Coronation Schedule

For those who need it, here is the Coronation schedule for this weekend:


5pm. Troll opens

Dusk. Glow Throw

Glow Shoot


9:30am. Brunch begins

Auction drop offs start

10:00am. Morning Court…..Fencing Pavilion

11:30am. All inspections will commence right after court.

There will be a few venders

Archery Field opens

Thrown Weapons opens

12:00pm. Heavy Champs Tourney

Fencing Field opens

1:00pm. Youth Champs Tourney begins

Scribal Blank Competition (Heron Hall)

Brunch Ends

2:00pm. Social Media Q&A, main hall

4:00pm. Auction ends…..come get your loot

Fighting wraps up…..

5:00pm. Evening Court

6:30ish. Feast

Clean up immediately after

Finally……Please enjoy yourselves!




12:00pm Site closed