Pennsic Party

Posted on behalf of Lady Arthes:

Greetings Barony!  

We’re going to be having some delicious walking tacos and some other snacks for our barony social at Pennsic.  We’d like to invite people to bring cookies to create a cookie table for dessert.  We’ll have some visitors from out of town, so we thought this might be a nice way to celebrate our local culture too.  No pressure – we’re doing Pennsic easy mode this year, so if you want to bring a dozen or two of your faves, we’d appreciate it!  If you have any questions please reach out to Lady Arthes or find her on Facebook.

Thank you!

Call for Letters – Chatelaine

Greetings good people of the Debatable Lands!

After a rather lengthy term that has spanned both times of plague and times of peace, my term as Chatelaine has come to an end. I do not intend to serve another term and so I am hereby putting forth a call for letters!

If you have an interest in becoming the next Chatelaine of the Debatable Lands please submit your letter of intent to Their Excellencies, Baron Brandubh and Baroness Hilderun, and to our Seneschal, Baroness Muirgheal by Aug. 24th, 2022. This is the date of our next business meeting where the candidates for the office will be voted upon.

If you have any questions about what the office of the Chatelaine entails, how to submit a letter of intent, or where to send your letter, please reach out to me at

It has been a pleasure serving you all!

In service,
Ronan Ó Conaill
Chatelaine of the Debatable Lands

Court Report Baronial Champions Tournaments July 24, 2022

Report of the Court of Their Excellencies Brandubh et Hilderun, Baron and Baroness of the Barony-Marche of the Debatable Lands, held at the Tournaments for Martial Champions on the 24th day of July anno societatis 57, Baron Brandubh O’Donnghaile, reporting herald, with the assistance of Lord Ronan O’Conaill and Drotinn jorundr hinn rotinn.

Their Excellencies thanked Her Ladyship Katheryn Tantzel for her service and skill with which she supported the Barony over the last 3 years as Archery Champion and called forth Baroness Anastasie de Lamoure and appointed her as the Baronial Archery Champion. They further invited Baron Edward Harbinger to stand as her second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Lord Duncan Mac Coulagh was called forth and thanked for his service as Thrown Weapons Champion, and after a very close tournament, Their Excellencies invited THLord Meinolf Grimsson to stand as the new Baronial Thrown Weapons Champion. Their Excellencies further invited THLord Kamugaya Kentarou Masamoto to stand as the second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Court Suspended.

Drotinn jorundr hinn rotinn was invite to come forth and thanked for his many years as Baronial Fencing Champion. Drotin jorundr then called forth Don Cyrus Auger to recognize him as the victor of the tournament, Their Excellencies invested him as Their Champion, and invited Mistress Irene von Schmetterling to stand as the second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Their Excellencies finally invited Sir Bors of Rouen to come forth as Their Heavy Weapons Champion, and They thanked him for his skills and service to the Barony over the past years. Master William de Montegilt was then called forth and invested as the new Heavy Weapons Champion of the Barony. Their Excellencies then asked Daniel Dunn Levy to stand as his second. Scroll by Baronial Scribal West.

Brandubh et Hilderun then thanked all of the Marshalls, Mistress of the Lists, competitors, and populace who watched for being a part of the tournaments that day and invited all to enjoy the Martial competitions at Pennsic and to come cheer Their Champions at the 7 Pearls Interbaronial Champions Event.

Court Closed.

Latest Althing is available!

Greetings to the Barony! The latest edition of the Althing, our baronial newsletter, has just gone live and is available at:

Highlights in this issue include a bold and dynamic recounting of the most recent Sky List Tournament, letters from both our Baronage and Seneschale, and a few barony-specific things not to miss at Pennsic. Please remember your poor, content-starved Chronicler as you have your magnificent adventures at War and consider submitting an article or two about your favorite things that happened. Anything SCA-related is appropriate, be it event write-ups, photography, recipes, songs or poetry, articles about your latest fun research, pretty much anything goes. And anyone is eligible to submit content, you don’t even have to be a paid member! If it’s worth posting to a blog or doing a Facebook write-up post about it, it’s probably worth submitting to your local newsletter. Deadline for content for the next issue will be September 15th.

In Service and Song,
Silence, Chronicler

Martial Champs TOMORROW! 7/24

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

Don’t forget, our first Baronial Martial Champions in THREE years will be decided tomorrow, Sunday, 7/24 at Martial practices! Come and compete, and cheer folks on!

12:00 THLady Katheryn will host the Archery Championship
1:00 Lord Duncan will host the Thrown Weapons Championship
2:30 Don Jorundr will host the Rapier Championship with a speed tourney
3:30 Sir Bors will host the Heavy Weapons Championship with a speed tourney

Longer announcement here.

PENNSIC! Debatable Lands Activities

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

We can’t wait to see you at Pennsic, if you are going! Here’s a list of Debatable Lands Activities, activities that we participate in, and other items of interest. See you there!

Baronial Social – Middle Sunday, 8/7. 4pm – 7pm, AE Royal (N04)
-4 pm: Gather and set up
-4:30 pm: Baronial Court
-~5:15 pm: A light dinner by Lady Arthes (walking tacos, fruit, veg, drinks)
-~6 pm: The King and Queen have business! Stick around!
-After Kingdom Court: Tear down (help appreciated)
-Note: the Kingdom Brewers’ Bar should be open

Pennsic Opening Ceremonies – Middle Saturday, 8/6. Muster 11am, AE Royal (N04)
-Bring your Baronial Bling and banners, your walking shoes, your singing voice (optional), a hat or parasol for shade, and drinking water.
-Everyone should try this at least once! We’re the first Barony of the first Kingdom on the field. We’ve got GREAT seats!

Kingdom Court – War Week Tuesday, 8/9. 6pm, Great Hall
-Baronial retainers needed, contact Baroness Hilda if you can help

Performances by our Talented Performing Groups, Monday, 8/8, Performing Arts Tent
-7:30 pm – Debatable Lands Choir
-9 pm – I Genesii (the Greatest Commedia dell’Arte troupe in the Knowne World!)

Baronial Heavy Fighting Unit Takes the Bridge Battle! War Week Thurs, 8/11, Field
-Our Barony isn’t fielding a full Baronial Heavy Fighting Unit this year, as we are committed to experiencing Pennsic in “easy mode”. However, we would ask our heavy fighters to join in camaraderie under the Comet Banner, for one Battle, to remind the Known World of our people’s prowess and honor! Contact Sir Bors of Rouen, the Battle Commander, for details.
-Come non-fighters as well, to cheer on our Unit! It’s a lot of fun!

Kingdom Party, Monday 8/8. 8pm, AE Royal (N04)
– A Carneval Theme! The party features performances by Wolgemut, games, favors, food, and fun!
– Bring your drinking vessel, your ID, your gaming skills, and if you are inclined, a donation for the bar.

Wonderful Milestones for our People!
– Vigil of THL Renata le Rouge, middle Saturday 8/6 evening, Debatable Lands Camp (N10, Fletchers), elevation at Baronial Court in AE Royal Sunday ~6pm
– Elevation of THL Guillaume, War Week Thursday 8/11 on the field after the Bridge Battles (tentative). Vigil TBA.
– Party to Celebrate Master Emrys Eustace hight Broom’s anniversary of his elevation to the Laurel, War Week Wed 8/10, o’dark-thirty, Debatable Lands Camp (N10, Fletchers)

Volunteer Opportunities! Don’t Forget to Record Your Hours for the War’s Service Point!
– Pennsic – There are too many to list here, but you might consider helping set up the Performing Arts tent, volunteering at A&S point, helping the Heralds color submissions during the week, marshaling, and so much more!
– Kingdom – Retainers and Guards are needed for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses! Contact Master Alaric for Their Majesties, and THL Vika for Their Highnesses.
– Kingdom Camp – set-up, hospitality (shade, fan and charging!), Brewers’ bar, and more! We specifically ask that Barony members consider helping with AE Royal tear-down on War Week Friday. Royal tear-down is notoriously short on volunteers. We live close! We can help! Please donate an hour or two, if you can.
– Barony – retainers needed for the Social, Kingdom Court, and other activities. Please see Baroness Hilda if you can help.
– Barony camp will set up First Saturday and Sunday, and tear down the last Saturday and Sunday. Help is appreciated from campers.
– As you tear down, consider donating un-used food, drink and in-good-condition camping items to Paladin’s Pantry – Debatable Lands Camp (N10, Fletchers) is a donation point.

Online sewing Thurs July 21 at 7:30

There is online sewing this Thursday, July 21 at 7:30 in the kingdom zoom. This is the last online sewing before pennsic. This is your last chance to finish that repair, that new garment, or that nifty accessory. Come join us and show us what you are finishing. The August online sewing will be dedicated to ironing. If you have questions or want the zoom information, contact sewing (at) debatablelands (dot) org.

No Practice Sunday 7/17

With all in person activities for the Barony being suspended, there will be no heavy practice this Sunday, 7/17. We will resume on 7/24. Their Excellencies will be holding their championship tournament that day as well.


Baronial Martial Champions

Hello Debatable Lands!

Given the recent suspension of Baronial Activities, this means that we will not be able to hold Baronial Martial Practices this weekend on Sunday July 17th. Unfortunately, we had planned to host Baronial Championships for Archery and Heavy Weapons that day. So we will need to move those tournaments to the following weekend Sunday July 24th.

On Sunday July 24th the Barony will be hosting 4 Martial Championships to determine our new Champions in Archery, Thrown Weapons, Fencing and Heavy Weapons. The schedule will be as follows:

12:00 THLady Katheryn will host the Archery Championship
1:00 Lord Duncan will host the Thrown Weapons Championship
2:30 Don Jorundr will host the Rapier Championship with a speed tourney
3:30 Sir Bors will host the Heavy Weapons Championship with a speed tourney

We want to thank our Champions THLady Kathryn, Lord Duncan, Don Jorundr, and Sir Bors for their service to the Barony across the past few years and their flexibility with these time changes.

For those seeking the glory of standing as Baronial Champions, the duties include defending the Barony in your respective field. All Champions and their seconds will be asked to travel to the 7 Pearls Tournament in the Rhydderich Hael (Buffalo, NY) on August 27th to defend the honor of the Debatable Lands in tournaments against all the other Baronies’ champions. All champions receive invitations to compete in the known world Baronial Champions tournaments at Pennsic, and the invitation to process and stand with us in our Baronial Courts. We look forward to seeing your best.

If there is a weather delay on the July 24th date, then tournaments will be rescheduled for After Pennsic.

As always COVID safe rules apply, all attendees are personally responsible for knowing and following the rules. All attendees must sign in and show proof of vaccination or negative COVID test within 72 hours, and at present wear masks while inside at any SCA gathering. If you feel unwell, stay home.

Cheers, In Levitate et Caritate

Brandubh et Hilderun

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to try to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.