SNOWBALL FIGHT! (A Non-Zoom Activity)

Salve Accolens! Hello Debatable Lands and Neighbors!

Let’s have a snowball fight! I have in my hand a “snowball” – an envelope containing a bunch of stamps and a few sheets of blank stationary – that is just asking to be filled with your notes, doodles, and well-wishes to each other!

A little confused? We’re basically gathering and sending each other goodwill notes through the mail, cumulatively, so it grows like a snowball. Would you like to play? Here’s how:

  1. Fill out this form with your name and address:
    Everyone who signs up will be put on the list of players. (You can just send to the Baroness directly, too, if you prefer.)
  2. When your turn comes, you’ll receive the “snowball”. Open the envelope, read and enjoy. And then add a note, doodle, poem, just a signature – whatever your heart desires – of your own to the stationary. Don’t be afraid to take up space – we can always add more paper! Or add your own paper, if you like. Multiple people in the same household can add at the same time.
  3. Take a stamp, then put the papers and the unused stamps into a new envelope. Address the new envelope with the next player’s address. Addresses will be online at a link to be provided to players only. Or just contact the Baroness for the next address, if that’s easier.
  4. Mail the snowball to the next person the SAME DAY (putting out for your mail carrier for next day pick-up counts).

That’s it! You’ve lobbed your snowball of community goodwill! And feel free to take a picture of the snowball’s contents and share on social media before you send, if you like. The point is to connect with each other in a new and fun way.

The only requirements:
+You have to use your own envelope to lob your snowball
+You’ll be sharing your address with other players (not public)
+You have to lob your snowball the SAME DAY
+You should live in the Debatable Lands or one of our neighbor Shires.

Again, here’s the form to sign up – sign up anytime:

Please be safe! Wash your hands and wear a mask to add your note. If you get sick, send an email or message to Hilda to be moved down the list or removed. Other questions can also be sent to Baroness Hilda at

Many thanks to Master Ishiyama for coming up with how to do this new pandemic Baronial activity that doesn’t involve a screen. 🙂

Looking forward to the first volley of our SNOWBALL FIGHT!