12th Night Social – Jan 16th

Salve Accolens! Hello Debatable Lands and Friends!

Yes, Virginia, there will be a 12th Night! Online, of course. All are welcome to join us for an afternoon of merriment and joy! The afternoon will be capped by the first Baronial Court in nearly a year – see your friends get recognition!

The schedule with Links to the Activities is here: http://bit.ly/12thNight21 . Use this document to navigate to the rooms the day of the event.

This event features:

–A Main Room for socializing and chatelaining. No schedule here! Everyone is welcome to drop in and chat anytime. Newcomers can start here and are welcome to come with questions. Technical troubleshooting here, too.

–A track of fighting classes by Count Steinarr, Count Seto, and others organized by our own Lady Svava

A room just for games! Your Games MC is Lord Angus MacDougal

–12 Hours of 12th Night! Shakespeare’s 12th Night movies provided by Master Alaric, courtesy of the late and beloved Lord Albrecht Lowe’s collection

–A room for entertainments of all kinds
* I Genesii !!
* A Merry Sing-A-Long with Lady Alysoun
* A Bardic Circle, led by THL Silence de Cherbourg
* Gift Exchange Unwrapping Party

–A Memorial to Master Remus in the form of a Musicians’ Gathering – Just an informal gathering of folks that love music – bring memories, story or song to share, about Master Remus, Loud Band, or simply something he would have enjoyed.

Wait, did we say GIFT EXCHANGE?? YES!! Harkening back to the days the Barony did “Secret Santa” gift exchanges, if there’s enough interest, we are having a Secret Gifter Gift Exchange this year. Throw your name in, and you’ll be given a recipient to give to! Gifts should be $20-ish or 2-ish maker-hours. And you’ll get a gift in return. We’ll open them together at 12th Night (not required to participate). You must sign up by Jan 2nd, and mail or drop off the wrapped gift to your recipient so they have it *in-hand* by Jan 15th. Sign up here: http://bit.ly/12thNight21-GiftExchange.

[Note: People are encouraged to gift to their friends outside of this particular gift exchange, too, and are welcome and encouraged to bring those to the online unwrapping party at the event, too.]

The day will culminate in Baronial Court at 5pm, followed by a Community Chat.

Event is free and online. Garb appreciated but not required.
Link to the Facebook “event” (just for FB calendars – the actual event is not on Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/events/4253465124716258

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!!

SNOWBALL FIGHT! (A Non-Zoom Activity)

Salve Accolens! Hello Debatable Lands and Neighbors!

Let’s have a snowball fight! I have in my hand a “snowball” – an envelope containing a bunch of stamps and a few sheets of blank stationary – that is just asking to be filled with your notes, doodles, and well-wishes to each other!

A little confused? We’re basically gathering and sending each other goodwill notes through the mail, cumulatively, so it grows like a snowball. Would you like to play? Here’s how:

  1. Fill out this form with your name and address: https://forms.gle/cPG29SvgMjSNhch96
    Everyone who signs up will be put on the list of players. (You can just send to the Baroness directly, too, if you prefer.)
  2. When your turn comes, you’ll receive the “snowball”. Open the envelope, read and enjoy. And then add a note, doodle, poem, just a signature – whatever your heart desires – of your own to the stationary. Don’t be afraid to take up space – we can always add more paper! Or add your own paper, if you like. Multiple people in the same household can add at the same time.
  3. Take a stamp, then put the papers and the unused stamps into a new envelope. Address the new envelope with the next player’s address. Addresses will be online at a link to be provided to players only. Or just contact the Baroness for the next address, if that’s easier.
  4. Mail the snowball to the next person the SAME DAY (putting out for your mail carrier for next day pick-up counts).

That’s it! You’ve lobbed your snowball of community goodwill! And feel free to take a picture of the snowball’s contents and share on social media before you send, if you like. The point is to connect with each other in a new and fun way.

The only requirements:
+You have to use your own envelope to lob your snowball
+You’ll be sharing your address with other players (not public)
+You have to lob your snowball the SAME DAY
+You should live in the Debatable Lands or one of our neighbor Shires.

Again, here’s the form to sign up – sign up anytime: https://forms.gle/cPG29SvgMjSNhch96

Please be safe! Wash your hands and wear a mask to add your note. If you get sick, send an email or message to Hilda to be moved down the list or removed. Other questions can also be sent to Baroness Hilda at baroness@debatablelands.org.

Many thanks to Master Ishiyama for coming up with how to do this new pandemic Baronial activity that doesn’t involve a screen. 🙂

Looking forward to the first volley of our SNOWBALL FIGHT!

Sad Tidings – Master Remus Fletcher

Salve Debatable Lands,

By now, most of you have heard of the passing of Master Remus Fletcher (Ron Schwoegl), or as he liked to be called, Uncle Remus. He died Friday, December 18th, after a short battle with pancreatic cancer, at home with his beloved family.

You can read his lovely obituary, which includes some SCA notes, here: https://obituaries.post-gazette.com/obituary/ronald-michael-schwoegl-1081267348

Remus was one of the first people we met when we became active in the Debatable Lands, in the late 90s. His presence and voice would fill the room, and he was always eager to lend a helping hand wherever needed, but especially to us newer folks. He had a keen wit, and his eyes rarely stopped sparkling, looking for the next sly joke or terrible pun. Hilda remembers him introducing himself as “Remus T. Fletcher… the ‘T’ stands for ‘the’…” followed by his full laughter. Her favorite memory of him is the moving and romantic aria he sang as the processional to his wife, Mistress Amaryllis’, Peerage elevation ceremony. Brandubh remembers his great love of music. He was always happy to fill the halls and Courts with music.

We would be remiss if we didn’t remark further upon Remus’ incredible influence here in the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands. For literally decades, he was crucial to the substantial musical community here in the Barony – and also the Kingdom and Pennsic. His actions helped found our musical ensemble, the Debatable Consort, and encouraged many an individual to follow their own love of joyful noises. He was quick to share and let folks play his myriad and oddly wondrous collection of period instruments. His powerful singing voice filled every hall. And who can forget the spinning plates and the bear suit?

Remus filled our Barony, our feast halls, the Courts, the dancehalls, the Loud Band, our camps… and most especially our hearts… with a unique and awesome beauty. Our world is dimmer, and more silent, without him.

Our hearts, thoughts and wishes for peace go out to his wife, our friend, Mistress Amaryllis, and to his son Daniel, daughter-in-law Nicole, and all his family and friends.

As stated in his obituary: “Ron was very adamant that everyone remains safe during the COVID pandemic and therefore there will be no visitation hours. A Latin Funeral Mass will be held on Tuesday, December 22, 2020, 10:00 a.m. at St. John Baptist Catholic Church in Plum.” Please see the link above for more information on donations. The Mass will be live streamed for all who wish to attend, likely at this link: https://holyfamilypgh.org/weddings-funerals-covid-19

Rest In Peace, Uncle Remus. We will miss you.

In Caritate,
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

Sad Tidings: Master John the Artificer

Salve Accolens, Debatable Lands,

We are deeply saddened to announce the death of Master John the Artificer, who passed away November 25th in his home.

We met Master John in the late 90’s when we first joined the SCA in the Debatable Lands. He was an incredible wealth of knowledge and generously offered himself as a resource to all who knew him. More than that, while recent years saw less of him, Master John was an important part of the community of the Debatable Lands, especially in the early days. He was a consummate artisan, and created items of Baronial regalia, such as the hefty ancestral Seneschal’s key.

Most will remember him as the owner and proprietor of the Stave Church at Pennsic. Master John bought the structure from some industrious CMU students, who had built it for the University’s annual Carnival. The stave church was one of the earliest and most impressive structures in Merchants’ Row – certainly the tallest! Master John’s vision and work allowed many artisans over the years – especially Debatable Lands artisans – to sell their high-quality wares to eager SCAdians – years before the internet is what it is now. Master John was a great man who improved the lives of thousands. He will be greatly missed.

Take a look at this lovely memorial article, written by Mistress Arianna of the AEthelmearc Gazette, to see pictures and read more memories of a few of the people whose lives he touched: https://aethelmearcgazette.com/2020/12/08/in-memoriam-master-john-the-artificer/

Final arrangements are not known at this time.

In Caritate,
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

Sewing and Fiber Show and Tell Tomorrow Sunday 2pm

Tomorrow, Sunday Dec 6th, there is an online fabric & fiber Show & Tell. (Sew & Tell?) This is an opportunity to show something you made or are making and talk a little bit about it. It can be a current, a recent, or an older project. Join the fun and show something you sewed, or braided, or knitted, or embroidered, or naal bound, or dyed, or spun, or… well you get the idea. It will be held in the kingdom zoom room. Sunday is the day before Pearl Harbor day, and the theme of the show and tell is a day that will live in industry. Email sewing@debatablelands.org for zoom information

Business Meeting – TONIGHT – Dec 2, 2020 08:00 PM Eastern Time

Greetings Noble Populace,

Please find the enclosed information for the Zoom Meeting this evening. Also, find the Minutes from the October Business Meeting and the Agenda for the December Business Meeting in the following google drive location.

All future confirmed minutes & Agendas will be available by this same link.

If you are unable to access or have questions, Please contact me directly.

Yours in service,
Muirgheal, Seneschal Debatable

muirgheall@gmail.com or see the Dark Pages for my contact information.

BMDL Business Meeting
Time: Dec 2, 2020 08:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 994 3242 0193
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Meeting ID: 994 3242 0193