Call for Letters: Chronicler and Call for Content for the Althing

Greetings to the populace from your Chronicler, Silence!

I write with two missives. First, I am assembling the newsletter wrapping up the final quarter of 2023, and as we lost some dear members of our barony in this past calendar year, I would like to hold space in the Althing for photos, memories, or words the populace wishes to share to commemorate them. As I am formatting the newsletter this week, if you know you want to send something but aren’t sure what, please feel free to drop a line and say “Hey Silence, please save a spot for me,” and I will reach out before I publish, which I anticipate to be in two weeks.

Second, my 2-year term comes to an end, and I am formally issuing a call for letters of intent should anyone be interested in becoming the next Chronicler. I am seeking a second term and I am also seeking a deputy to train. The Chronicler is in charge of producing the Althing, the newsletter for the Barony. Past issues are available at for your perusal. Any gentles wishing to submit a letter of intent should email both seneschal [at] debatablelands [dot] org and chronicler [at] debatablelands [dot] org by the next business meeting, which will be February 7th. If you are interested in becoming Chronicler or becoming my deputy, please email me at chronicler [at] debatablelands [dot] org and I will be happy to discuss what that entails!

In Service and Song,

Latest Althing is available!

Greetings to the Barony! The latest edition of the Althing, our baronial newsletter, has just gone live and is available at:

Highlights in this issue include a bold and dynamic recounting of the most recent Sky List Tournament, letters from both our Baronage and Seneschale, and a few barony-specific things not to miss at Pennsic. Please remember your poor, content-starved Chronicler as you have your magnificent adventures at War and consider submitting an article or two about your favorite things that happened. Anything SCA-related is appropriate, be it event write-ups, photography, recipes, songs or poetry, articles about your latest fun research, pretty much anything goes. And anyone is eligible to submit content, you don’t even have to be a paid member! If it’s worth posting to a blog or doing a Facebook write-up post about it, it’s probably worth submitting to your local newsletter. Deadline for content for the next issue will be September 15th.

In Service and Song,
Silence, Chronicler

Agincourt Thank Yous

This is the first event that I have solo autocratted in about twenty years, which was a daunting task to begin with, but with the support and mentorship of Baroness Constance, I was allowed the opportunity to re-learn in a safe environment. Having a good mentor makes all of the difference and I am grateful to you for being that for me.

Thank you to Their Majesties, Timothy and Gabrielle for attending the event and for Her Majesty for choosing our event to run her Queen’s Rapier Championship.

Thank you to Master Alaric, who arrived early in the morning specifically to help with set-up. It was nice to know that there were extra hands so we could get things up and running as quickly as possible. Also to Baron Robert, Maighstir Liam, Baroness Constance, and Lady Arthes, who got the hall up and running.

Much appreciation to Cody, Mason, and Baron Ixac for helping move things around the hall to make space for court

My deepest thanks for those that helped clean up the hall at the end of the day: Lady Eilionora, Baron Brandubh, Sir Kadan, and Lady Arthes. I am very grateful for your help at the end of a very long day for all of us.

To Lady Alethea Cowle and Maighstir Liam, you both did an amazing job. The food was plentiful, delicious, and you both ran your kitchens beautifully.

Lady Arthes did a fantastic job running Troll and taking pre-registration. You made sure that everything ran smoothly so people could get to enjoying their day. Thank you also for making sure that people were able to close out their financial business by the end of the day. Thank you for your conscientiousness.

Baroness Isabel and Lady Eilionora ran an engaging Artisan’s Playtime that appealed to people of all ages. Thank you for creating a place where people could explore and enjoy A&S activities and, from a couple conversations I heard, sounds like people found some new hobbies.

Our MIC Lady Vika made sure that Queen’s Rapier Championship ran smoothly and her dear husband, Master Jussie was of great help to her all day. I appreciate you both very much and thank you deeply.

Our Archery marshal, THL Katheryn, newest member of the Order of the Scarlet Guard, who braved illness to run the range and arrange some fun shoots for everyone to enjoy.

Baroness Anna created and ran the Taker of Souls tournament for both Heavy and Fencing. People seemed to really enjoy it and we should certainly do that again soon. Hopefully when I can more actively participate as it looked like a lot of fun.

Countess Sir Ariella ran some great scenarios for the fighters and everyone had a great time. Watching pickups was one of the highlights of my day, just seeing fighters enjoying themselves.

Thank you to Baron Robert for running such a beautiful Queen’s Rapier Championship. There were 27 entrants and the procession was gorgeous. Another highlight for me, personally. Also, thank you to Don Jorundr for coordinating with Baron Robert and for running the lists. You are very appreciated.

Thank you to Lady Jasmine (who coordinated with me and found me an MIC) and Lady Ranka (who was the MIC) who made Youth Fighting possible. I thank you both so much for working with me and my lack of familiarity with the site and helping find a way to do Youth Fighting. There was fantastic turnout and I am so glad that we could make that happen.

An additional thank you to Baroness Arianna and m’lady Andruta for marshaling the Youth Fighting.

Drottin Skjoldbjorn was our Royalty Liaison and unofficial runner for the day. Thank you for taking care of all of us so very well and making sure that everyone had what they needed. Your helpfulness is very appreciated.

Thank you to Baroness Arianna for coordinating and running the silent auction to help replenish our Baronial Coffers. A special thank you to everyone that volunteered to donate something and everyone that bid on something.

Without these folks, the people that helped them in ways large and small, and everyone that attended, this event would not have been as successful as it was and has been. Thank you all. If there is anyone that helped that I missed, that is entirely my oversight. Please remind me so that I may thank you publicly for your efforts.