PENNSIC! Debatable Lands Activities

Hello Debatable Lands! Salve Accolens!

We can’t wait to see you at Pennsic, if you are going! Here’s a list of Debatable Lands Activities, activities that we participate in, and other items of interest. See you there!

Baronial Social – Middle Sunday, 8/7. 4pm – 7pm, AE Royal (N04)
-4 pm: Gather and set up
-4:30 pm: Baronial Court
-~5:15 pm: A light dinner by Lady Arthes (walking tacos, fruit, veg, drinks)
-~6 pm: The King and Queen have business! Stick around!
-After Kingdom Court: Tear down (help appreciated)
-Note: the Kingdom Brewers’ Bar should be open

Pennsic Opening Ceremonies – Middle Saturday, 8/6. Muster 11am, AE Royal (N04)
-Bring your Baronial Bling and banners, your walking shoes, your singing voice (optional), a hat or parasol for shade, and drinking water.
-Everyone should try this at least once! We’re the first Barony of the first Kingdom on the field. We’ve got GREAT seats!

Kingdom Court – War Week Tuesday, 8/9. 6pm, Great Hall
-Baronial retainers needed, contact Baroness Hilda if you can help

Performances by our Talented Performing Groups, Monday, 8/8, Performing Arts Tent
-7:30 pm – Debatable Lands Choir
-9 pm – I Genesii (the Greatest Commedia dell’Arte troupe in the Knowne World!)

Baronial Heavy Fighting Unit Takes the Bridge Battle! War Week Thurs, 8/11, Field
-Our Barony isn’t fielding a full Baronial Heavy Fighting Unit this year, as we are committed to experiencing Pennsic in “easy mode”. However, we would ask our heavy fighters to join in camaraderie under the Comet Banner, for one Battle, to remind the Known World of our people’s prowess and honor! Contact Sir Bors of Rouen, the Battle Commander, for details.
-Come non-fighters as well, to cheer on our Unit! It’s a lot of fun!

Kingdom Party, Monday 8/8. 8pm, AE Royal (N04)
– A Carneval Theme! The party features performances by Wolgemut, games, favors, food, and fun!
– Bring your drinking vessel, your ID, your gaming skills, and if you are inclined, a donation for the bar.

Wonderful Milestones for our People!
– Vigil of THL Renata le Rouge, middle Saturday 8/6 evening, Debatable Lands Camp (N10, Fletchers), elevation at Baronial Court in AE Royal Sunday ~6pm
– Elevation of THL Guillaume, War Week Thursday 8/11 on the field after the Bridge Battles (tentative). Vigil TBA.
– Party to Celebrate Master Emrys Eustace hight Broom’s anniversary of his elevation to the Laurel, War Week Wed 8/10, o’dark-thirty, Debatable Lands Camp (N10, Fletchers)

Volunteer Opportunities! Don’t Forget to Record Your Hours for the War’s Service Point!
– Pennsic – There are too many to list here, but you might consider helping set up the Performing Arts tent, volunteering at A&S point, helping the Heralds color submissions during the week, marshaling, and so much more!
– Kingdom – Retainers and Guards are needed for Their Majesties and Their Highnesses! Contact Master Alaric for Their Majesties, and THL Vika for Their Highnesses.
– Kingdom Camp – set-up, hospitality (shade, fan and charging!), Brewers’ bar, and more! We specifically ask that Barony members consider helping with AE Royal tear-down on War Week Friday. Royal tear-down is notoriously short on volunteers. We live close! We can help! Please donate an hour or two, if you can.
– Barony – retainers needed for the Social, Kingdom Court, and other activities. Please see Baroness Hilda if you can help.
– Barony camp will set up First Saturday and Sunday, and tear down the last Saturday and Sunday. Help is appreciated from campers.
– As you tear down, consider donating un-used food, drink and in-good-condition camping items to Paladin’s Pantry – Debatable Lands Camp (N10, Fletchers) is a donation point.