Thrown Weapons Cancelled

Konichiwa Debatable Lands! I am cancelling Thrown weapons for tomorrow due to a few reasons. 1: The weather doesn’t appear that it will cooperate, as it is expected to rain all night and into the whole day tomorrow. 2: My truck blew a brake line and is out of commission for the moment. Which wouldn’t be so bad, except that it is in Fombell…… with the targets and stands in the bed. All these factors seem to conspire against being able to have practice. However, I would like this opportunity to guage interest in maybe having a weekday practice in the evening, up at my place. I was thinking Wednesday or Thursdays. say around 630 or so. This would be a formal practice, with royal rounds to be thrown and much practice to be had. I was even thinking of maybe doing some clinics in this format. I will be posting a survey poll in facebook, but you can also let me know of your interest via email at, or on facebook instant messager. Look for it soon. See you all next week.

YIS Kumagaya-roku-e Kentarou Masamoto


Sunday Archery Practice

Thanks to our wonderful Marshals in the area, (weather pending) there will be Archery practice this Sunday, June 16th. Practice will be at Highland Park the usual spot at 11 am – 2 pm.

Please thank our wonderful Marshals, Master Alaric, Lord Skjuldr, and Lord Ronnan; who have stepped forward to run the practice while your Captain of Archers is away.

Camping with the Barony at Pennsic? You MUST Pre-Reg this week!

Pennsic Pre-registration ends next Wednesday, June 19. If you are planning to camp in the Baronial Camp (N-10), you MUST pre-register – paid – or you cannot camp with us. This is due to space constraints.

Get your pre-reg in now!

I highly recommend that you register sooner rather than later since the site has a history of crashing on the last day due to the many procrastinators.

~Baroness Hilda

Youth fighting

Reminder- practice this week is at 14 Quail Run, Allison Park Pa 15101 from 10 til noon on Saturday. No practice on Sunday because of Father’s day.
Kingdom for a horse is the weekend of June 29th. We will have 4 other div 3 fighters coming that day also. I am planning on a Tavern brawl, capture the flag, bridge battle and other fighting games.
Sunday, June 30th at Washington Blvd is Barional championship. This promises to be a fun tournament (hint practice all weapon types, which we will be doing this Saturday) Start is at 2pm.



Greetings Debatable Lands!

Brandubh et Hilderun take great joy to announce the following changes to Our Baronial Champions:

We thank Lord Meinulfr Grimsson for his service over the past year as Our Thrown Weapons Champion. Meinulfr conducted a gloriously fun and challenging throw to determine his success today at thrown weapons practice and Lord Duncan MacCoulagh emerged victorious the new Debatable Lands Thrown Weapons Champion. Lord Ronan O’Conall agreed to stand as his second.

We further thank Lord Robert MacEwin of Thornhill for his service as Our Heavy Weapons Champion over the past year. Lord Robert conducted a double round robin tournament where all entrants fought each other twice. The tournament produced THLord Bors of Rouen and THLord Guillaume le Noir as the head of the pack. They faced each other in five passes and THLord Bors of Rouen was proclaimed the Baronial Heavy Weapons Champion. THLord Guilaume le Noir agreed to stand as his second.

So Vivant to our New Champions selected today Lord Duncan MacCoulagh Thrown weapons Champion and THLord Bors of Rouen Heavy Weapons Champion!

Brandubh et Hilderun
In Levitate et Caritate

Fencing Practice at Broken Plow 6/9

Just as a reminder this Sunday’s fencing practice is once again a crossover muster at Broken Plow.

The address is:

201 Crawford Run Rd
Creighton, PA 15030

We will start at 2 PM and will go until everyone is tired.

Loaner gear for fencing and cut and thrust is available.

Next week we will return to Washington Blvd as usual.