SCA Garb Basics

For March 8th’s A+S Meeting, let’s talk about garb

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Arts & Sciences Meeting

One of the things that sets the SCA apart from other organizations is that participants are required to make a reasonable attempt at dressing like medieval nobility when they attend our events. This is meant to encourage participation in the experience, but it can seem daunting when you are first getting started in the SCA.

Let’s have a garb basics round-table this Thursday where we can talk about our experiences getting started with SCA garb, show some examples of basic garb in different styles, and share some tips on how to overcome the basic fear of applying scissors to fabric.

Whether you’re a newcomer who needs to ask a pile of questions, an experienced SCAdian thinking of trying something new, or a garb expert with detailed help to offer, please meet with others in the Baronial Arts and Sciences community tomorrow night in Pittsburgh’s Southside.

We will be at Victory Pointe Gaming Lounge (and ice-cream parlor), upstairs in the game room, at 1113 Carson Street on the South Side, March 8th starting at 7 PM. Come early if you wish, people start arriving about 6:45.

Upstairs is not handicap accessible, so if you need assistance or have questions, please call me at 412-596-2204.

Be sure to park safely — feed the meter if needed. They ticket like crazy on the South Side. I think the best place is across the street in the bank parking lot.

Yours in service,
Ishiyama Gen’tarou Yori’ie
(Arts and Sciences Deputy)