Brewers Guild Bittering Experiment – Starting 6/12

War Practice proved fun and productive for the BMDL Brewers!
Jorundr taught a class on this year’s hyppocras experiment (different herb blends in the same base wine), and I taught a class on our yeast experiment (different yeasts in the same base must – honey and water).

We are now looking ahead to Pennsic and our next experiment – bittering agents used in ales. Hops were not nearly as common in period as they are now, so we will be showcasing four other herbs used to bitter/flavor this beloved malty beverage.

The June meeting for the guild is Wednesday, 6/12, at Lady Alysoun’s house in Pleasant Hills. Official start time is 7pm, but since all-grain brewing takes all evening, feel free to stop by as early as 4.

Email with questions. The address is in the Dark Pages (or you can contact the host directly).
Hope to see you then!

Brewers Guild Yeast Experiment – Starting 12/5

Hello brewers! Come join us as we embark on our next big experiment!

The December Brewers Guild meeting is coming up next week on Wednesday (12/5), graciously hosted by Brahen.

At this meeting, we will embark upon a multi-year yeast-tracking adventure, starting 5 (or more) small batch meads, with the only difference in each being the type of yeast.  Each batch should yield at least 4 bottles, enabling us to sample each mead over the next 4 years and track the change in taste over time.

Please join us for the fun.  If you have a request for a type of yeast to include in our experiment, let me know below by next Monday (12/3).

Thank you for your support – hope to see you soon!


Brewers Roundtable at Harvest Revel

Calling All Brewers!

For anyone who likes to brew and/or taste, you will be excited to hear that we will be having a brewing roundtable at the Harvest Revel on November 11!

That being said, we need samples to share at this event, so consider this an OPEN CALL FOR BEVERAGES.  The BMDL Brewers Guild will be bringing a (gluten-reduced!) porter that we just made, but we would love to have a range of drinks to discuss: beers, meads, braggots, cordials, etc.

You are more than welcome to come and sample if you’re not (yet) a brewer, but we would love it if those of you who DO brew could bring a bottle of your own to share.   The goal of this roundtable is to learn about different beverages – how they taste, how they are made, and what people have learned through the process.  Period is preferred, but not at all required.  Some level of process documentation is preferred, but not required.  If you are new, we have a great group of brewers who can provide as much (or as little) feedback/guidance as you would like, so please feel free to come and learn!

We do not yet have details on time of day for the roundtable, but we will do our best to schedule it so that people who wish to participate in martial activities can fight THEN drink.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email

Thanks so much – hope to see you there!


Brewers Guild – October Meeting Tonight!

Greetings brewers and friends!

Just a quick reminder that we’ll be having our monthly Brewers Guild meeting at my house TONIGHT (10/10) to brew our *gluten-reduced* porter for the Harvest Revel next month.

7 is the official meeting time, but the brewing will be starting closer to 5, in case you want to come early. (Grain takes time, especially on a weeknight.)

Bring something you’d like to share and discuss with the group – your own brew or not.  I also brought back a little something from Japan for everyone to sample (spoiler alert: we may have toured some sake breweries).

Hope to see you there! (182 Temona Drive, 15236)


Brewers Guild – Monthly Meeting This Wednesday

Greetings everyone!

The Brewers Guild has been very busy of late between brewing for Pennsic and last week’s demo at the Children’s Museum.  We are now looking ahead to fall and winter events.

Join us tomorrow night (Wednesday, September 5) at 7pm at Job’s house in Penn Hills as we work on a wine for Twelfth Night and plan for other upcoming events.  Please bring a beverage (your own or not) that you would like to share and discuss with the group.

If you have any questions, need additional details, or want to be added to our email list, please feel free to contact me at


Demo — August 30 — Save the Date!

Dear friends —

Save the date! I know everyone is super busy with Pennsic prep, but I wanted to let everyone know that we were invited to demo at the Children’s Museum Medieval Maker night on Thursday, August 30, from 6:30 to 9:30.

This is a 21 + event, so no clearances are required. They are looking for 20-25 demonstrators, and are looking for fiber artists (weavers, nalbinders, knitters, dyers, enbroiderers, and all the rest), calligraphers, illuminators, equestrians, fighters, fencers, siege engineers, musicians, singers, dancers, royalty – you name it!

i Genesii has been the first to step up, they will be running a play date and getting spectators involved! Who else will be there?

We had several makeshop demos with them, and they really like working with the SCA. They are very flexible and accommodating, so if you want to be a part of it, let me know!

More details to follow. It will be awesome!

THL Luceta di Cosimo

Find contact info on the award-winning Barony website, under the Resources drop-down, in the Dark Pages.

Brewers Guild – July Meeting Tomorrow

Hello brewers and friends!
We’ve got a lot going on at our meeting tomorrow night.
First of all, Nohaaj (John Rozborski) will be hosting the meeting! His address is 8490 Remington Drive, 15237, in the North Hills.
And because so much is going on at this meeting, we will be STARTING AT 5PM for people who can make it that early. (For those who can’t, come when you can.) Nohaaj will be doing an all-grain beer of his own, and we will also be starting the wine for Twelfth Night.

As always, bring something (yours or not) you would like to share and discuss with the group.
And finally, if anyone is interested in sausage on the grill instead of pizza, please let Nohaaj know in the comments below. (I will bring a yummy vegetarian sausage as an option if we grill instead of ordering pizza.)

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Brewers Guild – Next Meeting May 30

Hello Brewers!

Please note the change in date and location for the “June” meeting of the Brewers Guild.
Our next meeting will be held one week earlier than usual: next Wednesday, May 30, and we will be meeting at Tofi’s House: 1710 Renton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15229
(Time is the same: 7pm)

We will be starting a few beverages for the Baronial dinner at Pennsic, so please join us! Be sure to bring something you’ve made (or just enjoy) that you would like to share and discuss.


Brewers Guild Updates

Greetings Debatable Lands,

Exciting news from your Brewers Guild!  We had an excellent kickoff meeting last week with a whopping EIGHT people in attendance.  Thank you to everyone who showed up!

We had a very productive evening sorting through all of the guild supplies and creating an inventory.  For what, you may ask? We will be providing an equipment lending library for any brewers who need supplies!  Stay tuned for details on what we have and how to borrow it!

We also set goals and planned events for the coming year, including two types of ciders that will be ready in time for the Baronial dinner at Pennsic!  The Brewers Guild is off to a great start, and new members are always welcome, no matter your experience level.

Although we will typically be meeting on the first Wednesday of the month at Alysoun’s home in Pleasant Hills, please note the changes to date and/or location for these upcoming meetings:

  • “June”: Wednesday, May 30 at Tofi’s house (moved one week earlier because of vacation schedule) – brewing Pennsic cider
  • July: Wednesday, July 11 (moved one week later because of Independence Day) at Alysoun’s house – topic TBD
  • “August”: Wednesday, July 25 at Tofi’s house (moved one week earlier because of Pennsic Peace Week) – bottling Pennsic cider
As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

BMDL Brewers Guild – Meeting Schedule Announced

Greetings everyone!
Thank you to those who responded to the Brewers Guild poll. It seems the best time for everyone to meet will be the first Wednesday of the month. It’s a little short notice, but for those of you who are available, we will be having our inaugural meeting on Wednesday, May 2 at 7pm.
Please bring either something you have made or something you like to drink and want to share with the group. We will spend the time planning future meetings and activities for the guild.
I hope you can make it! Please let me know if you plan to be there.
Address: 182 Temona Dr, Pittsburgh, PA 15236
You can reach me at
Your Brewmistress,