Baba Yaga Online Class

This Thursday evening at 8pm, Mistress Luceta di Cosimo will be delivering an encore presentation of the class on Baba Yaga that she taught this past weekend at the College of Three Ravens.

The class will be held in a Kingdom Zoom conference. Please contact Mistress Luceta through email or Facebook for login information, or check the #announcements channel of the Debatable Lands Discord server.

Woodworking at Pennsic

The Honorable Lord Kai Saerprenn reports that he will be running his Intro to Woodworking series again this year at Pennsic. This set of classes takes you from raw logs (Really! He gets his materials from the firewood people at firewood prices.) to furniture by showing you all the tools used along the way (and how to sharpen them).

These classes are taught in THL Kai’s camp of Hus Faerhaga in N08, quite conveniently near the Barony’s camp.

Also in N08 are THL Otelia d’Alsace’s hand tool demonstrations, in the Barony of Thescorre encampment.

Lastly, in the main Pennsic University area, Sir Bedwyr will be demonstrating how to use a variety of of Eurpoean hand tools.

Check the Schedule for more information.