Crossover Fencing Musters


Starting Sunday December 2, and the first Sunday of each month after that, the BMDL fencing practice will be a crossover muster between the SCA and the Broken Plow rapier group.

The address is:

Broken Plow Western Martial Arts
201 Crawford Run Rd
Creighton, PA 15030

We will start at 1:30 PM and will go until everyone is tired.

We will primarily be fighting using SCA fencing or Cut n Thrust rules. However the members of Broken Plow will be practicing with us if there is any interest in learning more about how their fighting system works.

I will have the BMDL loaner rapier and cut n thrust equipment available if anyone needs to borrow anything.

Comtesse Elena d’Artois is our site contact and liaison between the groups, so thank you to her for this opportunity.


Harvest Revel Barony Meeting this Sunday!

Sunday, November 11th, from 11am to 4pm
755 Stonegate Dr, Wexford

Join us for a celebration of the autumn at Eorl Byron and Countess Sir Ariella’s castle in Wexford (755 Stonegate Dr, Wexford, PA). A big thanks to them for opening their home to us again! And what better way to celebrate than thwacking, tossing, singing and PIE! That’s right, we’ll have fighting (heavy and youth), thrown weapons, and archery, plus throwing pumpkins from the parapets (BYOP, no rotten ones – learned that the hard way!).
The categories this this for the pie contest are (drumroll…) Period Pie, Traditional Pie and Whimsical Pie!!!
Make sure to bring enough or cut it small, since the judges are YOU! Yes, it’s a populace vote (tokens in a cup)! Each meeting attendee gets 3 tokens and can vote once per category. Gluten free pies always go over well if you are so inclined. The prize is GLORY (and maybe some trinket or two)!!
And if you’ve never encountered the Debatable Lands Harvest Revel Meeting PIE contest before – just about anything counts as pie, if you can name it pie…. “Pumpkin roll? Spatially challenged pie. Cookies? Crustless mini-pies. Pork roast? Deconstructed meat pie. Deviled eggs? Cursed baby chicken pies. BRING IT ALL!
Our Brewing Guildmistress is hosting a Brewers Rountable. The goal of this roundtable is to learn about different beverages – how they taste, how they are made, and what people have learned through the process. Period is preferred, but not at all required. Some level of process documentation is preferred, but not required. Email for questions/info.
There will also be a bake sale fundraiser (non-SCA funds) to benefit the local brewers, so bring cash if you are interested in delicious baked goods!
The AEthelmearc Moneyer’s Guild will also be meeting sometime during the day.
The traditional schedule is:
Thrown Weapons and Archery starts at 11am.
Pie contest runs from noon to 3pm
Choir concert is at 1:45-ish, with a short Court and Barony Meeting announcements to follow.
Fighting (Heavy and Youth) will start after announcements, about 2:15ish.
Pumpkin tossing will happen at such time as feels appropriate. 🙂
NOTES: No garb. Some activities are weather-dependent. BRING PIE and pumpkins!
Facebook link to this Meeting:

Need a marshal this week 11/4


Robert checked the site and the entrance is not blocked to access, the very large corner of the pothole at the entrance is all that is blocked.

Practice is able to continue as usual if another marshal can run it this week. If you can run practice please contact me by 12:00 so we can get an announcement made.

If you don’t hear from me before practice today, practice is canceled.

Next week practice will be at the harvest revel after barony meeting.


A and S — NEW Location! – November 4th


WHY?___The weather continues to limit our activities at Washington Boulevard, and the coming winter means we need an indoor space.

WHERE?___It is very exciting to be meeting at Protohaven! We will be able to do so many more things! This is a maker space at 214 N Trenton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. It is a couple of miles from the martial practice field, very near Wilkensburg. See the website below for a link to directions.

WHEN?___Starting November 4th, we will meet there every first Sunday of the month from 1pm to 3pm. We may need to reschedule because of the weather or holidays, but there will be at least one A&S meeting every month, and possibly more.

WHAT?___Protohaven has lots of cool equipment, such as sewing machines, laser cutters, a wood shop, and tons of other things to play with. There is plenty of parking in the lot and on the street, and is accessible to all.

Possible projects include making keepsake boxes, armor stands, banner-painting, and making a frame to paint your banner on. Let’s hear your ideas!

WHO?___As always, everyone is welcome. Service animals are always welcome.

DISCLAIMER___Protohaven takes safety very seriously, and operation of the machinery is limited to those who have been taught how to use them. Fortunately, there are people to help us, and we will still be able to complete projects with their assistance.

See for directions.

In service to the dream,

THL Elss of Augsburg
BMDL Minister of Arts and Sciences

As always, if you need to contact me, text 724.759.3333 or email me at