Spreading the word

Isn’t amazing when you find out how much fun something new is?

Last Friday I attended the demo at the Carnegie Science Center.  They hosted an evening event for adults over 21 to enjoy a medieval-themed evening. I loved the amount of people who were interested and enchanted by our wonderful Barony, Kingdom, and Society.

We had around 100 volunteers present to speak about different aspects of the society. Our Baron and Baroness helped party-goers take pictures that made them look like royalty. We were able to offer pictures with a prince or princess.  We performed, talked about fighting, archery, fencing, siege weapons, thrown weapons, A&S, and made the Science Center ring with our voices.  People fought and fenced for the entertainment of the people.  I spent the evening behind a table of archery and thrown weapons equipment.

People walked by and immediatly wanted to know more about what we did.  They wanted to handle our axes, crossbows, and more. They asked questions about everything from what we did to historical information and many wanted to know how to find more information and how to join in our fun. Several people were sad that we couldn’t throw axes right there, inside the Science Center.

Telling people about our hobby is always the most fun thing for me.  Between the myriad questions and excitement about something that I love, it always makes it a fun time that will never get old. Considering that this demo had over a thousand people that were some of the most interested people I’ve ever takled to it made it some of the most fun I’ve ever had in the SCA.

– Tigerna Alister Sionnach MacLeod