Sewing Thursday March 5th

The next sewing circle will be Thursday, March 5th starting at 7:30. The address is 1105 Shady Avenue, 15232. The focus is planning with an emphasis on Japanese clothing. I will survey Japense men’s and women’s garments, make fabric suggestions, and go over what is practical especially at outdoor camping events. I also have collected Viking dress patterns and instructions. If you prefer to just come sew or iron you are welcome as well. There are sergers, sewing machines, ironing boards, and one embroidery machine. If you want to plan some other garment or have general questions, you can email sewing at or send email to Hara Kikumatsu. My email is in the dark pages. There are two resident cats so medicate appropriately.

Food Guild News

Salve! Greetings, Food Friends!

The next meeting of the Food Guild will be on
Saturday, February 29, about 1 pm to 5 pm
at the house of the Baron and Baroness.

We will be having fun with Roman cooking! On the agenda to make will be Mulsum, Boiled Eggs with Pine Nut Sauce, Libum, and Dulcia Domestica.
There will be substitutions due to nut
allergies. Please contact me at Elss.of.Augsburg @ 
if you have questions about ingredients.

There is limited information on roman cooking, so you will need to start researching by looking at De Re Coquinaria by
Apicius. Of course, it was written in Latin originally, but there are original text and translated text all over the place. For those who don’t have a copy, here is a translation in English :

There are many translations of Apicius, but not a lot of adaptions of the recipes themselves. Here’s one that has redacted a few of the recipes:
Sorry about the size of this thing, but the blog doesn’t forward links to the email list, so I have to put the whole site name in.

By the way, I peruse medieval cookbooks from all over the world online from here:

Please contact me at Elss.of.Augsburg @ or as Elss Augsburg on Facebook if you need the Baron/ess’s address or want to bring a contribution to the day. 

Second Annual BMDL Archers’ Winter Potluck This Weekend!

Greetings Archers of BMDL!

This Sunday from 12 – 4pm we are holding the 2nd Annual Winter Potluck at Chieftain Archery! It’s time to dust off your bow and gear and come join us for a day of friends, food, and shooting! Loaner gear will be provided for anyone who wishes to join us.

The range is located at: 4711 Leechburg Rd, New Kensington, PA 15068

Reminder: there is a $5 fee to use the range.

If you have any more questions about the event, feel free to email me at

For more details, there is a Facebook event page at:

Here is the about section from the event page:
“All are welcome to join us for a day of food and traditional archery on February 23rd at Chieftain Archery. Come shake off the winter chill, string up your bows, and hone your skills on some fun targets.

This is a potluck shoot, and we ask that all adults attending please bring a dish to share. Chieftain Archery has a full kitchen available for our use. Please bring your own plates/utensils.

Non-members of Chieftain archery pay $5.
Members of Chieftain archery pay $3.
Donations to the local SCA Barony will be accepted and will go towards new loaner equipment.

Garb is not required for this event.

There will be prizes awarded to the top archers, as well as a door prize!

Please join us for a fun filled day of archery and good food.”

Hope to see you there!
Rónán O Conaill
BMDL Captain of Archers

Sewing Machine Spa Thanks

Thank you everyone who attended sewing machine spa day. Special thanks to his Lordship Owen who cleaned, oiled, and did some serious unsticking of machines. We had at least 10 people show up with machines. I think the sewing machine maintenance was great and I hope to persuade Owen to have another sewing machine spa day. Also, the Saturday sewing was pretty popular, so I plan to have more Saturday sewing events. Stay tuned for the next Saturday sewing.

Saturday Sewing Machine Spa

This Saturday February 15th is sewing machine spa day. Bring your machine and learn how to clean and oil it. Your sewing machine will thank you. The location is 1105 Shady Avenue 15232. The time is 11am to 4pm. If you have questions you can contact me by email to: sewing at debatablelands dot org, or send email to Hara Kikumatsu. You can find the address in the dark pages. There are two cats who live here, so medicate appropriately.