Demo — August 30 — Save the Date!

Dear friends —

Save the date! I know everyone is super busy with Pennsic prep, but I wanted to let everyone know that we were invited to demo at the Children’s Museum Medieval Maker night on Thursday, August 30, from 6:30 to 9:30.

This is a 21 + event, so no clearances are required. They are looking for 20-25 demonstrators, and are looking for fiber artists (weavers, nalbinders, knitters, dyers, enbroiderers, and all the rest), calligraphers, illuminators, equestrians, fighters, fencers, siege engineers, musicians, singers, dancers, royalty – you name it!

i Genesii has been the first to step up, they will be running a play date and getting spectators involved! Who else will be there?

We had several makeshop demos with them, and they really like working with the SCA. They are very flexible and accommodating, so if you want to be a part of it, let me know!

More details to follow. It will be awesome!

THL Luceta di Cosimo

Find contact info on the award-winning Barony website, under the Resources drop-down, in the Dark Pages.

Pewterer’s Guild

Pewter Casting Tools

Announcing the formation of the area’s first Pewter’s Guild. Lady Edana the Red will be opening her home to promoted the art of pewter casting. Her workshop, which sits in the rolling hills of West Deer, will be made available on Saturdays beginning September 10th. Times will be determined by those who wish to attend that day. Please contact her via Facebook (Brie Montgomery) to schedule a time. Times will be announced on Facebook.

Period techniques will be demonstrated from design, carving in soapstone and final creation. Other techniques use for casting a variety of metals will be explored as demand and visiting instructors allow. Create a personal token, badge or come with ideas. Costs vary greatly depending on each individual project and can be discussed. The workshop has everything required, but you are welcome to bring your own materials.

This is an adult work area due to the risk factors involves such as sharp tools, open flames and 500 degree or higher metals. Dress appropriately. Hair tied back, eye protection, no loose/synthetic clothing. arms, legs and feet covered.