The Barony-Marche goes Marching on, Hurrah, Hurrah

Hello friends!

How’s everyone doing? Wanna do some SCA demo stuff in public soon?
Well, March is marching along towards the Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade and you can, too! The Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands will be marching and riding in the parade on Saturday, March 16th. It’s always a fun, silly time and we’re routinely a crowd favorite.

All you need to join us is the low, low entry fee of, “Show up and enjoy yourself”

Check out this facebook event so we can get organized and plan out who, where, what, and when everything takes place!

You can also email the chatelaine office directly!

Arts and Sciences at Barony Social

The Baron and Baroness really hope to see you all at this Saturday’s picnic, and I as the Arts and Sciences minister hope that you will bring your crafting projects with you to work on and show off. There will not be any official classes or display, but while we socialize we’d like to see what you’re working on and ask you questions about your particular craft. This is not the best venue for noisy or messy work, but anything portable and interesting is fair game, and it’s all interesting to us.

I know that we have some knitters, narrow weavers, and braiders coming out. I can’t imagine the calligraphers, illuminators, and painters will leave their supplies behind at home. Personally, I will be bringing some sharpening stones and similar implements to help others with putting a useful edge on their tools and weapons. The site has plenty of room for stuff and people, so please bring whatever you feel like working on.

See you Saturday!

Input Requested: Baronial Activities Online

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

By now, you may have heard that the SCA Board of Directors, at the behest of most of the Kingdoms, has suspended all in-person SCA activity until at least January 31, 2021.

Here’s the announcement:

There are provisions for small gatherings like meetings and martial practices, when it is safe and within local regulation to do so. Here in Allegheny County, that may be awhile, as cases of the virus do not seem to be decreasing.

While we can’t hold in-person events, we can continue our activity online! We’d like to hear from YOU! What would you like to see from our Barony over the next 6 months? What would you like to organize and run? Let’s get creative! What shall we do for Barony meetings? For Baronial Courts? Other online gatherings?

What would ignite the fun, passion, and camaraderie?

We’re looking forward to the conversations!

In Levitate et Caritate, Cheers, and In Service,

Baron Brandubh
Baroness Hilda
THL Muirgheal, Baronial Seneschal

Heritage Fest Demo Update – Setup Time Change

From the Deputy Chatelaine, Lord Ronan:

The time for setting up Heritage Fest tomorrow has changed! Setup will now begin at 9:30am at our designated spot on the map below. (We’re listed on the map below as the Historical Re-enactors.) The front gate at 4734 Butler St. will close at 10:00am so if you need to unload anything from a car make sure you get there before that time. Anyone coming later can still use the volunteer parking lots by entering through the 49th Street gate also noted on the map. 

There will be 4 tables provided for us to use. I’d like two of them to go in the tent for Calligraphy and Illumination, one of them to be used for A&S displays led by the Fiber Guild (including non-fiber art as well), and one to be used for a miscellaneous display of martial gear.

Please contact me with what you will be bringing. I still need tablecloths to cover the tables (6ft long), framed scrolls for display, and any other art you’d like to show off. We will have a few chairs provided to us as well, but you may want to bring your own for comfort.

Sorry for the delay in getting this update out. There was some last minute information sent out and an issue with my contact info listed in the blog, but all that should be fixed now. Thank you for your patience!

As always, send me a message if you have any more questions.

My email:
Facebook group:

See you all tomorrow!
– Rónán

Memorial Day Parade – Join Us Monday Morning!

Join the Barony (and our most favorite mercenaries, Clovenshield) as we march in the most charming neighborhood parade in Pittsburgh! Spend the morning with us as we march in the Lawrenceville Memorial Day parade, ending in the historic and beautiful Allegheny Cemetery.

Garb/armor required, because we are showing off to thousands of east-end Pittsburghers. Let’s drum up some new folks while strutting our stuff in style! Clovenshield is again leading the parade logistics, and will be providing the gorgeous float, for those who wish to ride and wave.

Fighters, you will never be more lauded and appreciated… come out and flaunt your skills for the not-yet-newbies. Not a fighter? Great, come walk or ride, waving at babies and blowing kisses to veterans – this demo is a blast!

If parading isn’t your style, we have fun for you, too! At the end of the parade is a community picnic, with food trucks and entertainment, and the Barony has a table! Help Lord Ronan talk to interested folks there!

Need more reason to come? Ice cream at the end is on the Baroness!

Plan to start staging at 9am. Park at the end of the parade and take the free shuttle to the staging area. The parade ends by your car! Read more about the details here:

Deep thanks to Lord Yingerz and Lady Kat Fixis for arranging our participation and the float, and to Lord Ronan for agreeing to set up the table at the community picnic.

For those reading on the email list, an unformatted version of the post is available by clicking the link below.

Top 10 Reasons to March with the Barony in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade Tomorrow (3/16)

  1. You can win the Skirmish of Grant Street in the Great Battle for Pittsburgh!
  2. You don’t actually have to walk… ride on the float and wave to the crowd!
  3. Guys. Guys…. We are between the Jimmy Buffet fan club, the Ghostbusters cosplayers, and the Derby Brats – under 17 Roller Derbyers… doesn’t get much better than that.
  4. Selfies with WWII veterans!
  5. When the drunk folks shout a certain beer slogan at you and our whole float shouts back “DILLY DILLY!!” watch them… Lose.  Their.  Minds.
  6. Blowing kisses to the toddlers, and their sweet little faces staring in awe.
  7. The BALLISTA! Even better, watching the tipsy revelers freak out and duck when you swing it around to point at them!
  8. No one will ever cheer louder for you when you win your battle than a drunk Pittsburgher.
  9. Possible tipsy guest appearance by Svava’s mom!
  10. You don’t want your Baroness to be guarded solely by mercenary scum*… do you…?

BONUS! Free pizza and revelry afterwards at Bella Notte!

Some Details:

  • Meet in the strip district at 20th and Liberty between 9 -9:30am
    (There’s actually quite a bit of parking in that area… There’s a bunch at 21st and Smallman, and look around 18th-21st streets, Penn Ave, and the side streets, Liberty will be closed. You’ll need to walk a couple blocks to the float)
  • Wear garb of course, but you can deck yourself out with green and shamrocks, too – we  encourage it!
  • Very family friendly. Every kid that has come with us has enjoyed themselves – and sometimes people throw candy!
  • More details (and some rules) HERE 
  • Facebook event is HERE
  • Many thanks to Lord Yingerz, the organizer of this demo, to Lady Kit Fixis, and to Clovenshield for their strong support of this parade activity!

See you there!!!

*This list item approved by Clovenshield (Ying said I could say it!)

Demo — August 30 — Save the Date!

Dear friends —

Save the date! I know everyone is super busy with Pennsic prep, but I wanted to let everyone know that we were invited to demo at the Children’s Museum Medieval Maker night on Thursday, August 30, from 6:30 to 9:30.

This is a 21 + event, so no clearances are required. They are looking for 20-25 demonstrators, and are looking for fiber artists (weavers, nalbinders, knitters, dyers, enbroiderers, and all the rest), calligraphers, illuminators, equestrians, fighters, fencers, siege engineers, musicians, singers, dancers, royalty – you name it!

i Genesii has been the first to step up, they will be running a play date and getting spectators involved! Who else will be there?

We had several makeshop demos with them, and they really like working with the SCA. They are very flexible and accommodating, so if you want to be a part of it, let me know!

More details to follow. It will be awesome!

THL Luceta di Cosimo

Find contact info on the award-winning Barony website, under the Resources drop-down, in the Dark Pages.

Spreading the word

Isn’t amazing when you find out how much fun something new is?

Last Friday I attended the demo at the Carnegie Science Center.  They hosted an evening event for adults over 21 to enjoy a medieval-themed evening. I loved the amount of people who were interested and enchanted by our wonderful Barony, Kingdom, and Society.

We had around 100 volunteers present to speak about different aspects of the society. Our Baron and Baroness helped party-goers take pictures that made them look like royalty. We were able to offer pictures with a prince or princess.  We performed, talked about fighting, archery, fencing, siege weapons, thrown weapons, A&S, and made the Science Center ring with our voices.  People fought and fenced for the entertainment of the people.  I spent the evening behind a table of archery and thrown weapons equipment.

People walked by and immediatly wanted to know more about what we did.  They wanted to handle our axes, crossbows, and more. They asked questions about everything from what we did to historical information and many wanted to know how to find more information and how to join in our fun. Several people were sad that we couldn’t throw axes right there, inside the Science Center.

Telling people about our hobby is always the most fun thing for me.  Between the myriad questions and excitement about something that I love, it always makes it a fun time that will never get old. Considering that this demo had over a thousand people that were some of the most interested people I’ve ever takled to it made it some of the most fun I’ve ever had in the SCA.

– Tigerna Alister Sionnach MacLeod

Important: Science Center Demo Parking and Entrance

From Lady Zianna. If you only read one post about the demo, please pay attention to this one:

Tomorrow – Tomorrow – the Demo is Tomorrow!!!

I need to stress the following information….PLEASE FOLLOW THESE FEW RULES!!!!!

  1. Parking for us is in the BUS/GROUP parking lot.  That is the lot that is between the Red SportsWork Building and the Casino.  It is the closest to our entrance.  You can park in the other lots but know that is much further to walk to get into the Science Center.
    1. If you are pn North Shore Drive with Hienz Field on your left and the Science Center in front of you and slightly right – TURN RIGHT ONTO CASINO DRIVE.  You are following the arrows on the small red sign for BUS Entrance/Deliveries.
    2. Once on Casino Drive you will turn at the next Red sign that says BUS ENTRANCE/Deliveries.  Follow around and through the parking gates.
    3. If you need to drop items off – please follow the delivery arrow and go slightly right to the loading dock.
    4. If you need to park –  please follow the parking area and go slightly left and find a spot to park in, There are designated handicapp spots there.
    5. You will be given a parking validation ticket when you leave the science center.  This will make the parking FREE.  YOU MUST KEEP THE TICKET YOU GOT WHEN ENTERING.
    6. For FREE Parking – put your entry ticket into the machine – then put in the validation ticket when asked for payment.  The gates will open.

Entering and exiting the Science Center:


We can enter as early as 4pm to start setting up.

  1. You MUST enter through the Security Entrance by the loading dock area.
    1. You MUST be on my list
      1. I can take additions up until 4pm on Friday
    2. You will load in and out through this area.
    3. There are a few flatbed carts and a frieght elevator to use to get materials to other floors.
    4. There will be an SCA contact  and a Science Center contact at the entrance at all times.
      1. Each floor will have a SCA contact person that will be able to assist with things on that floor.
  2. You MUST be in GARB!
    1. There will be a SMALL changing area for us.
  3. You MUST sign the SCA Waiver!
  4. You MUST exit through this entrance to get your parking validation ticket.

I want to thank everyone in advance for making this evening an amazing event.  Your help – your willingness – your passion – your support makes our game  – our hobby – our organization one of the best in the WORLD!!!

One last thing  – – HAVE FUN!!!!!!

See you tomorrow

Demo: Retainers, Heralds, Trumpeters, and Drummers..

From Lady Zianna:

I need to hear from you!!!!

If you have not yet contacted me about being able to retain – we could really use your help. I am looking for shifts to be 30-45 minutes (or longer if you want.) If you have thought about trying to retain or you have years of experience – we have open times this Friday at the Carnegie Science Center from 6pm-10pm.

Trumpets! Drums! Banners! Oh my! Calling all musicians, heralds and warriors: help us process through the masses by clearing a path for Their Royal Highnesses to enter the demo in grand style.

Contact me if you are interested or have questions– ziannaevents at gmail dot com.

See you on Friday!!