A&S Night on Thursday, Nov 30 (6-10pm)

There will be an A&S Night tomorrow, November 30, at the home of Elinor Walden in Stanton Heights from 6pm to 10pm! Makers of all crafts can gather, work on projects together, and share knowledge. All are welcome, whether you have a project in hand or not, as we have ample space for everyone. If your project requires specialty space or tools, let Elinor know so she can best accommodate you.

The address is 5509 Celadine St, Pittsburgh, 15201. Do not be alarmed when you end up parking behind the house and entering through the back fence – the house is old and backwards. Please additionally note that there are two cats and a dog who will inevitably greet you upon your arrival. Contact info for Elinor is in the Dark Pages if any other information is needed.

Practice moving indoors as of Sunday 12/3/23

We are once again going indoors for the season at our winter site, Ace Axe Throwing.


We will be on the top floor. There is an elevator. Park either on the street or behind the venue in the Aldi’s parking lot. Entrance is at the front of the building. Armored and fencing will run weekly and concurrently from 10am to 3pm. Thrown Weapons will determine their cadence. There is plenty of space for anyone that wishes to come hang out, too. The space is rented immediately after us, so we need to be out promptly.

Hope to see everyone there!


Outdoor Archery Season Ended

Hi all from Niall!

This is a notice that the season has ended for outdoor archery practice. Thank you to everyone who has come out this year – it’s been a season to remember!

We had four different archers named Defender of the Sky in our semi-monthly Stellar Tournaments, we minted several new archery marshals, and welcomed many newcomers to our ranks.

But even though the outdoor archery season has ended — watch for notices starting in March for when our regular weekly practices will recommence — that doesn’t mean our archers are without opportunities to get some practice in!

The Æthelmearc Holiday Shoot is this Saturday starting at 9 AM – follow the link for location and other details. Your regional deputy marshal Godzimir recommends you go!

We will also be having our winter archery potluck at Chieftain Archery on Sunday January 7th – more details for that to follow.

Yours in service,
Niall Mac Rædwulf

A Quick Note – Thankful!

Salve Accolens! Hello Debatable Lands!

I was looking through some of my old Storfrettir (blog) posts and found a few items I’d love say again. Original posts here and here. And please enjoy the beautiful video of our Barony here while you read: video from 8.50 to 10.45, from Arianna via AE Live: https://youtu.be/xYfl0Zcel-Y?t=530

During this holiday, we are so very, very grateful for all of you! We love and appreciate you all! ~Hilda & Brandubh

Who are we?

We are the newcomer with eyes bright and interested at their first tourney, or choosing the language and script for our first scroll.

We are brothers- and sisters- in arms, fighting side by side in joy and companionship.

We are the camp that comes together to find shovels and ropes, drenched by a downpour, so that our neighbors’ Pennsic homes are saved.

We are the group that makes hot soup and tea for those bedraggled camp saviors.

We are the family that comes together to support a virtual stranger with food and hugs and tears in the time of the greatest grief.

We are the grizzled old-timer, telling stories around the fire, and lending wise words to open minds.

We are the gentle striving toward the Peerage, taking an inner journey to mold their spirit in courtesy and compassion.

We are the smiling, laughing dancers and singers, with music filling our hearts.

We are the Royal that spends countless at home hours facilitating appreciation and looking for ways to enhance Their peoples’ delight.

We are the artisan that falls into the rabbit hole of researching their passion, a journey of all shapes and times.

We are the circle of friends by the fire, in homes, in meeting halls, planning shenanigans and fun of all kinds.

We are the bards, the scribes, the fighters, the parents, the children, the craftspersons and artisans, the martial specialists, the officers, the teachers, the students, the family and friends that love and respect each other.

We are a community. We are the SCA. We are AEthelmearc. We are the Debatable Lands.

To our beloved Barony:

For your warm welcomes and wide smiles;
For sharing your songs and stories around the campfire, real and figurative;
For your generosity with time, skill, and spirit;
For laughing with each other in mirth and joys;
For holding each other in hearts and minds and arms in sorrows;
For your passion and interest in everything medieval;
For challenging each other and yourselves on field and in hall;
For teaching each other;
For supporting each other;
For having forgiving and open hearts;
For standing and walking with each other;
For creating “found families”;
For seeing the very best in each other;
For creating and participating in this vibrant, generous, compassionate, and fun community we know as the Debatable Lands;

For all that and more – Thank You!

In Levitate et Caritate, and Cheers!
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

Sunday Sewing November 26th 2-5pm

There is in-person sewing Sunday November 26th from 2-5pm at 21105 Shady Avenue, Pittsburgh, 15232. The focus is simple warm outer garments. If you are working on another project, feel free to bring it. There are machines, tables for fabric layout and cutting, and an ironing board. If you cannot make it in-person, but would like to keep us company online contact sewing (at) debatablelands (dot) org for the zoom information.

Sewing Circle today – New Location!

While Hara is out of town, today’s sewing circle will be held at the home of Lady Elinor in Stanton Heights from 3pm to 6pm. The address is 5509 Celadine St, Pittsburgh PA 15201. Please be advised that there is a friendly dog and two cats in the home if you have allergies. Sewing machines, cutting tables, and plenty of tools will be available for use by all.