Arts and Sciences on Display at Debatable Lands 12th Night

Here are photographs of more than a dozen entries in this year’s Debatable Lands 12th Night Arts and Sciences Display and Baronial Championship Competition (DL12NANSDBCC for short). My apologies if I missed your entry! Please contact me if that is the case. In addition to these excellent objects, many entries were accompanied by excellent research articles.

Alric Smith was the winner of the Championship competition and will represent the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands at the 7 Pearls event. The Honorable Lady Lisabetta (“Bess”) de Rossi has agreed to second Smith if he is unable to attend that event.

Retainers and Guards Needed for 12th Night!

It’s that time again where I am seeking retainers and guards for Their Excellencies Violetta and Prima! We had such a good turnout of volunteers last month that we figured we’d do it all over again!

Debatable Lands Twelfth Night is this weekend (January 27) and we need just an hour of your time to assist our new baronage. Nothing is required of you except your presence (unless you’re a guard, then a weapon is helpful too) and anyone can volunteer regardless of experience.

Please fill in your name on the google form as you see fit or let me know if you have questions or need help with the form. Thank you all!

YIS, Lady Elinor Walden
gabbie.kaplan @

12th Night Schedule

Troll will be open from 9-2. This is a free event.

All day – Potluck on the lower floor – Please share a dish with us. Limited electricity is available. Please include an ingredients list.

Brewers guild will have offerings available

10-3 A&S Contest – See Lady Elinor for more information.

10-3 Cookie contest – please bring your favorite period or mundane recipe along with an ingredient list. There will be populace judging!

10-3 Silent auction – Please bring donation items to Lord Reinhold

10-3 Henna artist available – Henna by Soni

10:30 Morning Court

11-4 Pelican Vigil for Baroness Aine ny Allane

11-1 Bardic circle outdoors weather permitting, indoors 11-12 indoors if necessary

11:30-12:15 may I hit you with my salted fish

12:15-1 All ages indoor snowball/pillow fight

1-3 Dancing

4:00 IGenesii

4:30 Debatable Choir

5:00 Evening court

Call for Letters: Chronicler and Call for Content for the Althing

Greetings to the populace from your Chronicler, Silence!

I write with two missives. First, I am assembling the newsletter wrapping up the final quarter of 2023, and as we lost some dear members of our barony in this past calendar year, I would like to hold space in the Althing for photos, memories, or words the populace wishes to share to commemorate them. As I am formatting the newsletter this week, if you know you want to send something but aren’t sure what, please feel free to drop a line and say “Hey Silence, please save a spot for me,” and I will reach out before I publish, which I anticipate to be in two weeks.

Second, my 2-year term comes to an end, and I am formally issuing a call for letters of intent should anyone be interested in becoming the next Chronicler. I am seeking a second term and I am also seeking a deputy to train. The Chronicler is in charge of producing the Althing, the newsletter for the Barony. Past issues are available at for your perusal. Any gentles wishing to submit a letter of intent should email both seneschal [at] debatablelands [dot] org and chronicler [at] debatablelands [dot] org by the next business meeting, which will be February 7th. If you are interested in becoming Chronicler or becoming my deputy, please email me at chronicler [at] debatablelands [dot] org and I will be happy to discuss what that entails!

In Service and Song,

Third Thursday sewing resumes Jan 18 from 7:30-10pm

Happy New Year,

Third Thursday sewing resumes this Thursday Jan 18th from 7:30 to 10pm. It will be both online and in-person. The schedule for this year is occurring on the third Thursday of every month, except May. Email sewing (at) debatablelands (dot) org for the zoom information. If you want to come sew in person, the address is 1105 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh 15232.


Pennsic Baronial Camp News!

Hi all, from Niall!

Now that registration for Pennsic 51 has opened, it’s time to make the official announcement – after eight years of service to the barony, Joe Broom Marfice is stepping down as Camp Reeve for the Baronial Encampment at Pennsic, and I will be stepping forward to fill that role moving ahead. Don’t worry – Broom isn’t going anywhere just yet; he will be staying on to help me in this transition, and is taking over as Land Agent for the Barony.

As we get closer to Pennsic, I’ll be posting more and requesting information from those who have signed up to camp with the Barony. We’ll have more information regarding rules and fees and whatnot, but expect things to be relatively similar to years past.

Yours in service,
Niall mac Raedwulf

Arts and Sciences in January

It must be the dead of winter because we’ve got so many A&S opportunities this month! With many guilds meeting regularly again and posting their information across several places on the internet, I wanted to do a round-up of all the guild postings I’ve seen recently in one centralized place. See below if any of these meet-ups interest you; email Elinor Walden at if you have questions about guild specifics and I’ll direct you to the right person.

Sewing Guild – meets in-person every Sunday from 3pm-6pm at the home of Hara Kikumatsu (1105 Shady Ave). There is also a virtual only meet-up on January 18th from 7:30-10pm.

Fiber Guild – Fiber Guild is back! They’re meeting both in-person and virtually today, January 8, from 7pm-9pm at Mistress Ts’vee’a’s home (5167 Rosecrest Dr). Let Rei Morikawa or Helewys Spinner know if you have any questions or need the zoom link.

Debatable Lands Choir – meets every Tuesday at the home of Mistress Ts’vee’a from 7pm-8:30pm; contact Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope if you want to join them.

A&S Nights – There are two monthly A&S nights. The South Hills meet-up will be on January 11th, hosted by Beth Chatham. The Stanton Heights meet-up will be on January 25th from 6pm-10pm hosted by Elinor Walden (recurring schedule update – we’re going to take up that last Thursday spot every month this year for consistency).

Scribal Guild – Pittsburgh Scribal West is every Tuesday from 5-9pm in Moon Twp. Contact THL Nicola Beese for the address and details.

Brewing Guild – The Brewing Guild has a meet-up at Spoonwood Brewing Co. at 7pm on January 11 for craft brew tasting and twelfth night(s) planning. Email Muirgheal if you have questions.

Baronial A&S Championship and Display – the A&S Championship will be held at Debatable Lands Twelfth Night on January 27th with a theme of “pastoral”. There will also be a display for those who do not wish to complete and for works-in-progress. Again, contact Elinor if you have any questions about whether you should compete (yes) or if there is room for your art at the event (absolutely).

If I’ve missed your guild meeting this month, please let me know and I’ll add your information to the next round-up! Happy crafting!

YIS, Lady Elinor Walden

Brewers Guild – Meeting at Spoonwood Brewery at 7 pm on 1/11/2024

The Brewers Guild is meeting Thursday (1/11/24) at Spoonwood Brewing Co. at 7 pm est. [ address is 5981 BAPTIST ROAD, PITTSBURGH, PA 15236]

Anyone is welcome to come join us. We’re going to get snacks and taste some of their craft brew. We are going to be planning for Kingdom Twelfth Night and Debatable Lands Twelfth Night and starting to look forward to our upcoming events!

If you would like to be added to the brewers guild email list; please email me at

In Service,
Muirgheal; Brewing Guildmistress