Althing deadline

The Althing submissions deadline for the fourth quarter has come and goneand due to lack of content and reports, as well as my own issues in mundane life I am extending the submission date to December 21st.

Pleas send me all officers reports and any other content for the Althing to, re encourage anyone with anything to share to send it to us!

Yours in service,

Tigerna Alister MacLeod
Chronicler – Debatable Lands

Fencing Practice 12/16 at Chinese Church

Fencing practice will be at the Chinese Church this week as usual.

With the holidays coming up I want to get an idea of who would attend a practice on Sunday 12/23 and/or Sunday 12/30. If you would attend a practice either or both of those days please let me know as soon as possible. If we don’t get enough interest we will not be having practice those two Sundays since we have to pay for the indoor site.


Archery Indoors


For Sunday, December 16th, due to the rainy weather we will not be having archery practice at Highland Park.  However, Archer’s are welcome to join us at Chieftain Archery Club to shoot an indoor short range, and submit scores for the Gwintarian challenge.

The Chieftain Archery Club charges $5 per visitor, so please come prepared for that cost in cash. They do not have the availability to take cards.

Chieftan Archery Club Address:
4711 Leechburg Rd, New Kensington, PA 15068,+New+Kensington,+PA+15068/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x8834bc8804e05881:0x49a05e8edf261576?ved=2ahUKEwiem6DE19veAhXnYt8KHdF7ARYQ8gEwAHoECAAQAQ

We will be there 11:30am to 2. 😉🏹🎯

BMDL 12 Night Potluck

A Message from Lady Melodia Beaupel:

Greetings from your friendly kitchen troll. This 12th Night I will again be in the kitchen trying to maintain order (and usually succeeding!). Please help me out by visiting out potluck site and letting us all know what you’re bringing!

Also, please remember to mark all of your containers, tools, and utensils, and be sure to know what allergens your food contains. I’ll have masking tape and note cards for marking things.

BMDL 12th Night Event