Heritage Fest Demo Update – Setup Time Change

From the Deputy Chatelaine, Lord Ronan:

The time for setting up Heritage Fest tomorrow has changed! Setup will now begin at 9:30am at our designated spot on the map below. (We’re listed on the map below as the Historical Re-enactors.) The front gate at 4734 Butler St. will close at 10:00am so if you need to unload anything from a car make sure you get there before that time. Anyone coming later can still use the volunteer parking lots by entering through the 49th Street gate also noted on the map. 

There will be 4 tables provided for us to use. I’d like two of them to go in the tent for Calligraphy and Illumination, one of them to be used for A&S displays led by the Fiber Guild (including non-fiber art as well), and one to be used for a miscellaneous display of martial gear.

Please contact me with what you will be bringing. I still need tablecloths to cover the tables (6ft long), framed scrolls for display, and any other art you’d like to show off. We will have a few chairs provided to us as well, but you may want to bring your own for comfort.

Sorry for the delay in getting this update out. There was some last minute information sent out and an issue with my contact info listed in the blog, but all that should be fixed now. Thank you for your patience!

As always, send me a message if you have any more questions.

My email: ben.nemeth233@gmail.com
Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/events/450173469165784

See you all tomorrow!
– Rónán