Brewers Guild Bittering Experiment – Starting 6/12

War Practice proved fun and productive for the BMDL Brewers!
Jorundr taught a class on this year’s hyppocras experiment (different herb blends in the same base wine), and I taught a class on our yeast experiment (different yeasts in the same base must – honey and water).

We are now looking ahead to Pennsic and our next experiment – bittering agents used in ales. Hops were not nearly as common in period as they are now, so we will be showcasing four other herbs used to bitter/flavor this beloved malty beverage.

The June meeting for the guild is Wednesday, 6/12, at Lady Alysoun’s house in Pleasant Hills. Official start time is 7pm, but since all-grain brewing takes all evening, feel free to stop by as early as 4.

Email with questions. The address is in the Dark Pages (or you can contact the host directly).
Hope to see you then!