May Scriptorium

Gilded Note Cards
Wednesday, May 18th, 6:30-9:30pm
Pake Room, University Center, Carnegie Mellon University

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at gilding with real gold leaf but have been intimidated by the prospect?

Then come to this Gilding workshop, where you will learn to use a variety of binding mediums and how to apply gold leaf.

All participants will gild a notecard that they may keep for
themselves or donate to Their Majesties.. There is a $3.00 fee for materials.

Questions may be sent to mistressantoinettedelacroix at gmail dot com

Reminder: Scriptorium tonight

From the event listing:

Scriptorium will be held at the home of Kameshima Zentaro Umakai and Isabel Fleuretan Wednesday, 20 April 2016 at 7:30PM.

An open roundtable on all things scribal, including what YOU would like to see in a Scriptorium! Do you want open project nights? Classes? Small-group workshops? We can make all these things happen, but we would like your input! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never picked up a brush or pen, or if you’ve been creating scrolls for 30 years, all are welcome. This is your Scriptorium.

New Baronial Signet

Hello Debatable Lands!

We would like to thank Meesteres Odriana for her work and dedication as Baronial Signet. As she has taken up a new role as Seneschal of these fine Lands, she has retired as Signet.
Please welcome The Honorable Lady Rachel Dalicieux, new citizen of the Barony, as your new Baronial Signet. As always, we are humbled and amazed by the talent of the scribes in these lands. If any scribes would like to contribute to the Barony’s scrolls, please reach out to THL Rachel. She will be giving more detail directly.
Vivant to THL Rachel and Meesteres Odriana!
In Levitate et Caritate,
Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilda

Open Table Scriptorium

The Baronial Signet writes:

Scriptorium will be held at my home in Hampton Township THIS WEDNESDAY
Wednesday, 10 February 2016 at 6:00P and will end at 8:00P.

For those of you unfamiliar with what a Scriptorium is:
A scriptorium [plural: scriptoria], in the context of the Middle Ages, is a room in a monastery set aside for the copying, writing, or illuminating of manuscripts and records. In the SCA it is where those who are participating in the Scribal arts meet in an informal setting to learn together and share each other’s company.

The class for the Scriptorium on 24 February 2016 will be “Attavanti Made Easy” taught by THL Rachael Daliceaux. The class description is:
Easy shading and design tricks to get those perfect “mirror image” acanthus leaves and jewels to POP off the page. If you can free-hand a few acanthus leaves, draw a circle and can make a thin line with a brush, you already have all the skills you need. Please bring your own paints and brushes, as well as a fine lead mechanical pencil. By the end of the class everyone will produce a scroll blank in the style of the panels found in the artwork of Attavante degli Attavanti.

We have dogs and cats. Please medicate appropriately.

For more information and for directions to my home, please contact me by either replying to this email address (jenn dot strobel at gmail dot com) or by giving me a call/text at [phone number in the dark pages].

I look forward to seeing people there.


Wednesday Scriptorium, Jan 27th

Scriptorium will be held at the home of Meesteress Odrianna van der Brugge in Hampton Township Wednesday, 27 January 2016 at 7:00P and will end at 9:00P. The regular time has changed for the Scriptorium to allow travel time for the teacher.

There is another storm front supposed to move in that day – Odriana will assess the weather that day and if there is a cancellation, she will announce it by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday. So far it looks like we’re just going to get a dusting, so it’s not likely that this will be cancelled.

Mistress Fredeburg von Katzenellenbogen will be teaching her wood block printing class. There are many ways to make scroll blanks and wood block printing is one. The course description: “European-style blockprinting on fabric and paper using wood blocks. Printed fabric was used for clothing, wall hangings, tablecloths, etc. This hands-on class will focus on historical techniques and include block carving and printing.”

They have dogs and cats. Please medicate appropriately.

For more information and for directions, please contact Odriana by email (jenn.strobel {at} gmail{dot}com) or by giving a call/text at her mobile number (in the Dark Pages).