Call for Letters: Chronicler and Call for Content for the Althing

Greetings to the populace from your Chronicler, Silence!

I write with two missives. First, I am assembling the newsletter wrapping up the final quarter of 2023, and as we lost some dear members of our barony in this past calendar year, I would like to hold space in the Althing for photos, memories, or words the populace wishes to share to commemorate them. As I am formatting the newsletter this week, if you know you want to send something but aren’t sure what, please feel free to drop a line and say “Hey Silence, please save a spot for me,” and I will reach out before I publish, which I anticipate to be in two weeks.

Second, my 2-year term comes to an end, and I am formally issuing a call for letters of intent should anyone be interested in becoming the next Chronicler. I am seeking a second term and I am also seeking a deputy to train. The Chronicler is in charge of producing the Althing, the newsletter for the Barony. Past issues are available at for your perusal. Any gentles wishing to submit a letter of intent should email both seneschal [at] debatablelands [dot] org and chronicler [at] debatablelands [dot] org by the next business meeting, which will be February 7th. If you are interested in becoming Chronicler or becoming my deputy, please email me at chronicler [at] debatablelands [dot] org and I will be happy to discuss what that entails!

In Service and Song,