Wonderful Weekend Works

Hello Debatable Lands!

This weekend was Coronation, and it was a wonderful one for the Debatable Lands!!

We welcome Duke Sven and Duchess Siobhan back into our fold as they completed their reign and saw Their Heir, Queen Anna Leigh invested as the Kingdom’s rightful sovereign. Magistra Luceta DiCosimo was vigiled and elevated to the Most Noble Order of the Laurel in her very own unique style that showcased her own “Worst Case Scenario” with I Genesii folk and friends, Eorl Sir Byron received his Sycamore for his work in the Moneyers Guild, Lady Kathryn Tanzel won an archery tourney, as did Lord Ronan. Comtesse Elena d’Artois was victorious in the Rapier Tourney. There was an Award of Arms for [[name redacted – let’s see if we can surprise them…]] Many of our folks received Golden Escarbuncles and recognition from the Kingdom  Brewers Guild for their work at the Aethelbar at Pennsic (see Madoc if you didn’t get yours!) Vivat to Mistress Arianna as she stepped down from the Kingdom Youth Marshal Office.

Many thanks to those that contributed to the lovely gift basket we were able to present to the Crown: Meesteress Odriana Vander Brugghe, Master Ishiyama, Master Annias, THL Muirgheal Heather H Cogan (who contributed quite a bit!), Mistress Myfanwy, and Don Jorundr.

I saw dozens of Debatable Landers there, participating with honor in the tournaments, supporting each other, working for each other, for the event, for the Royalty, and for the Kingdom. My dear Barony, you are truly the shining jewel of this Kingdom!!

PS: Apologies to those I missed – let me know!

In Levitate et Caritate,
Baroness Hilda

A and S Cancelled Sunday 9/30

Sorry for the late notice, but due to a schedule conflict, there will be no A&S this weekend.

I look forward to seeing folks next weekend at Washington Blvd.

In Service —


PS — if you have a subject or topic you would like to learn about, please email me at ansminister at debatablelands.org and I *will* find someone to teach us!

Coronation Schedule

For those who need it, here is the Coronation schedule for this weekend:


5pm. Troll opens

Dusk. Glow Throw

Glow Shoot


9:30am. Brunch begins

Auction drop offs start

10:00am. Morning Court…..Fencing Pavilion

11:30am. All inspections will commence right after court.

There will be a few venders

Archery Field opens

Thrown Weapons opens

12:00pm. Heavy Champs Tourney

Fencing Field opens

1:00pm. Youth Champs Tourney begins

Scribal Blank Competition (Heron Hall)

Brunch Ends

2:00pm. Social Media Q&A, main hall

4:00pm. Auction ends…..come get your loot

Fighting wraps up…..

5:00pm. Evening Court

6:30ish. Feast

Clean up immediately after

Finally……Please enjoy yourselves!




12:00pm Site closed

From the Baronial Signet: Scribal East is This Thursday!

Scribal East is happening this Thursday, 9/27!

Come to paint, do calligraphy, hang out and have fun with Lady Ceindrech and THLady Rachel.

Starting at 7 PM at Lady Ceindrech’s home in Monroeville…PM on Facebook or email for address, or check the Dark Pages at https://sites.google (dot) com/site/ariannaofwynthrope/ for all that info.

Hope to see folks there!

Fight Practice September 23

There will be fight practice on September 23 from 2 til 6 PM at the Washington Blvd site. Loaner armor will be available.
Also, after last weeks practice, a folding chair with light blue fabric had been left at the site. I think it was forgotten by someone who attended the Barony Meeting. Could the owner get in touch with me, so that it can be returned.