Online Sewing Thurs, Feb 4th at 7:30pm

There is online sewing on Thursday, Feb. 4th at 7:30. All are welcome, and you don’t have to sew. Knitting, braiding, other fiber arts are welcome as well. Also if you are new to SCA or sewing you can come ask questions. We usually go until 10pm. If you have questions contact Please contact that email address for zoom information.

Make It a Date! Shakespeare Zoom Movie Night!

On Behalf of Master Alaric:

This Friday, January 29th starting at 7:30pm we’ll be showing King Lear, starring James Earl Jones. After the movie there will be some time for chatting till around 10:30pm.

This is one in a series of Shakespeare performances that come from the collection of the late and beloved Lord Albrecht Lowe and made available courtesy of Mistress Ts’vee’a.

Please contact Master Alaric for the Zoom room information. He can be reached via email at:
alaric (at) pobox (dot) com.

This performance is one of many planned through the end of May. Stay tuned for future announcements and hope to see some of you there!

Baronial Discord Server!

Salve Accolens!

We are excited to announce that the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands now has our very own Discord Server.

What is a Discord Server? Discord is an application that you download to your device, with centralized forum boards that can be organized by topics or “Channels.” Channels can be text-based or voice-based–that’s right, you can connect to a voice channel and talk instead of type! There’s even video capability. Discord works on laptops and computers as well as mobile devices.

You DO need to have a Discord Account to use the server. We recommend that you set up an account if you don’t already have one, before trying to join the server. Here’s a good site to help do that:

If you are brand-new to Discord, you can also learn more about the platform here:

We are looking for volunteers, preferably with experience either in Discord, or with other forum sites, or both, to be moderators. If you are interested in moderating, please contact Gwendolyn the Graceful (Social Media Officer) to discuss the duties and commitments involved.

Once you have your account set up and linked to a verified email address, you can join the server here:

When you arrive, you’ll be asked to read the rules and take a couple quick actions to help get settled, and then you can dive in to discussions! If you qualify for a role, such as an officer, drop the admins a line so we can be sure to assign it. If, on looking around, you have any suggestions or find that there’s a channel missing, please contact an admin or a moderator. This server is intended to be an evolving space that we can tweak as-needed.

For the purposes of the SCA, Inc., the Discord falls under the office of the Social Media Officer and all conduct on the server must be in compliance with the SCA’s Code of Conduct, Bullying and Harassment Policy, and all other rules governing official SCA social media use.

I Genesii!

Greetings from I Genesii, the Greatest Commedia d’el Arte Troupe in the Knowne World!!
We have a question for you, lovely people of (your city here), Do you need advice on love and relationships? Would you like to ask the professionals how you can have a better love life?
Good News. You can do that, This Saturday at the Barony Marche of the Debatable Lands Twelfth Night online extravaganza!
Simply submit your question on the form below, and Octavia and Felicio will answer it during our Love Canals segment!
Please read all warnings before using. Do not taunt the form. We are unable to give medical advice. No, we don’t know what that rash is. Void where prohibited. Users in Rome and Istanbul must pay appropriate taxes. Not recommended for children under the age of 16. No refills.

12th Night Updates – Classes, Movies, and more!

Details are still rolling in, but we hope you’re looking forward to 12th Night on January 16th as much as we are! A couple updates:

  1. We are looking for staff! We need “Zoomerators”: people to monitor the online rooms, let people in, etc. It’s pretty easy, and there is (short) training! Shifts are two hours. Contact Baroness Hilda if you can volunteer.
  2. Fighting classes have been announced! Times are still being negotiated, but the classes are a mighty line-up indeed:
    —Jarl Steinarr Aggarson: Reading Unknown Opponents in a Safe Way
    —Viscount Sagan: An approach to Successful Training, Practice and Combat
    —Count Seto Gesshuko: How to Stay Deadly with At Home Fighting Exercises
  3. There are 12 hours of 12th Night! The Shakespearean play, in the form of movies, courtesy of Master Alaric, from the collections of the late Lord Albrecht. This activity starts earlier – at 11am, and runs later, til midnight!
  4. THE GREATEST COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE TROUPE IN THE KNOWNE WORLD has announced their 12th Night activity – “Choose Your Own Adventure, with I Genesii”…. more info to come, but I wouldn’t miss this, if I were you!

More info on the event here:

Gift Exchange! Sign Up by Jan 2nd

A Mid-winter Holiday Gift Exchange in the Barony? Yes, please! Harkening back to the days the Barony did “Secret Santa” gift exchanges, we are having a Secret Gifter Gift Exchange this year. Here’s how it works:

Throw your name in by midnight tomorrow, January 2nd, and you’ll be given a recipient to give to on January 3rd.

–Send or drop off your gift to your recipient so they have it *in hand* by January 15th. Gifts should be $20-ish or round about 2 maker-hours. You’ll receive a gift by then, too!

–At the 12th Night Social on January 16th, at 2:30pm, we’ll unwrap our gifts together! [Note that this part is optional… you can totally participate in the gift exchange without going to the online unwrapping party.]

–Sign up here: .

Hurry, time is running out!