to refamiliarize yourselves with the Earl Marshal’s website! Its crammed full of useful information with its last updates! Please check your entry in the roster of marshals and confirm that you are up to date. [If you are working with youth, please remember to check your background clearance & resubmit a request if you need an update to one]

Website location: https://marshal.aethelmearc.org/

All the policies for the marshal disciplines is now located in one central place.

All of the waivers needed for the marshal disciplines are now located on this site.

You can also find all the online submissions for your warrant process and reporting!

I would like to draw your attention to two specific reports; Injury and Incident. If we have any need to use these forms you should be entering them in within 2 days of the reported issue. Please remember to send this report to your Autocrat and the Seneschal so that we are aware of any issues and can support and assist you.

If someone is hurt while at a practice or event, you must submit an injury report & you can do so online here; http://ae.scaforms.org/view.php?id=41458

If someone is unsafe or breaking the marshal policies for a discipline, when on your field at a practice or event; you should be reporting that to http://ae.scaforms.org/view.php?id=40988

In Service,

Baronial Martial Champs Tournaments! July 17th and 24th

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve accolens!

For the first time since 2019, we will be selecting new martial champions this July! We are so thankful to our outgoing Champs for holding these positions for three years! They have all represented the Barony with gusto and honor! Vivant to Lady Kathryn, Lord Duncan, Don Jorundr, and Sir Bors! But, it’s time for them to rest…

The Barony martial Championships this year will be held at our normal Sunday martial practices:

Archery: Sunday, July 17th

Heavy Fighting: Sunday, July 17th (Speed Tourney into finals)

Thrown Weapons: Sunday, July 24th

Rapier Fighting: Sunday, July 24th (speed Tourney into finals)

Youth fighting: unfortunately still on hiatus, as the program is still in recovery from the pandemic.

All gentles attending are welcome to participate for score, but only Baronial folks and people who’ve been awarded a Comitus Amicus or Green Comet are eligible for the finals of each championship.

Our Champions (all) are expected to compete in the Seven Pearls Champs event (all the Kingdom’s Baronial Champs), which will be held this year in the Rhydderech Hael (Buffalo) on August 27th.

Bring your best!

In Levitate et Caritate and Cheers,

Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

Save the Date: July 10th – Barony Meeting with Garb & Gear Swap! And Martial Practices (NEW location)

Salve accolens! Hello Debatable Lands!

Save the date! Sunday, July 10th will be an in-person Barony Meeting, held in conjunction with our normal martial practices.

Since parking is an issue at the normal site, the July 10th practices and Barony Social Meeting will not be held at our normal site near the zoo. Instead, Jasmine is opening her fields to us. Address is 14 Quail Run Ln, Allison Park 15101.

Also, Baroness Constance is holding the annual Garb and Gear Giveaway/Exchange! Please go through your old garb, camping gear, sewing supplies, sca bits and bobs, etc, and bring them to the July meeting. If you have things to donate but can’t make it, she can arrange to pick them up. Thank you, everyone!!

This is an SCA function, so Covid precautions apply.

More info closer to the day. See you there!

In Levitate et Caritate

~Baroness Hilda

New Stellar Champs! Defenders of the Moon and Sun!

VIVANT! The Stellar Tournaments today proved exciting and chivalrous. The lists were solid, with fighters of all experience levels, but they all shared in the joy and honor, along with our marshals, MOL, herald, and listrunner.

Don Jorundr hinn Rotin is our new Vindex Lunae, Defender of the Moon, for rapier fighting!

Count Isenwulf Thorolfsson is our new Vindex Solis, Defender of the Sun, for heavy fighting!

Join us next Sunday the 19th around 12:30 during Archery practice as for the Sky List!

Special thanks to THL Hara for stepping in as MOL last minute, to Lady Jehannette for heralding, Josh for listrunning, THL Guillaume and his new MIT for marshaling. Vivant!

Online Sewing Thursday Jun 16th 7:30

There will be online sewing circle this Thursday, June 16th starting at 7:30pm in the kingdom zoom. The topic this month is a survey of late period Japanese garb. The focus in on general “working” garb vs court garb. I will have pictures of the different garments and will talk about the characteristics of the garment. I will also review what sorts of fabrics are appropriate. If you aren’t interested in Japanese and want sewing companions, I will have a separate breakout room for that. If you have questions or want zoom information contact sewing (at) debatablelands (dot) org.

Moon & Sun Stellar Tourneys Tomorrow, June 12th!

Don’t forget, the Moon (rapier) and Sun (heavy) Lists of our Stellar Tournaments make their triumphant return at practice tomorrow afternoon!

Come one and all! Fighters, MOLs, Heralds, Consorts! Practice your Tourney skills!

Sky List (archery) will be June 19th.

See you there!!

Notes: If practice is canceled for weather, the Tourneys will be as well. CovidSafe rules are still in place.