A&S Activity Round-up!

July is BOOMING with great opportunities for A&S fun. Here’s a round-up of some of the great plans that have been advertised:

Brewers Guild: July Brewers Guild meeting will take place tomorrow, July 10, at Alaric and Elsbeth’s house in the South Hills, starting at 7. We will be making sekanjabin for Pennsic using ingredients from their garden! RSVP appreciated

Woodworking Guild: Join us on Sunday, July 14th for the last Woodworking Guild Shop Day before Pennsic, in Ishiyama’s shop in Point Breeze, from 10am to 2pm.

Archers: This Thursday, July 11th, we will be having baronial archery practice AND an arrow making class at Lord Kumas’ house in Allison Park. Bring any arrow making supplies and a chair with you. Time: 6:30pm

Fiber Guild: This month the BMDL Fiber Guild is going on a field trip! On Friday July 12 at 7 pm we’re going to meet at the the Frick museum in Pittsburgh (not the NYC one) to look at and geek about their four early sixteenth century French and Flemish tapestries, and then look at some medieval paintings and artifacts in their collection. RSVP appreciated.

What else is going on? Any last minute pre-Pennsic workshops or fun activities? Send me a note and I’d be happy to distribute the info far and wide!


Demo — August 30 — Save the Date!

Dear friends —

Save the date! I know everyone is super busy with Pennsic prep, but I wanted to let everyone know that we were invited to demo at the Children’s Museum Medieval Maker night on Thursday, August 30, from 6:30 to 9:30.

This is a 21 + event, so no clearances are required. They are looking for 20-25 demonstrators, and are looking for fiber artists (weavers, nalbinders, knitters, dyers, enbroiderers, and all the rest), calligraphers, illuminators, equestrians, fighters, fencers, siege engineers, musicians, singers, dancers, royalty – you name it!

i Genesii has been the first to step up, they will be running a play date and getting spectators involved! Who else will be there?

We had several makeshop demos with them, and they really like working with the SCA. They are very flexible and accommodating, so if you want to be a part of it, let me know!

More details to follow. It will be awesome!

THL Luceta di Cosimo

Find contact info on the award-winning Barony website, under the Resources drop-down, in the Dark Pages.

Important: Science Center Demo Parking and Entrance

From Lady Zianna. If you only read one post about the demo, please pay attention to this one:

Tomorrow – Tomorrow – the Demo is Tomorrow!!!

I need to stress the following information….PLEASE FOLLOW THESE FEW RULES!!!!!

  1. Parking for us is in the BUS/GROUP parking lot.  That is the lot that is between the Red SportsWork Building and the Casino.  It is the closest to our entrance.  You can park in the other lots but know that is much further to walk to get into the Science Center.
    1. If you are pn North Shore Drive with Hienz Field on your left and the Science Center in front of you and slightly right – TURN RIGHT ONTO CASINO DRIVE.  You are following the arrows on the small red sign for BUS Entrance/Deliveries.
    2. Once on Casino Drive you will turn at the next Red sign that says BUS ENTRANCE/Deliveries.  Follow around and through the parking gates.
    3. If you need to drop items off – please follow the delivery arrow and go slightly right to the loading dock.
    4. If you need to park –  please follow the parking area and go slightly left and find a spot to park in, There are designated handicapp spots there.
    5. You will be given a parking validation ticket when you leave the science center.  This will make the parking FREE.  YOU MUST KEEP THE TICKET YOU GOT WHEN ENTERING.
    6. For FREE Parking – put your entry ticket into the machine – then put in the validation ticket when asked for payment.  The gates will open.

Entering and exiting the Science Center:


We can enter as early as 4pm to start setting up.

  1. You MUST enter through the Security Entrance by the loading dock area.
    1. You MUST be on my list
      1. I can take additions up until 4pm on Friday
    2. You will load in and out through this area.
    3. There are a few flatbed carts and a frieght elevator to use to get materials to other floors.
    4. There will be an SCA contact  and a Science Center contact at the entrance at all times.
      1. Each floor will have a SCA contact person that will be able to assist with things on that floor.
  2. You MUST be in GARB!
    1. There will be a SMALL changing area for us.
  3. You MUST sign the SCA Waiver!
  4. You MUST exit through this entrance to get your parking validation ticket.

I want to thank everyone in advance for making this evening an amazing event.  Your help – your willingness – your passion – your support makes our game  – our hobby – our organization one of the best in the WORLD!!!

One last thing  – – HAVE FUN!!!!!!

See you tomorrow

Demo: Retainers, Heralds, Trumpeters, and Drummers..

From Lady Zianna:

I need to hear from you!!!!

If you have not yet contacted me about being able to retain – we could really use your help. I am looking for shifts to be 30-45 minutes (or longer if you want.) If you have thought about trying to retain or you have years of experience – we have open times this Friday at the Carnegie Science Center from 6pm-10pm.

Trumpets! Drums! Banners! Oh my! Calling all musicians, heralds and warriors: help us process through the masses by clearing a path for Their Royal Highnesses to enter the demo in grand style.

Contact me if you are interested or have questions– ziannaevents at gmail dot com.

See you on Friday!!

TRH to attend Demo

From Lady Zianna:

Hear ye! Hear ye! We have great news this fine morning!

Their Royal Highnesses will be attending this Friday! If you are able to help retain for them, please let me know.

We also learned yesterday that Dream Song will be performing and accompanying the dancing at 7:00pm in the  amphitheater!

Come one! Come all! Join us in making our Barony, Kingdom, and organization shine!  Contact me with questions or concerns.

ziannaevents @ gmail dot com

Demo Update

Read now the words of Lady Zianna:


Good gentles of our great Barony and beyond – I, Lady Zianna, bring you glorious updates on the demo coming up this Friday.

Yes, it’s this Friday from 6p.m. – 10p.m. at the Carnegie Science Center (1 Allegheny Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15212).

Come and spend the evening showing off your skills, talents, and interests to over 400 people. That’s right: there have been over 400 tickets presold for the event, and there could be as many as 2,000. If you come dressed in garb and go through the secret entrance, you get in and park for FREE!!!

We need YOU! Below are just some of the scheduled events for the evening. We need more people to make our village come alive!

Their Excellencies will be greeted by all the guests as they enter the gates of the village. There will be a photo opportunity for guests to sit on the thrones. Can you retain for Their Excellencies? Can you guard this area to keep them safe? Please contact me to help out.


Heavy Fighters – beginners to Knights – we have some great fighting areas at this event!
We have a river/submarine view that will have one, if not two, lists set up for bouts and education. Get boasted into a bout by a herald – we will have them!
There are two 20-minute demo slots in the Works Theater, at 6:30 and 8:30. We need volunteers for the demos!!! This is such a cool place to demo, in the round and with the spotlight on you!
Weather permitting: give the visitors a glimpse of your skills right outside of the entrance doors! Feel free to sit at a table and work on armor or weapons – we will have spots all over the venue.

Fencers – Oh my! We have a balcony with two lists for you to duel in. You will be visible from three floors on this great balcony!
Our neighbors from Silva Vulcani are joining our forces this great evening. Vivant! Come and test your blades against theirs.
We have a 20-minute demo slot in the Works Theater at 7:30 that we need volunteers to help with.
You, too, can be outside as the visitors enter, should the weather permit.

A ballista and trebuchet will be guarding the entrance to our great village. Siege engineers, and those interested in siege, keep watch for a shift, and teach the visitors about these forms of combat!

Speaking of combat…. Calling all combat archers! If you can be there, we need protection!!

Join the archery and thrown weapons display. Need to sharpen those axes or repair those arrows? We have the space and this area will also be visible from all floors of the venue.

Jousting, anyone? Our great equestrians will be out in force! They will be slaying some silly “Bouncy Jousting” enemies. Come and cheer them on!


We have an entire floor dedicated to Arts and Sciences. We have a lot more space to be filled!
There will be appearances by the Great Wheel and the Printing Press. We have knitting, weaving, embroidery, and calligraphy for the start of a great arts circle.

Have a project you are working on? Bring it! Sit by the windows or by the fighting or in the theaters. We all need a few extra hours to work on a project!

I would love to have an illumination display! Who can make this happen??

Brewers: we will have the bar set up for you. Bring your best to let our visitors sample them. Remember there are already 400 tickets sold. A few good gentles unable to join us have arranged to have their product transported to the venue, but we need more!

Music! We need music! If there was ever a space for loud band, it’s here! Stroll the halls – sit by the tavern – did I mention there are several stages?

Bards, Dancers, and Drummers–OH MY! Tell a story from a balcony – stroll about, singing your favorites. Demonstrate a dance under the leadership of THL sionn the lost. Perform on a stage. Do one or more or all of the above! Members of the choir will be there to sing a few selections, as well.

Heralds, HELP!! We are going to have announcements to make all night long. Please contact me if you are available to be a roving or stationed herald.

BRING YOUR BANNERS! We want to see your heraldry! There are places for them to be hung – there are places for them to stand.

As you can see, this is a major exposure opportunity for the region, so the more participation we can get, the better. Again it’s this Friday from 6p.m. – 10p.m. at the Carnegie Science Center.

If you are on my list already, the secret entrance location will be given to you posthaste. Remember, you need to come in this way or you will not get in free.

If you have other questions, or need to be added to my list to learn the secret entrance location, please contact me:

ziannaevents at gmail dot com or Lady Zianna on Facebook.

Special Announcement coming soon….

-Lady Zianna

(Posted by
Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres, OL)

From Lady Zianna: Demo announcement

Oyez, Oyez!

Now view the words of Lady Zianna, regarding a new demo opportunity:

The BMDL is partnering with Broken Plow to transform the Carnegie Science Center into a medieval village of epic proportions! There will be sword fighting – rattan fighting – fencing – arts and sciences – demos – a tavern – all surrounding the exhibits of the science center for a 21-and-over evening. When is this happening, you ask? SOON – VERY SOON:

Friday March 2nd from 6-10pm!

Facebook Event link ~~~

This is a great way to share The Known World with the great gentles of the Pittsburgh area. We need you! We need your talents – your skills – your smiling faces! He need heralds – we need game playing tavern patrons – we need fighters – fencers – artists – cooks – we need everyone to make the dream come alive!

Bring your looms – bring your spinning wheels – make a book – bring those pens and inks. Show off those banners – display a scroll – talk about your heraldry – your persona – your garb. Armor and weapons – do you have them? Are you working on some? Show them off – test them out? I would love to see gentles able to fight a Knight! Fencers – come one come all! We have space for you! Archers? Lets make an arrow – ready those bows. Are we preparing those thrown weapons – display them – talk about them – we will soon be out in the park again! Tell that story from a balcony – sing that song strolling down the our village streets. Hear the music playing!

Would you like to be a part of this magical event? Have an idea to make it great? Have any questions? Contact me – we will do our best to make it happen! Message me on Facebook  or email me at

ziannaevents at gmail dot com

Look for event announcements and barony blog posts!

Our partners at Broken Plow say:

Discover the science of jousting, sword fighting, giants, and more as we travel back to the Middle Ages! Experience Historic European Martial Arts, and enjoy a Q&A with trained professionals. Observe weapon demonstrations or participate in a private lesson on the science of sword fighting by Pittsburgh Sword Fighters. Plus, all guests receive a discount code for a 4-week introductory class at Pittsburgh Sword Fighters titled, “Introduction to Broken Plow Western Martial Arts & Sword Fighting.”

-Posted by Gwendolyn the Graceful, Brehyres

On behalf of Lady Zianna
Demo Coordinator

Maridon Museum “Collectors” Series

The Maridon Museum in Butler, just North of our Fine Barony in the lovely Shire of Sunderoak, is hosting a series of monthly talks on Thursday evenings about collecting and collectors.

If you’ve never been to the Maridon, they have a lovely collection of Chinese and Japanese artworks, plus a room full of European Meissen porcelain including a set of Commedia del Arte figures.

This seems like a lovely way to find your way up there to meet some people and see the museum. See the Maridon’s web site and the flyer for more information.